Guardian Warriors – Introduction

Many thousands of years ago, there lived the guardian warriors. The ten guardian warriors, each represented their own element; fire, water, wind, earth, wood, thunder, metal, ice, light and darkness.


These ten warriors banded together and fought and defeated schemes of world domination or destruction by many evil forces. The fiercest of them all was Zefer. The battle between the forces of good and evil was fierce and lasted for months. Finally, the ten warriors realising they are weakening under the prolonged battle sealed away Zefer’s army while locking him away in the world of nothingness. Zefer swore vengeance upon the world the warriors protect before being locked in his empty prison world.


Exhausted and weakened from their battle, the warriors knew their life forces are near their end. For the sake of the future, for the time when evil rises up, the warriors came to a decision. They released their spirits which are scattered in different areas of the world. Then the warriors lived their remainder of lives as normal mortal beings until finally all have died.


Thousands of years have passed since the event of sealing and locking away the evil forces of darkness. The world upon which living beings lived was a peaceful one. No evil had surfaced in these years though there are those who do things in their favour more often than not. However, a deep ancient evil still lingers in the form of Zefer. To release himself from his prison, he requires the dark energy which the people carry to become strong. So he slowly released the forces of darkness to terrorize the people of the world, gather their dark energy and feed on it to grow stronger.


Thus the story begins in a remote village where a newborn child was being carried to his father.

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