Phoenix Rising – Chapter 394

Chapter 394

Pillars Retaliation (War)

Ash, who had recovered her vision from the decreasing smoke, looked up and was startled to find an unexpected ally there. Even Rumble looked sceptical as he recognised the face of another member of the Nine Pillars of Power.

“Oh? Isn’t that the War Titan? Don’t tell me our allies found you useless and sent in him instead?” Rumble asked, a hint of humour mixed in his voice.

“This isn’t the time for jokes and to answer your question; no! I don’t know why he’s here!” Ash replied, blinking up at Nara as he slowly descended towards them.

Landing gently on the ground, the War Titan turned towards them and asked, “Hey. You’re looking pretty pumped up, Rumble, and Ash? Fancy seeing you here?”

As Rumble snorted to his remark, Ash knitted her eyebrows together in annoyance and asked, “Setting aside my personal welfare, I’d like to know what you are doing here, Nara?”

Nara blinked at her in surprise and asked, “Why’re you looking surprised? Didn’t Lakshman order me to come over here and fight that monster that was terrorising this continent, or did you forget?”

“What?! I had no idea!”

“Well, figures… A minute or so ago, Amaranda contacted me to find out what I was doing and turns out, she thought I lost my way to the continent I grew up in.” As Ash momentarily gritted her teeth in irritation, Nara shrugged his shoulders and finished by saying, “Anyway, she told me you arrived here and will be dealing with the monster, so I hurried here as fast I can after sensing your struggle.”

“I see,” responded the Demon Titan, nodding in understanding, but she still looked cross as she said, “Still, you should’ve gotten here quicker, otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here.”

While he snorted, within herself, she thought, “Still, if it weren’t for your lateness, I might not have gotten this chance to come here, so maybe I should be grateful?” She momentarily looked at him making a smug smile and decided against it as she thought, “On second thought, I better not. He’s almost as worse as Lagron.”

“I could’ve, but I suddenly sensed various different surges of power and, you know…”

As he left his sentence hanging, Ash shook her head and breathed deeply with a disapproving look on her face as she replied, “Stopping to check out the scenery, what are you? An eight-year-old?”

To that, Nara simply raised his hands into the air with a casual gesture and said, “Oh well. Anyway, that gave you the chance to put your effort and do your best against that thing, right?”

As he asked, he turned around just as a violent explosion of power occurred several meters away from them. Out from the spreading smoke, a purple monster rose and remained hovering in mid-air before flying towards them at high speed.

“Damn!” Rumble exclaimed as he and Ash took battle stances to fight that monster.

Nara, however, began walking forward with a smug look on his face, which shocked the other two.

“What the hell are you doing, fool?!” Rumble exclaimed while Ash stared at him with her mouth held slightly open in disbelief.

Surging with power, the Monkey King charged towards the War Titan as quick as he could to protect him. It was too late by then as the monster reached Nara in a matter of seconds, but the confident War Titan continued to smile at the monster with a cool expression on his face.

The monster pulled its fists back and attempted grab his head to execute a set of moves it had copied off Rumble, but it never succeeded. At that moment, a strong rush for force came at it before an unbelievable number of dents appeared on its purple front body that made it step backwards. Nara continued to walk forward steadily with a cool smile plastered on his face and as the monster attempted to hit him, once again the same rushing force was released as more multiple dents appeared on its body.

Rumble, seeing what was happening and unable to believe it was happening, landing and asked with wide eyes, “What…? What’s… going on… here…?”

Ash remained speechless further behind him at her stationary point from before, unable to grasp the scene occurring before her. Nara was smiling with his guard completely down, but the monster was being hit so many times with such force that it looked like they were happening from out of thin air. It was truly inconceivable for her to believe that the War Titan was moving at a speed that surpassed her well trained eyes that she was proud of being able to follow her master, the Death Titan, Sevedant.

The cycle of the monster attempting to attack but instead got delivered with dents in its body that just kept increasing with each recurring cycle. Realising its attacks were failing, it attempted to bring its arms in extended its arms to either side as it prepared to imitate Rumble’s “Warrior Wave” technique.


Roaring that one single syllable, a powerful energy was unleashed from its body and it soared straight towards Nara. Smirking confidently, the War Titan merely raised one finger and extended it just in front of him as the large wave of energy reached him. As it touched his finger, the wave suddenly came to a halt and no matter how hard the monster pushed forward, the energy wave did not budge.

“Stupid monster. You think you’ve got the brains to touch a powerful being like me?” War Titan asked, his fearsome face twisting to make a grin that showed his sharp looking teeth at the monster as if he was staring down at its prey. “Here, you can have it back.”

