Phoenix Rising – Chapter 402

Chapter 402

Death Warrior (Part 1)

The person known as Sevedant, who carried the title of the Death Titan, was a person who wears a mask over his face while draping black cloak over his entire body. This was a sign that he was a dangerous person to mess with and that he had no desire to spend his time interacting with people. Always keeping his distance, he was an impressive person, but even he was once just an ordinary person in this extraordinary world.

He was born in the Demon Race clan called the Sevam Demon Clan, who transform into undead after reaching the age of twenty. Up until then, however, they appear almost human like except for the skull masks that the youngsters of the clan wear, who are born with them. Each mask had different features, but if anything were to happen to it, such as getting destroyed, then that person is stuck in the form of a human till the day they pass away.

As such, Sevedant was part of this clan that lived in a secluded area of the Demon Continent, never bothering with others and others not bothering with them. He was young, cheerful and active to the point that he was the leader of the group of kids at his village. It was a peaceful time that he enjoyed with his family and clansmen for two decades until that all changed with the sudden appearance of the Shadow Dragon King, Razzel, who was such before being revived and becoming the Demon Dragon King.

The year was 8076PX and in the middle of winter when Razzel paid their village a visit on the Demon Continent. The entire village was in shock at seeing an outsider enter their village and became alert while keeping the kids at a safe distance. Razzel clearly came for the sacred weapon they hold dear, which was known as the Death Spirit, which the clansmen were unaware of at that time.

In the legends that was passed down by them, it was wielded by their ancestor who was called the Death Warrior and laid waste to thousands of armies when the demons first appeared in that world. Razzel, who knew this legend and wanting to obtain the strongest weapon in the world to make him be recognised as the strongest in the Dragon Clan, came here for the weapon.

As the clansmen of the village of Undead surrounded him with weapons drawn and magic at the ready, Razzel merely glanced around. He did not mind them as he was searching for the place that the Death Spirit was kept at. The truth was that the Death Spirit was a sealed Sacred Spirit that was guarded by a powerful concealing spell that even deflected the naked eye of the power-hungry dragon.

“Where is it?” Razzel asked finally, realising he could not locate it on his own, eyeing everyone with a menacing look that momentarily startled them. “Where’s the Death Spirit?”

The Sevam Demon Clan stiffened at the mentioned name and immediately realised this man had come to steal their prised possession. They instantly went on high alert and got ready to attack him, but the Shadow Dragon King did not seem to put up a guard against them. Instead, he eyed them coldly and tapped his fingers impatiently.

“Did you not hear me? I asked you where the Demon Spirit is,” he said, recognising the look in their eyes.

“Get out of here, dragon, or you will perish here!” one of the Sevam Demon Clan, who seemed to be the leader of the clan, said in a cold deep voice.

Razzel turned to face him and giving him a full overview, he finally sighed and said, “You do that.”

In the next moment, he aimed his hand at him and fired a powerful energy blast that wiped out both the undead clan leader and the followers located behind him as well as the trees behind as the energy wave disappeared into the distance. Shocked at the sight of that power and instantly angered by the loss of their leader and clansmen, the others yelled in anger and began attacking Razzel with both magic and physical attacks.

A war against one member of the Dragon Clan began at that time, but it soon turned into a blood bath with the Sevam Demon Clan being the ones that were being wiped out. Razzel, as cold hearted as he was, kept asking reputedly for the location of the Death Spirit, but none of the undead chose to answer him as they continued to laid down their lives, desperately trying to kill him.

Even the guards stationed to protect the kids were greatly enraged and they too charged into the one-sided battle. The kids as well, after seeing their parents get killed, charged out as soon as the guards left. Sevedant was among them, but he was desperately trying to find his parents and to see whether they were okay or not. The forest around them was going up in flames and their homes were slowly burning down to the ground.

It was hell on earth at that moment and as he took a bend near a burning building, he first hand witnessed his parents fighting alongside the others. He smiled in relief and was just about to head over to help them when Razzel blasted a powerful energy wave in their direction. His eyes widening in horror, the young man watched his parents get incinerated by the wave.

Sevedant was thunderstruck as his family was decimated right before his eyes and as tears began pouring down his youthful face, he glared fiercely at his enemy and yelled, “NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

He had mastered the Advanced Ranked Magic Spells that he now used to boost the strength and speed of his body before rushing at Razzel. He was not the only one as the other kids did the same and took the Shadow Dragon King by surprise. Never did he expect to be attacked by kids while the beaten guards managed to heal themselves in the distraction provided by the kids. Even so, it was not much as Razzel moved at an incredible speed by beating them back, wiping some out while punching Sevedant so hard in the face that his mask cracked and sent him flying away.

Soaring through the forest, he smashed through several trees and crashed to the ground alongside the trees that fell. He lay there as black blood oozed out of the numerous wounds on his body from the beating he received from Razzel and the impact against the trees on the way. Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth in anger, he began to scream at the top of his lungs at the pain of losing his parents and being unable to do anything about it.

As he lay there crying tears from the intense pain he felt from inside, he began to sense a presence. Thinking it was the enemy dragon clan man that attacked him just now, he managed to get up and look up to appear surprised. He had no idea that he flew through the barrier protecting the shrine built in the honour of the Death Warrior to safeguard the Death Spirit.

It seems the violent act of him smashing forcefully into the tree next to the shrine rattled the doors and they finally flew open. From out of it, a floating shadowy figure appeared that was draped by a black cloak that hid its complete appearance. It was an eerie sensation that Sevedant felt as he knelt there and stared at the being he could not understand for what it was.

