Phoenix Rising – Chapter 391

Chapter 391

Pillars Retaliation (Dragon)

The Dragon Titan, after being hit by a stunning blow and hurled into the air, flew towards the Dragon Continent. The speed of his travel was incredible, so incredible that it did not let him try and break himself free. It was the proof of the immense force the Phoenix Titan used to keep him momentarily immobile. So, he hurled through the air at super speed and started plummeting right near the beginning of the continent before smashing forcefully onto the ground.

Clouds of dust rose furiously into the air and the impact area shook violently and sank a little downward. A few seconds later, the dust slowly cleared to reveal the Lagron picking himself off the ground with a groan with minimal injuries to him.

“That idiot! He’s going to pay for this!” he snarled with eyes filled with intense anger while he dusted himself free of dust. He punched his hand against his palm angrily, creating a slight shock wave as he said, “Seriously! When I get my hands in him, I’ll—!”

What he was about to say was short when a powerful impact occurred somewhere close by. At the same time, the ground shook violently and the ground near him cracked slightly. Realizing something intense battle was going down nearby, he surged with power and kicked unto the air before flying towards the source of the battle.

Travelling at a quick pace to reach the source, he found himself surprised upon discovering four warriors fighting one purple looking person. He came to a stop in mid-flight and found numerous lifeless bodies of warriors from the Dragon Clan and other bodies belonging to the invading demons.

“Wow!” he muttered in surprise.

As he lowered himself to land on the ground, he watched as the Four Dragon Kings gave it their all against the purple monster.

“Water Suffocation!” Waddit, the Water Dragon King shouted, aiming his hand at the monster that seemed to be slowly walking towards them.

In an instant, a magic circle appeared right beneath the purple monster before a large water substance rose out of it and began drowning the monster in it. While it seemed to make no action in retaliation, the Air Dragon King, Aidek, gathered energy into his hands before activating his technique by shouting it out loud.


He quickly moved his hands diagonally, causing two diagonal slicing energy waves to be released. They cut the ground whole traveling towards the monster before slicing it into four parts from the centre of its midriff. As the split pieces of the monster slowly got separated with the water expanding to keep them enclosed, the Earth Dragon King, Gurret, acted with a non-verbal technique.

“Rock Crunch!”

The ground surrounding the monster got covered by a large magic circle that shook the ground a little as stones rose to a height greater than the monster. Once in position, the surrounding stones converged on the monster from all sides and smashed into each other, destroying much of itself and crushing the monster at the same time. Shattered rocks crumbled and fell as the enclosing magic water dispersed everywhere by the smashing force, which cancelled the magic in the process.

As the monster was seemingly crushed from the might of the collided stones, the last remaining Dragon King acted.

“Time to wrap this up!” Fizard, the Fire Dragon King shouted before extending both of his hands out towards the monster before he shouted, “Inferno Burst Blast!”

A powerful swirling fiery ball of fire gathered at the end of his palms before it got launched upon him exerting his energy. It soared towards the stone walls crushing the monster. Upon impact, the ball erupted sand created an intense explosion that shook the ground violently and sent shock waves in all directions as the ball expanded to a large size, totally wiping out the stones and the monster completely.

“Did it work?!” Waddit demanded, panting a little as he and the rest of the Dragon Kings showed signs of tiredness.

“It better! We’ve been fighting that damned thing for a while already!” Fizard said angrily, staring fixed at the spot where the monster was incinerated.

Aidek was quiet as he narrowed his eyes while staring at the spot and used his senses to notice that the monster’s energy had not disappeared. It was Gurret who stated this out loud by telepathically communicating to them all.

“I can sense its presence… It’s still alive,” he said in a very quiet voice.

This shocked the others while Fizard exclaimed loudly, “Damn dragon stingers! I hate it!”

He stomped the ground so hard that it cracked from the force of impact and no sooner the clouds of dust cleared to reveal the quickly reforming shape of the monster. Pieces of it came flying from everywhere and gathered together before a flash of light occurred before it dimmed to reveal the monster back in its original form.