Applying an intense amount of force, he pushed the wave forward and instantly the energy wave began withdrawing from it as it soared back towards its user. Consuming the monster in its wave upon reaching it, a resulting explosion occurred that caused the ground to shake and spread the suddenly risen smoke in all directions. A moment later, the monster appeared looking completely bruised as smoke began emitting from all over its purple body.

Nara, who was smiling until then, suddenly made a serious expression as he sensed the battle that was waging far away. From there, he could sense that his clansmen were fighting fiercely and realising that he was giving in to his arrogance of being overwhelmingly power, which suddenly reminded of Lagron.


Getting angry at himself, he surged with power and rocketed towards the monster at an incredible speed that made it look like he was standing one second and the next he was standing right before the monster. With his fist pulled back, he widened his eyes and shouted a technique out loud as he unleashed a devastating wave at the monster.

“Roaring Cannon!”

As the massive red wave of destruction got released from his hand, it completely consumed the monster in its wave and continued to fly towards the end of the continent. It did not stop there as it destroyed the edge of the continent’s land as it flew out into the ocean, causing the water to spread and cave in beneath the wave, causing an undersea monster to disturb from its sleep.

Back on the continent where Nara fired the attack, he straightened up and stared in the direction that he fired as the smoke spread in all directions. In the meanwhile, Rumble and Ash, who had gradually recovered from their shock, walked towards him before the Monkey King spoke to him.


Nara, who had sensed their approach, turned to face them wearing an apologetic look on his face and said, “I’m sorry. I got carried away by my arrogance. Um… My bad.”

Ash was a little taken aback by the sudden change in his character while Rumble seemed to be more accepting as he asked, “Yeah. That’s fine, but tell me… Were you feeling like that because of Lagron?”

“Yes. I got angry at him and so I… Uh…” Nara said, looking a little uncomfortable as he remembered his attitude towards them from just now.

“It’s fine since I know what you really behave like when you’re around Dominic and Lucky,” said Rumble, but he did not smile as he looked sharply at the War Titan before he said, “Remember that showing off will never amount to anything good. You’re already powerful. Don’t waste it by trying to prove Lagron anything. You each tread a different path and both of you are powerful, so having comparisons is meaningless.”

After listening to the wisdom of an experienced warrior, Nara merely nodded and despite his great dislike towards the Dragon Titan, he still resolved himself to reply, “Thank you for the advice. I will try.” He did, however, become curious to see the Monkey King look anything but cheerful, so he asked, “Was the battle very difficult on you, Rumble?”

Instantly realising what Nara meant, Rumble smiled a little and turned towards Ash as he said, “Not really. I just got annoyed a little from this young lady not being able to produce the desired result.”

At those words, Ash looked a little sad as Nara looked between them, not really understanding what was going on. Despite that, he fathomed that it had something to do with Ash’s capabilities being less than accomplishable in fighting that monster.

“I think Ash has great ability, although, I think she just lacks a real battle to apply them properly and that’s why she’s here,” he said in her defence as he truly acknowledged her powers and weaknesses. He turned to her and said encouragingly, “You can do it, Ash. I think Sevedant has great faith in you and that’s probably why he allowed you to come out here on your own despite how much he worries about you, that sneaky guy.”

At that, he smiled a little cheekily, but all humour died at that moment when something suddenly rose from all around them to surround them. Looking around in a moment’s glance, he realised it was a strange purple substance that was rising out of the ground around them, almost as if it had jumped from out of their shadows. Poised to attack them when they had their guard down, the purple substance rose up all around them as if it was going to consume them.

“Darn it!” Nara shouted, and he instantly activated an energy barrier around all three of them to protect them all.

The substance quickly fell on the energy barrier and began pushing down with immense force, but Nara held it back with firm stance. Unfortunately, while inside the barrier, all he could do was defend since they would be absorbed the moment a weakness appeared in the barrier he generated.

“What the hell is this?!” Rumble asked, wide eyed and shocked to see the substance pushing down on the energy barrier.

Gritting his teeth in irritation, Nara turned towards Ash who was momentarily stunned and shouted, “Ash! Get rid of this thing! Now!”

His shout snapped her out back to reality and quickly reacting, she tapped the ground with her staff while shouting, “Shift!”

A magic circle appeared all around them before they and the barrier disappeared from the spot, allowing the purple substance to fall onto itself and curdle on the ground. A moment later, Ash, Nara and Rumble reappeared several meters away from the monster, which allowed Nara to relax and like the others, turn to gaze at the squirming purple substance in horror.

“It was trying to absorb us! Is it some kind of slime?” Nara asked in a quiet voice.

“Probably and it seems to contains mimicry as it copies and uses them against us!” Rumble informed him, looking grave as ever.

