Phoenix Rising – Chapter 390

Chapter 390

Pillars Retaliation (Death)

After being given orders from Lakshman, Sevedant raced to the battlefield on the outskirts of the Floria Kingdom. Traveling as a ball of light, he reached the battlefield within several seconds and stopped to take his physical form. As soon as he transformed, he found that much of the area was destroyed and devastated by the difficult conflict. While he searched for any survivors, and where the enemy was, he suddenly sensed the energy signature of Zen.

Immediately he came to the Phoenix Emperor’s aide and found the warrior to be dangled helplessly by his shirtfront by a strange looking purple monster. In his honest opinion, he believed it to be a miscoloured human but it did not take him even a second to realise that it was the monster that had caused that devastation, as reported by the God of Energy.

As the monster prepared to execute Zen, the Death Titan eyes glinted dangerously, and he muttered, “Death by Destruction.”

In an instant, he began to release a tremendous amount of power and created a pressure so powerful that it could terrify anyone to death upon feeling it. The intense pressure caught the attention of the monster and it let go of Zen, who looked towards is direction with a weak smiled forming on his face.

“Greeting,” said Sevedant slowly, his deadly red eyes fixed upon the monster.

The monster was glancing sideways at him as if it was unsure what to do with the new opposition. Sevedant was not sure himself if the monster could feel his pressure since it had not fallen to the ground like many he encountered throughout his life upon action of the Death by Destruction. Thus, he surmised that this was a monster that had no feelings or emotions tied to reality and as such, there was no fear to be felt by the monster from feeling his pressure.

“Death doll,” he thought, giving the purple monster an appropriate name.

Seemingly uninterested or not wishing to fight him yet, the monster turned back to look down at the weakened form of the Phoenix Emperor. Deciding to finish things off, it aimed its forefinger at Zen, gathered only a small bit of energy and fired it aiming for the forehead.

Just as he was about to fire, there was a whirl sound of a cloak as the Death Titan moved in an instant. He flashed to where Zen was, lowered to grab him by his skeleton hands before moving away in a flash to safety. As such, the energy laser fired by the monster only hit ground harming no one and raised dust into the air.

Sevedant lowered Zen to the ground while asking, “Okay?”

Zen understood that he was asking, ‘Are you okay?’ and replied by saying, “Uh… Exhausted…” Just as Sevedant took note of the broken arm and missing limb, Zen made a sad face and said, “Darian died. So many of our warriors died today. I was out for a while, so I don’t know what happened, but… even through it all, I couldn’t do anything. What a waste… and I call myself the Phoenix Emperor…! I’m useless!”

Sevedant laid him on the ground gently while he was attacking himself with words due to him being unable to do anything. The Death Titan did not pity him, nor did he feel sorry for him because he knew what a battle of life and death was like. Still, he did not like standing by as a spectator while the young man hurt himself like that needlessly.

“You survived. An achievement. Everyone fought hard. You. Darian. Them. Everyone. Fighting to survive. Fighting to protect. Your broken arm. Your missing limb. Your weakened state. Shows your courage. Shows your purpose. You fought hard. Well done.”

Zen looked up at him with awe as his jaw dropped due to the sudden surprise he had felt at that moment. He was not one who received much awarding words as such from the Phoenix Clan members who still believe he was hastily decided upon by the previous Phoenix Emperor due to this young age. He always received words of encouragement from his wife and the Phoenix Titan, but he never expected he’d get such from the Death Titan himself, whom he was too scared to stand with if the occasion arose.

Sevedant straightened up and turned to face the monster that seemed to be standing there motionlessly. It was as if it was waiting for someone to give it orders to do something about the new enemy it was faced with. Sevedant decided to attack in its confused state to see what can work to destroy that thing for good.

He pulled his skeleton hand out from under his cloak and aimed at it with his open palm as he said, “Death Wave.”

In an instant, he fired a massive wave of black energy at it and while the power was not immense, the intensity was. It soared towards the monster and completely consumed it within its black light before continuing on and disappearing into the distance. As the light died down, Sevedant saw that the monster was nowhere to be seen, however, he could still feel its presence lingering on the battlefield.

Within few seconds, tiny fragments of the monster began flying towards a set point, converging to reform into its complete self. Sevedant was deeply amazed at the monster’ astounding regenerative ability as it took the monster only a few moments before it became complete.

“Sevedant! Listen! That thing is dangerous! No matter how many times we blew it up, it just kept reforming over and over again!” Zen advice urgently, feeling that the information that he possessed might help the Death Titan.

“Interesting,” said Sevedant shortly and for some reason, there was a hint of amusement in his voice.