“Here we go again!” Waddit said and sighed tiredly, wiping sweat formed on his forehead.

The monster raised its head and turned to each of the Four Dragon Kings before doing something that took all of them completely by surprise. Gathering energy, it rushed at Aidek and channelled energy into its hand before attempting to cut the Air Dragon King down. Aidek saw the attack coming and momentarily dodged it, but he did not expect the monster to be possessing another energy in its other hand, which it used to slice his left arm in half.

As he fell to the ground with blood gushing out and screams exiting out of his mouth, the monster ignored him and aimed its other hand towards Waddit before firing a jet of water at him. It travelled so fast that Waddit was completely baffled by its speed as it reached him and in one instant, pierced straight through his chest. The water was small but the damage was severe as blood began flowing from the small hole in his chest and mouth before he fell to the ground.

“Damn you!” Fizard yelled, his mind filled with anger and rage.

Surging with power while radiating red aura that surrounded him, he kicked off the ground and soared straight towards the monster while gathering energy in the palms of his hand. Reaching the monster, he unleashed the power to the top of the monster’s head, completely incinerating its face and left it headless. He landed on his feet and turned around to fight again, but he did not expect to find the headless monster aiming an extended right hand towards him.

In an instant, an immense amount of fiery energy was unleashed from the palm and it soared straight at Fizard. Unable to react in time at such a short distance between him and the wave, the Fire Dragon King got consumed by it as it continued travelling for several meters before exploding that raised a great cloud of dust into the air as the signal of its end.

The monster slowly turned around and faced Gurret, the last remaining member of the Four Dragon Kings. As the pieces of the split head of the monster flew back into place, Gurret stared at the monster with seriousness in his eyes and determination shown on his face. They stood there and seemingly stared at each other in silence as they waited for the other to do something in order to retaliate.

As expected, the monster made the first move by rushing towards Gurret on a straight up frontal attack. While it soared towards him, it gathered energy into its hands as if it was going to launch a powerful energy wave of destruction at him. Seeing this, Gurret reacted by extending his right hand out and causing the ground to rise in front of him like a shield. He made several layers of it to protect himself, but what he did not expect was that the monster bluffed the attack.

Instead of firing the energy wave at the several layers of wall, it let the energy disperse and stopped itself to stomp the ground hard. A tremor occurred on the ground and shook Gurret a little, leaving him feeling puzzled when the ground, right in front of him, suddenly extended out and smashed forcefully into his chest.

Stunned, Gurret reeled back from the powerful blow as the monster seemingly passed through the layers of wall to reach him. Disbelieving at first, he activated another magic that caused stone bars to rise out of the ground and surround the monster while a magic circle surrounded where the monster stood. Undeterred, the monster clapped its hands together and extended them out, causing a powerful slicing energy to be released that cut down all the bars.

Left defenceless, Gurret tried to activate another magic as he slowly recovered from the blow, but reached him first. The monster delivered rapid blows to his body that made him cough blood and groan painfully before the monster grabbed his face firmly by one hand. Easily lifting him into the air and seemingly trying to crush his skull, the monster stood as if it was deciding on what to do next.

With not a single sign of mercy in its mind, the monster pulled its arm back and hurled Gurret away. As he soared away, the monster opened the palms of its hands and fired yet another energy wave that engulfed the Earth Dragon King like it did to the Fire Dragon King before soaring away that resulting in an intense explosion a few seconds later in the distance.

The only one consciousness enough to realise what was happening from the Four Dragon Kings was Aidek, who remained kneeling on the ground clutching his left arm that was profusely spilling blood. He groaned in agony from the pain of his arm being severed in half and greatly struggled to concentrate on his magic due to the intensity of the pain. Eventually, he collapsed to the ground from the heavy loss of blood that caused him to feel very dizzy and weak.

He looked up and when he saw the monster approaching him, he gritted his teeth and muttered, “You’ll… never… win…!”

