Phoenix Rising – Chapter 401

Chapter 401

The Death Struggle

Sevedant, the Death Titan, entered into the tower alone like the rest of his allies and the door to the exit closed right behind him. With nothing else to do for the moment, he remained motionless and did absolutely nothing until a voice called to him from the centre of the room.

“Are you going to just stand there like a statue or what?” the voice of a man asked, which was filled with irritation.

Sevedant lifted his hooded masked face and looked in the direction the voice came from. Turns out, a man with folded arms was standing there staring at him with an unpleasant expression on his face. It was as if the person was not very happy to find himself in the company of the Death Titan, and he himself stated it in his next statement.

“I don’t like your presence. It… reeks of death…” he said, his face contorting to show hatred.

“You are?” Sevedant asked, deciding to know the name of his enemy after pausing for a brief moment.

The man pointed at himself and blinked in surprise by the question before he responded by saying, “You want to know me? Ha. Unfortunately, I am not interested in introducing myself. Besides, when this is all over, you’ll be out of my life for good.”

With that, he once again continued to glare at his enemy, which made Sevedant’s red eyes glint as he said, “Testament of Loneliness. I understand.”

At the mention of his title, the man suddenly became enraged and yelled, “Shut up!” Aiming his hands at the Death Titan, he fired an immense black ball of energy while shouting, “Demon Blast!”

The dark energy blast soared very quickly towards Sevedant while he only reacted by lifting one skeleton finger from under his cloak. Surprisingly, instead of making contact, it went straight through him and smashed into the place where the exit was, which caused an explosion to occur that shook the room a little. The buffeted Sevedant, who was near it and as it died down, he remained unaffected as if it had no effect on him.

He momentarily glanced over his shoulders to see a large scorch mark on the wall and finding the exit still not appearing, he confirmed his suspicions while muttering, “No exit. Cannot be destroyed. Interesting.”

“Damn you!” the man shouted, and he began firing rapid energy blasts at Sevedant.

Like the one before, the Death Titan kept his one skeleton finger raised without once making an attempt to defend himself. At the same time, the energy blasts just flew right through him before exploding behind him. Realising his attacks were not working anymore, the man stopped firing and clenched his fists that shook a little as he glared at him in anger.

“Honestly, what are you?” the man asked finally.

Sevedant remained silent for a moment before he replied, “Death.” With the same finger that he kept raised, he aimed it at his enemy and muttered, “Unholy Inferno.”

A large magic circle appeared on the ground in front of him before a blazing fire rose from it that coiled and took the shape of a fire breathing inferno monster. Roaring wildly, it lurched forward and moved rapidly towards the man, who eyed the oncoming monster without a shred of fear.


Roaring like a wild beast, the inferno monster seemingly smashed into the man and exploded, causing fire to spread everywhere, scorching the floor and the walls in the process. As the burning flames began to die down from the point of impact, Sevedant clearly saw that his enemy was still standing unaffected as the fire seemed to be licking the air around him for some reason.

Seeing that immediately registered in the Death Titan’s mind what his enemy was, which made him mutter, “I see. Absolute Defence Barrier. Truly interesting, Testament of Loneliness.”

“Show up! Do you have a problem with me being a loner?!” the man yelled, his nerves touched by the use of that title.

The Death Titan shook his head and replied, “No. Curious. That’s all.”

Raising his skeleton finger once more, Sevedant began firing a jet of laser cannon and it smashed seemingly got absorbed into the air around his enemy. After continuously firing such, the man sighed wearily and aimed one hand towards his enemy before saying the technique name out loud before activating it.

“Demon Storm!”

In an instant, many multiple magic circles appeared all around Sevedant before a ray of black energy wave was fired. They soared forward and smashed heavily on and around the place where he stood his ground that caused great explosions to occur that caused the room the shake, wild winds to blow around and shock waves was sent to all sides.

In the next moment, however, Sevedant burst out of the cloud of smoke, his robes slightly burnt, as he seemingly glided across the room before aiming his skeleton open palm hand at his enemy before muttering, “Death Squall!”

As soon as he finished speaking, magic circles began appearing all around the man before the wind started to pick up. The wind slowly began spinning round and round around him for several seconds before it transformed into a wild storm. Faced with this situation, he gritted his teeth and stood his ground while waving his hands to the side to blow the wind away, but it remained fixed at his place and soon, his clothes started to tear and cuts began appearing.

“Tch!” Clicking his tongue in anger as he realised his feeble attempts did not work and instantly surged with power before shouting, “Magic Canceller!”

The air became tense with immense pressure as his unleashed power thickened, causing the magic circles to instantly get destroyed. At the same time, his barrier disappeared, but due to the active state of his spell, all of the Death Titan’s attacks got nullified. Sevedant felt like he was facing an enemy that was impervious to outside effect, realising the shell the man had cast around himself.

“You are lonely. Let me help,” said Sevedant, who glided around while firing more of the dark magic spells at him.

“Help? Me? Ha!” the man said scathingly while his spell dismantled his enemy’s magic while he fired his own from his stationary point from not feeling to move around like him. “The only thing people helped me with is to shun me from society, keep me at a distance and finally ignore me outright! I’m accustomed to it, so leave me alone and die!”

Sevedant, who was continuously moving around, saw the sorry state of mind his enemy was in, making him say, “I understand loneliness. I also know it. The pain of shunned, the causality of losing and the desire to be alone. I know them.”

“Stop wasting my time and die, bastard! You understand nothing of what it truly feels like to be lonely!” the man shouted, finally moving a little around as his legs became to cramp a little from standing at one spot for a few minutes. While still firing energy blasts and magic spells at his enemy, he yelled, “Do you understand what it feels like being trapped in a black room with no exit? With no way out? Ha?!