At that moment, the monster raised its forefinger and aimed at them before discharging an incredible amount of black energy. This shocked Zen mightily as the similar energy signature to Sevedant’s technique, Death Wave, soared straight towards them.

“No! You’re going to split the continent with that power! Stop!”

Zen tried getting up when he suddenly felt weak at the knees and collapsed onto the ground, his energy levels almost depleted. Despite that, he was not completely out of it as his eyes tracked the path of the destructive wave approaching them.

As he watched, Sevedant stood his ground and seemed to stare fixed at the black mass approaching them. Just as it neared them and with the Death Titan not showing the slightest sign of retaliation, Zen closed his eyes and prepared for his death, but it never came.

When nothing happened, he reopened his eyes and was struck with awe upon discovering that the attack had frozen right in front of Sevedant. The Death Titan appeared to be doing nothing still, but the Phoenix Emperor noticed the invisible barrier surrounding his ally.

Sevedant took one step forward and it became evident that he really was using an invisible barrier as it continued to repel the black wave of death. Continuing to walk smoothly with his cloak rustling on the ground, the Death Titan made his way towards the purple monster that clearly was putting all it had into the wave in order to terminate him.

Upon being a few meters away from his enemy, who was still firing the black energy wave, Sevedant put his right skeleton hand into the left sleeve. Grabbing something, his eyes glinted as he flourished the weapon in an arc that sent a slicing energy wave at the monster as the weapon turned out to be his Sacred Spirit, Death Sword or also known as the Bone Sword due to the skeleton face like accessory constructed in the middle of the handle.

The slicing wave travelled right out of the barrier and seemingly cut the black energy wave in half as it continued to travel towards the monster. It continued to drive towards the monster and upon reaching it, the monster was cut in half before the slicing wave continued flying into the distance.

As its two split parts hovered through the air, Sevedant moved towards it in a flash and appeared directly in front of it while holding his sword firmly in his skeleton hand. Then, he moved the sword in a striking gesture and activated its power, causing the blade to extend itself to create an attaching sword of similar shape right below it. With the joint swords firmly held, Sevedant drove them into the split body of the monster; the upper blade into the upper half of the body and the lower blade into the lower half of the body.

The monster did not seem to feel pain nor the need to yell as the two swords pierced into its split bodies and it remained motionless as Sevedant said in a deep deadly voice, “Sever.”

In an instant, the monster’s body shuddered violently as cracks started appearing all over its body. As the cracks quickly spread all over its body, light began emanating from the cracks and for a brief amount of time, the monster widened its eyes, seemingly in surprise. The next moment, there was a sudden flash of light as the monster’s body exploded and as the light died down, it was no longer there, and the Death Titan deactivated his sword, causing it to return to normal.

Zen momentarily wondered if it had worked or not, but he suddenly sensed its presence still there. Cursing himself in his mind for being useless, he said to Sevedant, “Doing that is useless, Sevedant. It keeps regenerating and coming back together no matter what we did. Atem did that before he got blasted out of here.”

“Fascinating,” was what Sevedant responded with, causing Zen to raise an eyebrow in surprise because there was a hint of enjoyment from the Death Titan’s voice.

“He’s enjoying this?” Zen thought, not sure if he was misunderstanding him or not. Feeling he should make him realise the seriousness of the situation, he suggested in a serious voice, “I think you should probably use an extremely powerful spell or something to utterly destroy him.”

To his surprise, Sevedant shook his hooded face and replied in a deadpan voice, “No need. Simple task. Watch.”

Just then, the monster began flying back together to reform itself into its original form. While it was doing that, Sevedant began chanting a spell in an unrecognisable language that Zen had never heard before. It did not take him to surmise that maybe it was Sevedant’s native language that he was chanting some kind of spell to destroy the monster. As it turned out, it was indeed a chant but the result it produced was something he did not expect at all.

As soon as Sevedant finished his chanting, he began to surge with dark aura that surrounded him. As his red eyes glinted dangerously in the darkness, he held his sword firmly to his side as it also started to glow brightly. The next moment, there was a flash of light and when it died down, the sword had transformed into a weapon known as the Death Scythe.

“Eh?” Zen asked, blinking several times in disbelief. “The Death Scythe?! Are you kidding me?!”

He could not believe that the Death Titan was capable of wielding a weapon that was said to be created by the Mythological God of Death. It was said to be a weapon that can reap the souls of all those that it touches, killing them instantly and sends them straight to the Mythological God of Judgement, who will decide their fate of whether to send them to Heaven or Hell depending on the scale of their Good and Bad ratio.

At the same time, the monster reformed and this time, it glared fiercely at Sevedant before vanishing on the spot. The next moment it reappeared right in front of the Death Titan and attempted to blast the powerful energy blast in his direction, but Sevedant seemingly walked straight through the purple monster, shocking Zen beyond belief.