Lagron, who had been watching from the sidelines, finally decided he was done with it as he sighed and thought, “Alright. I think I’m doing watching.”

In an instant, he vanished and appeared standing right in front of where Aidek was collapsed on the ground. This left the monsters only a few more steps to cover before being within his reach. The Air Dragon King was taken aback upon finding a pair of feet appear to block his view of the monster and looking up, his eyes widened in shock upon finding whom the legs belonged to.

“Lagron…!” he whispered, and he smiled in joy upon seeing their clan leader appear to save them. “You came… to save us…”

To that, the Dragon Titan just shook his head and gestured at the monster while responding, “Not at all. I came to fight that thing.”

This left Aidek momentarily speechless before he groaned a little loudly from the intense pain his arm just experienced. Glancing down a little at the wound, Lagron made a grim expression on his face and aimed his hand at it.

“Healing Harmony. Healing Heart. Restore.”

In an instant, Aidek’s entire body began to glow in a soothing green light while, at the same time, he felt the pain lessen dramatically. As he felt surprised by the sudden decrease in pain, his severed part of his arm flew back and began reattached itself to his arm and while his wounds also got healed.

Surprised at the sudden good treatment he was receiving, he looked up and said, “Thank you for this.”

Lagron snorted disdainfully and replied, “Don’t thank me. I’m only doing this because I couldn’t watch a fellow Dragon Clan member being so miserable and weak! Besides, you better hurry up and get over to healing the other three because their life forces are rapidly diminishing.”

Aidek widened his eyes in shock from the realisation, and he jumped to his feet and just as he was about to rush over to them, Lagron asked him a question.

“By the way, where are our clan warriors? I’ve seen many lying around from the battles, but what about the rest?”

“I sent them off to protect our settlements around the continent in case the monster got past us!” Aidek said and without turning back, he hurried to help his comrades.

Lagron watched him go, momentarily frozen in shock, before his turned back to face the monster. He began gritting his teeth and clenching his fists tightly as anger, like never before, shot itself up like a volcano’s eruption.

“You’ve got to be kidding me… This is bull!!!” he roared, suddenly surging with power that shook the ground and thickened the pressure in the air dramatically. “You’re telling me the fierce Dragon Clan warriors had to retreat to protect their settlements?! The Dragon Clan warriors of the past were so strong that each Dragon King was as strong as a fully-grown dragon, not the smaller versions of today, but the majestic ones and yet, the warriors of today retreat from this teeny tweeny monster?! Are you kidding me?!”

He shot a deadly glare at the monster that seemed to have stopped in its tracks and stared blankly at him as if unsure how to proceed forward with this unknown threat.

“It looks like a regular bumpkin with no brains and on top of that, it doesn’t even have hair! Seriously! This thing is so dull, I’m starting to feel like I don’t give a damn about it anymore!” Lagron said loudly in an angry voice.

In his anger, he folded his arms and looked away while continuing to grumble to himself about the problem he faced. He did not notice that the monster seemed to have come to a decision and aimed its hand at him before unleashing a powerful wave of destruction. The attack soared straight towards him and just as he turned to face forward, his eyes widened momentarily before he got swallowed by the wave.

It shot forward, raced past Aidek who was administering healing on Waddit before exploding near the edge of the continent. The intensity of the explosion was so strong that the edge got destroyed as a large cloud of smoke rose high into the air.

“Ah!” Aidek exclaimed, shocked by the sudden wave that went past him as well as the energy signature of the Dragon Titan that went with it. He turned around and saw the monster approaching them, which made him exclaim, “Not this again!”

He rose to his feet and turned around completely face the monster that was slowly approaching him with an expressionless look on its face. Raising both of his hands towards the monster, he quickly gathered energy to attack it when, all of a sudden, a huge energy wave rocketed past him from behind, startling him in the process. It soared straight towards the monster and completely incinerated it from visibility.