Do you have any idea how I felt?! No! You won’t! Nobody won’t, and I’m used to it! So, don’t bother helping me out of pity, you scumbag! You’re the kind I hate the most! Once I defeat you and go out of the exit, I will wipe this world clean of its current inhabitants so that I can finally live in peace!”

His words were filled with anger and conviction to be left as he always was; a loner. Seeing this, Sevedant’s eyes glinted dangerously as he realised the only way to hammer home the message to this man was by defeating him. As such, with the resolve made, he stopping gliding around and came to a stationary point while momentarily activating his magic to allow them to pass right through him.

The reason he did not constantly keep it active was simply because the technique quickly depleted him of his energy as it safe guarded him from all physical attacks. It was the same affect with his Real Fiction, which he could only use twice as he had said himself to many of his allies in the past. He was also not the one that used words to try and convince them to change sides, but he was encouraged to do so by Lakshman himself as he did not like the way Sevedant fought.

“You need to give your enemies a chance at redemption, otherwise, you will be no different to them,” he had said seriously to his once mentor, who was a little surprised by the sudden lecture.

Unfortunately, this man showed no signs of changing and on top of that, he was proclaiming his desire to destroy the populace of the world. Being the self-proclaimed Messenger of Death, who understood the meaning behind such words, he finally decided this man was not worth saving after all.

Using his right skeleton hand, he put it into his left side cloak and for a moment while staring at his enemy through the red eyes through the mask that covered his face. Grabbing something inside the sleave, he instantly slid it out dramatically and swung it around in an arc, which instantly destroyed the spells that were aimed him. As he held it with his skeleton hand, the sword started to release dark energy from its blade.

“Death Sword. We show him hell,” said Sevedant in a quiet voice, his eyes flashing a dangerous red colour as they stared at his enemy.

His sword, which was also a Sacred Spirit, did not respond or did not even show the slightest sign that it understood. Even so, Sevedant seemed to smile in his heart knowing that it was purposefully doing it due to the kind of being it was.

“Let’s go,” he said, and in an instant, he began to surge with dark energy that started shaking the room violently.

As his enemy lost balance and stumbled around, the Death Titan kicked off the ground and glided towards Lakshman at high speed. It was incredible the force he was using from the way he drove towards his enemy with a deadly killing aura that could have caused even a Sage Ranked warriors to feel like fainting on the spot. The driving force was so incredible that even his enemy, who felt its immensity, had cold sweat form rapidly on his body.

“If that hits me, I’m dead!” he thought in a shocked voice.

Instantly using all the power and might he possessed, he activated his barrier and magic that would surely protect him. That became doubtful when Sevedant reached him and swung his sword down on him with such force that the floor might come off.

The sword, propelled by the immense force, smashed forcefully against the barrier and seemingly dissipated the energy, making a relieved look on his face. The next moment, however, dark energy burst out of the sword with great force that shocked the previously relieved look on his enemy’s face. As the sword pushed down, the floor quaked, cracked and finally sank into the ground, causing his enemy to stumble and finally fall to the floor.

Even so, the intensity of the sword was severe as the force pushing down started to break the barrier apart. It only lasted for several seconds before the barrier was decimated and the sword went flying down. Just before it could hit, however, the man surged with power, aimed his hands upward and fired a massive powerful wave that matched the power intensity of the Death Sword.

“I… I won’t die… not before repaying this world for its cruelty it showed me!” the man screamed in rage.

It was his intense anger that boosted his power and also became a factor in overpowering the Death Titan, who was taken by surprise. It sent him flying high into the air before he managed to pull himself to the side to let the energy flying away. Soaring towards the ground, he managed to land a few meters away from his enemy, who walked out of the small crater like dip that the floor had sunk to.

“You want to get serious? Fine! I’ll get serious too and let’s see if you truly understand what it means to be lonely!” He said with a fearsome look on his face and aiming his hand at his enemy, he said, “Heart Fall!”

Sevedant, who was slow in reacting after taking a surprising hit from the earlier attack, received the full force of this attack as a magic circle activated beneath him. For a moment, nothing happened and feeling his was fine was when the full force of the magic hit him. First, a small pain occurred within like a stinging feeling and it quickly escalated into an intense pain that weakened his mind and made his spirit slowly loss its strength.

The Heart Fall technique is an attack spell that decimates one’s heart and crushes their willpower if they possess any feelings to their surroundings and people. If not, it acts like an illusion spell and deactivates automatically those those that are detached from the world and their surroundings. Truly, it was befitting for those who are truly the loners in a world populated with people and culture.

Unable to keep standing, he fell to the floor and made groaning sounds from the mouth hidden by the mask with a red smile etched on it. His feelings became complex and lay facing the ground while using his knees and skeleton hands to stop himself from completely falling to the ground. He did not understand what was happening to him, or why the attack was affecting him despite his confidence in his loneliness.

“I guess you really weren’t a loner like you said,” the man said, walking towards the crippling form of his enemy, who had his head bowed to him while groaning in pain. “Like I said, try being locked in a dark room for several hours with no food and no way out and with no people to hear you scream. Then, come back and tell me how it felt.”

Aiming his hand down at his enemy, the man said, “Thunder Down!”

In an instant, a magic circle appeared in the air before a wild ballistic lightning discharged from it and soared straight at Sevedant. The moment it made contact against him, the Death Titan began to scream from the intense pain as he completely collapsed and writhed on the floor with his enemy increasing the intensity of the lightning with a malicious smile on his face.

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