“What?!” Nara exclaimed, looking shocked by that piece of information. “It can copy and reuse skills and techniques?! Then… It can copy my Roaring Cannon and the numerous of times I punched it in a quick succession?” As Rumble nodded with a word, Nara’s mouth gaped open in horror.

Seeing his reaction, Ash asked nervously, “D-Didn’t Amaranda tell you about its ability?”

He shook his head and replied shortly, “No… She probably was telling me, but I sensed you were in need of help and rushed over without listening.”

At those words, Ash groaned and said, “Yes. Not only does it do all of that, but it seems the only way to destroy it is by spiritually.”

Nara stared at him in confusion, and as Rumble explained about the predicament they were facing, he clenched his fists tightly. It was the first time in his life he had heard something as insane as the need to destroy a monster’s spirit to achieve total victory against it. The idea suddenly gave him an inspiration to perform something he knew he could not normally perform under normal circumstances.

“Okay. In that case, let me try something,” said Nara as he saw that the monster was transforming back into its original form.

He raised his right hand and held it in the air above his head for a moment while remaining silent. In the next moment, his arms suddenly became encased by a brilliant glow of light before it disappeared to reveal a gauntlet encasing his arm. With it ready, he began surging with power while radiating red aura that surrounded him before rocketing towards the fully transformed monster.

As a strong wind blew from his launch, he quickly covered the distance that separated him and the monster before engaging in a fierce close-combat battle. Like he suspected, the monster managed to replicate his fighting skill by matching him blow for blow, but it did not know of the secret plan he had in mind of activating. After moving from place to place and dodging several releases of energy blasts, he finally got the chance when it fired the Roaring Cannon at him.

Dodging his own attack and rushing towards the monster at high speed, Nara reached it and placed his gauntlet hand on its purple body before shouting, “Spirit Breaker!”

In an instant, the monster suddenly began glowing in a brilliant glowing light before a magic circle surrounded where the gauntlet was placed against its body. A moment later, the monster’s eyes widened from the shock of its activation, which made it feel like it was being hit by an unbelievable amount of lightning. As if losing air, it slowly began squirming by losing its form and falling to the ground where it remained like a disgusting looking liquid.

“There! It worked!” Nara said, smiling in satisfaction at the seemingly defeated monster’s liquidated form on the ground. He turned around and looking at the two stunned figures, he shouted spiritedly, “See that? It’s dead!”

There was a moment’s pause before Ash, who was the first to recover, shouted back, but the words were filled with warning.

“Get away from there, Nara!”

“Huh?” Nara asked, looking surprised by her words.

All of a sudden, he sensed it as he glanced sideways just in time to see the large form of the rising purple substance behind his back and ready to devour him.


It fell at high speed and seemingly consumed him, but Nara suddenly reappeared a few meters away from it while exhaling a deep breath. His eyes were filled with shock and his heart beating repeatedly as he narrowly escaped a near death situation. The substance fell on the ground with a plop and began transforming into its original shape after yet again failing to absorb its prey.

“Dammit!” Nara said, sweat slowly forming on his face as his crazy orange hair flowed in the wind that slowly picked up. Turning back, he shouted at them, “Ash! It’s up to you! I thought my technique would work, but I guess it isn’t up to the level of slaying spirits! Please think of something that slays spirits! Hurry!”

Ash was surprised by his words and as he began powering up, Rumble asked, “What about you?! Don’t tell me you’ll find that thing all on your own?! In that case, I—!”

“You’ll stay and defend her, Rumble!” Nara ordered, looking fiercely at Rumble and for the first time in his life, Rumble witnessed such a fearsome look that demanded absolute obedience. “You need to stay and guard Ash as she prepares for the necessary technique!” Noticing Rumble about to argue, Nara became extremely fierce and increased his pressure on the Monkey King, saying. “You’re wounded and tired! Just stay put and guard her! Alright? She’s our hope!”

With that, he continued to power up that caused the ground to shake tremendously that caused great creaks to appear on the ground and get destroyed in odd places. Once he was ready, his eyes flashed brilliantly as he rushed at the monster with incredible speed while he was surging with immense fighting power.

The War Titan was holding back a lot of his power and this was because he realised it would be pointless to unleash it all on it since it would do him no good. Besides, he was conserving his real powers for the battle against the Nine Testaments of Darkness, which Rumble realised quickly as soon as the warrior and the monster clashed forces.

Watching Nara fighting speedily with great intensity against the monster to draw its attention away from them, all Ash could do was helplessly stare and curse in her mind while thinking desperately, “Why did it have to be so difficult?!”

Those were the words she wanted to yell with all her being numerous times in her life and this was such an occasion as the burden of defeating the monster rested on her next actions.

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