“Damn that thing!” Lagron exclaimed, his clothes severely cooked and ragged that made him look like a man with no clothes to spare. Angry about this fact after realising his clothes were damaged, Lagron yelled and said, “You burned my clothes! They’re my precious clothes! I’ll destroy you for this!”

As he walked towards them, Aidek nervously asked, “Um… Don’t you think worrying about your clothes now is a bit pointless?”

Lagron immediately rounded on him and yelled, “Pointless?! It’s a big deal! Everything about me is awesome; whether it’s my clothes or just being me! So, damaging that image is a costly decision and the consequences will be paid back with equal punishment!”

Aidek was momentarily speechless before he turned and pointed at the monster reforming into its original and said, “I see your point, but that thing is still reforming.”

“Not after I beat it into oblivion!” Lagron roared and surging with wild power, he rocketed towards the monster before beginning to beat it up.

Watching him go and begin his clash, Aidek sighed and knelt down beside his ally and muttered, “He’s a handful… I wonder how the Phoenix Titan puts up with him.”


Lagron rushed at the monster so fast that one moment he was standing and the next he rocketed forward while kicking up dust from behind. Upon reaching his target, the Dragon Titan began unleashing a barrage of fists and kicks at the monster wherever he could possible hit while manoeuvring his body with great ease.

The force of the impact was so strong that they put a dent in the monster’s body by the rapid blows unleashed. He even smashed the monster away, darted after it and grabbed its legs before smashing it several times on the ground. Finally, he swung the monster around by its legs and hurled it high into the air.
Quickly gathering energy into the palm of his hand, Lagron fired the destructive wave upward at the monster. The way flew high into the air and once again, absorbed it into its wave before continuing to fly into the air and disappear a few seconds later.

He clicked his tongue at the disappearance of the monster and said in annoyance, “Damn! I don’t feel satisfied one bit! I hoped, at least, it would give me some form of challenge so I could use it as a practice punching bag against Asura, but this thing’s weak! Pathetically weak! It’s not worth something that weak with my classic techniques!”

As he sighed and closed his eyes, the monster above began to reform at the place it had been destroyed at. Lagron sensed this and looked up while opening his eyes to stare irritably at it rapidly formed into its original self again.

“Well, I’ll hand the monster for its endurance to keep reforming, but it’s still useless!” Lagron shouted, and he launched himself into the air and flew upwards in order to further beat up the monster.

It took a matter of seconds before the monster reformed itself before looking down to see him flying at it. For a moment, the monster suddenly vanished and the next moment it reappeared right in front of Lagron, who widened his eyes reflexively in surprise. Before he could react, the monster pulled its clenched hand back and punched the Dragon Titan at the centre of his head.

The force of the punch was so strong that Lagron was propelled downward at an incredible speed that formed a small barrier like force around him from his downward velocity. Unable to control himself and stunned from the blow, he rocketed downward until he smashed heavily onto the ground, causing the ground to tremor and raise a cloud of dust into the air. Following the attack, the monster began unleashing a barrage of energy blasts at the spot he landed at.

The energy blasts exploded one by one upon impact with great intensity that destroyed the nearby trees and set the other aflame. The ground also shook with each explosion as more and more clouds of dust and smoke rose into the air to cover the battlefield. It looked like the fate of the Dragon Titan was in a pinch due to the monster’s excessive use of its power.

The explosions and rapid firing of energy blasts continued on for almost a minute when there was a sudden surge of power from where Lagron had crashed at.


The next moment, the power surged wildly and released a wild blowing wind in all directions as intense shock waves also got released on every side followed by his screaming. The unleashed force of shock wave and wind soared into the sky and buffeted the monster, which seemingly flew several meters into the air before stopping itself.

He continued to scream for a few seconds before glaring up at the monster with intense anger seen in his eyes and on his face. Surging with more power while radiating red aura that surrounded him, he kicked off the ground with such force that the ground caved as a result as he flew into the air. Speeding into the sky at an unbelievable speed, it reached the monster in a blink of an eye and pulled his fist back in order to punch the monster.

“Dragon Strike!”