Spinning the Death Scythe skilfully in his hand, Sevedant turned around and swung it at the monster. The weapon seemingly passed straight through the monster’s body and appeared to do no physical damage that could be seen. Unfazed by the blade passing through its body, the monster turned around and gnarled at him fiercely.

“Angry, are you? Ferocious, are you?” Sevedant asked and, for the first time, he cackled with laughter, a laughter that was so dreadful that the colour in Zen’s body almost drained from existence and caused his hair to stand on end. As soon as he finished laughing, Sevedant tapped the bottom end of the scythe on the ground and said in a deep deadly voice, “Too late. Reap!”

For a moment, the blade of the Death Scythe began glowing, but nothing happened. Seeing this, the monster moved towards him in a flash and gathering energy into its hand, it formed an energy blade that it used to pierce into the Death Titan’s cloaked body.

“Sevedant!” Zen yelled, shocked at the Death Titan allowing himself to be wounded like that.

At that moment, the monster’s face began to contort and lose its focus as it seemed to be feeling some kind of pain. A moment later, the monster’s energy blade disappeared and it stumbled backwards, clutching its face as the doll like monster began to feel the pain of dying. The reason was because particles began getting extracted from the monster and they flew directly into the Death Scythe’s blade to be absorbed.

“PPOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!” the monster roared wildly as it collapsed on the ground and writhed in agony.

Its body started to shrivel up as its body no longer could support its dead weight. It continued to writhe in pain and agony, emotions it had developed the moment its life was being snuffed out of its body. The monster’s eyes bungled in its sockets, it’s body heaved as it struggled to take long and deep breaths and it could no longer feel its energy anymore as it aged rapidly in one minute.

With its last-ditch effort, it slowly raised its hand and aimed at Sevedant, who was radiating in dark aura that surrounded him with red gleaming eyes like an extremely dangerous being of darkness. It tried to gather energy, but it failed and with the final bit of energy leaving, the light in its purple eyes disappeared and the body collapsed completely on the ground. Finally, out from the body, a blue orb like thing got extracted and it flew towards the scythe only to be absorbed.

With the task of killing the monster complete, Sevedant turned towards Zen and said, “See? Simple.”

Zen had no words to express how he was feeling towards the Death Titan that had saved him and killed the monster. He had watched the monster rapidly gaining and losing itself to the deadly power activated by the Death Scythe. For a fleeting of the moments, he felt pity towards the monster as it writhed in pain and agony, but remembering the deaths of his comrades made him feel extremely satisfied by its death.

“I get the feeling Sevedant didn’t care for any of this when he killed that thing. Maybe he doesn’t care about good nor evil, just care about whether the one facing him is an enemy or not. Man… I don’t know if he’s a hero or evil anymore… Still, it truly is dangerous to make an enemy out of him.”

While he was deep in his thoughts, Sevedant activated telepathy that connected to Amaranda and said, “Amaranda. It’s Sevedant. You there?”

“Yes. I can hear you fine, Sevedant. What happened?”

“Arrived late. Army devastated. Darian gone. Atem nowhere. Zen badly wounded. Destroyed monster.”

“Oh… Good work defeating the monster, but about Darian… That’s sad. Lucky’s going to take it hard about his death. How are Zen’s injuries, and what about Atem?”

“Broken arm. Missing arm. Energy badly depleted. Badly wounded. Atem is missing.”

“I understand. Quickly bring him to me and try to find what happened to Atem.”

“Sure. Also, can you inform?”

“Inform? You mean the other Nine Pillars of Power?”


“What is it?”

“Purple monsters. Kill spiritually. Near impossible physically.”

“Oh. That’s difficult, but okay. I’ll let Dominic, Lagron, Nara, Tempest and Azar know about it.”

“Please do.”

With that, the telepathy communication ended, and Sevedant walked towards Zen while saying, “Alright. Need to return. Heal you.”

As he reached him, the Death Titan lowered himself and picked the Phoenix Emperor by his skeleton arms before straightening up. A moment later, he hosted him over his shoulders as he was not willing to carry him like a princess since that would be disgraceful for the proud warrior.

“Um… Couldn’t you just hover me with your magic?” Zen asked curiously.

Sevedant remained silent for a moment before he responded by saying, “Perhaps. Not sure. Feeling regret. Leave me be.” Not paying any attention to a surprised Zen, Sevedant eyed the battlefield with his red glinting eyes and said in a voice with a hint of softness in it, “My condolences.”

He remained standing there as the breeze slightly ruffled his cloak before he finally decided to move, which he did by transforming himself and Zen into a small ball of light before flying at super speed towards the Floria Kingdom.

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