Lagron thought of the technique name and punched the monster in the gut with great force. The intensity of the blow was so strong that it seemingly made the monster’s eyes pop out of their sockets. In the next instant, every part of the monster’s body exploded from within as the force from his blow seeped into its body and seemingly decimated it from within.

As he continued to fly past the monster, a portion of the monster’s exploded part suddenly formed into a hand and grabbed him by the ankle. While he was momentarily surprised, it began swinging him around before hurling him towards the ground with great force. Lagron flew through the air at super speed, but he managed to break his fall by surging with power and spinning in the air before managing to land firmly on his feet.

The monster began reforming itself and flew towards the ground as it came together once more. Lagron felt something in his mouth and his mixed the liquid in his mouth before spitting it out, which turned out to be a portion of blood from the blow from earlier. Gazing at it for a moment in a blank stare, he turned to looked at the monster with an impressed look on his face.

“Great! I like your endurance,” he said, complementing the monster before pointing at the monster and saying, “but there’s a huge gap between us! If you hit me, I go down, but if I hit you, you’re destroyed! That! Big! Difference!”

As the monster returned to its original form, and he prepared to battle it, he suddenly felt a communication reaching out to him using telepathy. Normally, he would reject the connection as it interfered in his battle, but this time he allowed it to connect since he sensed the energy signature of the spell belonged to the Magic Titan, Amaranda Lefrity.

“Lagron? Can you hear me? Have you engaged the monster in battle already?”

“Yeah. I can hear you and yeah! I’m about to go for round two!”

“Oh. In that case, cease your engagement and back away.”

He was momentarily rendered speechless by the use of her words, and he exclaimed in his mind, “Engagement?! What the hell are you saying?! I’m not getting married to that thing! I’m going to battle it for crying out loud!”

“Ah. My bad. Sorry for the misunderstanding. What I meant to say is that you should not fight the monster directly.”

“Why? Are you thinking perhaps that I can’t beat the monster? Then, I’ll have you know that I’ve destroyed it and smashed it to pieces a few times already!”

“That doesn’t matter. Sevedant just got back to me and said those monsters that you’re fighting is near impossible to kill physically, saying you have to destroy it spiritually.”

Lagron raised an eyebrow in wonderment at her words and looked at the monster that just disappeared and appeared right in front of him. Reactions honed from years of training, battles and experience, he moved to the side and dodged the blow before punching the monster on the side of its face. As it got sent away, Amaranda asked him a question.

“Hello? Are you listening?”

“Yeah! I am! I’m just busy fighting… uh… whatever this thing is!”

“Oh. Then, please pull back and think up a strategy to defeat it.”

“Hah?! Strategy? For this thing? Are you for real? It’s so weak, I could beat it with my eyes closed!”

“We know you can do that, but the monster seems to regenerate itself back to its full form. Sevedant is the Death Titan, and he looked like he had difficulty which is why he obviously advised me specifically to tell everyone how to deal with it.”

This irritated Lagron and he replied telepathically, “Woman! He might be the Death Titan, but I’m the Dragon Titan, and I’m much stronger than he could ever be!”

While he was speaking, the monster flew back to engage in close combat fighting against him. Reacting instantly, Lagron dodged and blocked its many attacks before disappearing and reappearing several meters away to hear what Amaranda said telepathically.

“I know how strong you are. No doubt you’re incredibly powerful, but I suggest heeding my advice.”

To this, he sighed and replied telepathically, “I guess I need to make myself clear. Vision Share!”

As he said the technique name in his mind, his vision got sent over to Amaranda for her to see. She was momentarily stunned as she could not believe she could actually see the actual picture of the physical objects. All this time, due to her blindness, she could only make out the size, shape and location of objects whether it be human or not. So, she was stunned beyond belief to find herself able to see the full picture instead of feeling the energy flow.

“Oh… This is… reality…? Oh… my… I… um… This is…”

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Lagron asked telepathically, making a wry smile on his face from the sound of amazement and awe in her voice while he continued to dodge the monster and even diverting an energy wave aimed at him. “I’m sharing my vision, so you see what I see.”

“Yes… I see it… Through your eyes, I see you’re moving at an incredible speed to evade. The monster, as well, it’s… so unnatural… It’s so mysterious and evil… Please be careful, Lagron. For some reason, I don’t get the feeling that it cares about anything.”

“Of course. That’s the basic obvious thing to know upon laying eyes on that ugly thing. Anyway, I didn’t share my vision with you for you to give me more advice, woman. Watch and learn what a fully reigning Dragon Titan can do!”

Without further ado, he dodged the next attack and leaped back to give himself some distance to work from. As he reached the spot he wanted to get to, he immediately surged with power and charged at the monster at super speed, catching the monster off guard.

The moment he reached it, Lagron delivered one power punch to the gut that caused the monster to reel back while seemingly clutching its stomach area. In the next moment, he swung his body sideways and delivered a powerful uppercut to its jaw, lifting it momentarily into the air before he followed through by swinging around to kick the monster in the gut.

As the monster flew away from him and got its feet dragged on the ground, Lagron straightened up and faced the monster with a smug smile on his face. Extending his right hand, he folded all except for the forefinger and the middle finger that were aiming at the monster that was several meters away. He began gathering energy into it which soon took the shape of a medium sized black ball of energy.


With a quiet whisper of the word, he exerted his energy and sent the black energy ball flying at the monster. In its turn, the monster recovered from the severe blows to its body and looked on with an emotionless face as the black sphere soared towards it.

The moment the black sphere made contact against the skin of the monster, it suddenly began releasing black lighting wildly all around it. The black ball of energy began to expand in size and for the first time, the monster began to scream as an unimaginable pain started seer into its body, turning it into particles of light that got absorbed into the blackness.

It soon started to expand to an extremely large scale that covered a great deal of the forest and stopped just before where Lagron stood unmoving while wearing a smug look on his face despite Amaranda’s protests to get out of there. Black lightning got sent to all sides and the wind blew wildly as well as shock waves sent in all directions. As time passed by, the black light slowly became transparent as particles of light extracted from its solid form until it completely vanished.

After a few seconds of pause at which he made sure the energy signature of the monster was completely extinguished from that place before he sighed deeply in slight tiredness and telepathically said, “See that? It’s the almighty power of the Dragon Titan! So, never underestimate me! So, don’t tell me the Death Titan gives you advice to do something else because he might just be not trying his best.”

Amaranda was speechless, but she got her voice back and telepathically replied, “No way…! Eradicate…! It’s one of the most powerful technique that transforms the target into particles of light, then crushes them and eventually destroys them utterly along with their physical and spiritual self! It’s so powerful that the people capable of mastering it are slim to none. So, how come you, of all people, managed to master it?!”

To her question, he chuckled and telepathically responded by saying, “I had time. A lot of time to spend training myself once I’m isolated in the Dragon World, and I had years to prepare myself and improve.”

“Mmm. From your explanation, you lived more than 300 years, but clearly, you’re just a middle-aged man, right?”

He laughed at her interpretation and telepathically said, “Haha. Maybe. I am a middle-aged man, but spiritually I got a lot of years of experience with me.”

She did not clearly understand from his slightly vague explanation, but she decided to not peruse it since he did manage to defeat the monster so easily. At the same time, however, she could not help but notice him breathing a little quickly as if he had come close to exhausting himself. It looked like the burden of using such an intense technique brings with it heavy burden on his energy. Still, one question reminded in her mind and as he stared up at the sky with a proud look on his face, she asked him directly about it.

“Where did you learn it? From the history of the Dragon Clan the Elven Race know about, we don’t have any records of the Dragon Clan warriors possessing the knowledge or idea about that technique. So, how did you come to know about it?”

For a moment, he remained silent as he did not immediately reply as he seemed to be hesitating before he finally responded by saying, “Would you believe me if I said I first came to know about it from the Calamity Titan?”

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