“Do you want power?” a mysterious voice asked.

Sevedant blinked in surprise at its voice and instantly felt a chill run throughout his body. It was harsh and cold that seemed to not care about anything but its own self. A sensation that he never experienced filled him, and he could not take his away from the shadowy figure hovering before him.

“Do you want revenge?”

In an instant, those words sparked Sevedant’s memory of his parents being decimated by his enemy. It was fresh and could not be forgotten even if he tried, so he slowly nodded his head up at the figure. He was willing to do anything, at that moment, to get back at the man that caused the demise of his family and clan.

“There will be sacrifice.”

It momentarily caused Sevedant to panic because he had never heard such a thing was possible before nodding and saying, “I’ll do anything! Anything! Please! Make me strong!”

The figure seemed to hover there for a moment in silence, seemingly pondering about his request, before coming to a decision. Lowering itself to the ground, the shadowy figure extended out a skeleton hand out to the boy as if it was going to help him up. Sevedant, unsuspecting of anything, moaned as he raised his hand and grasped it with his.

In that instant, a connection formed and the shadowy figure disappeared while something else that the soon to be Death Titan could never expect took place. His flesh began to burn up and the intensity of the pain caused him to scream his heart out, but he persisted. He wished he could run away, he wished he could get away from the flames, he wished he could just die, but the thought of his enemy still alive made him become persistent.

For several minutes, the flames continued to grow stronger until it completely covered the boy. Seemingly losing his physical form, as the flames began dying down, a black cloak similar to the shadowy figure appeared and covered him up. A hood like shape formed over his head to hide his face from visible sight as well as he managed to get back to his feet.

He felt, somewhat, empty and his body’s movement was also strange compared to how normally he was. This all came through the transformation, which he was not happy with, but he decided to accept as the responsibility of becoming strong. With the aid of the Death Spirit by his side, the braver Sevedant moved towards the burning village with his cloak billowing behind him.

Razzel just finished destroying several of the last of the clansmen when Sevedant arrived from out of the trees. The young Death Titan was angered when he witnessed the last of his clansmen being destroyed by an energy wave. With such strong feelings, he aimed his hand at his enemy and fired a powerful black energy wave.

Seeing the attack coming his way, Razzel merely deflected it aside as if it was nothing, startling Sevedant before rushing towards him. Before he could do anything, Razzel beat up Sevedant badly and kicked him away once more, causing Sevedant to fly into a burning down tree and slump to the ground again.

“Heh. Weakling. All of you!” Razzel said arrogantly, and he spat at the ground with distaste before walking towards Sevedant.

Sevedant, while slumped on the ground, moaned a little and muttered, “Why am I weak? I thought I’d be stronger!”

At that moment, the shadowy voice rang in his mind as it said, “You are strong, but your emotions bring you down. If you want true power, detach yourself from them. Detach yourself from your feelings, from your emotions, from your surroundings and from yourself. Only then will you obtain true power.”

Shocked by the advice, Sevedant was worried of what might become of him if he did as the voice said, however, there was no time to wonder around because his enemy was approaching him. Realising this was the only way, Sevedant went deep into himself and instantly feel a heavy burden lift from his shoulders. His heart became lighter, his mind became clear and his purpose became resolute.

Seemingly gliding, he rose to his feet in an instant and muttered the spell name that soon made him famous for, “Death by Destruction.”

In an instant, a black aura burst from him as he began to surge with wild power that caused immense pressure to be applied in his surroundings. Razzel widened his eyes in shock at the sudden increase in the pressure around him and made him almost fall from sheer shock of feeling it. He could not believe such a power came from a lower being as a demon, however, he instantly understood that it was also the power he was searching for all along.

“Death Spirit! Finally, you finally show yourself!” Razzel exclaimed, his eyes becoming wide as he formed a crazy smile on his face from enthusiasm. “Come! I want you! Give me your power!”

Sevedant was no longer listening to his enemy’s words, nor was he paying any attention to him at all. He was actually marvelling in the fact that he was releasing such immense power and causing the pressure that even caused Razzel to bend his knees in fright. Despite that, he did not feel elation nor happy from possessing such powers as he was focused only on revenge.

So, when Razzel walked towards him, Sevedant put his hand into his other side of the cloak and pulled out a sword with a skull face at the centre of the piece where the handle was attached to the blade.

Seeing this, Razzel came to a stop and eyed him coldly and said, “You’re going to kill me? Seriously? Me?! You’re way over your head fool!”

As if to mock his enemy, Razzel summoned a sword out of thin air and swung it skilfully around before holding it firmly in his hand. Taking a stance and charging his sword with Weapon Force that caused the blade to glow brightly, he charged towards his enemy at high speed. The moment he reached the hooded figure, the Shadow Dragon King swung the sword down in an attempt to cut him down.

Sevedant moved instantly, swinging his Death Sword towards the sword and cut it in half with relative ease. It took a moment for Razzel to notice that something happened and looking at his broken sword, his eyes widened in shock as they returned to rest on the black cloaked figure with a hood that covered his face.

“You bastard! What have you done?!” he exclaimed and using wind magic, he propelled Sevedant backwards, which caused the hood to fall back and reveal his face. “What the hell?!”

The entire face was that of a skull with red gleaming eyes that shined viciously at the man it wants to seek revenge against. The Sevam Demon Clan, despite being an undead clan, were able to keep most of their human features after maturing at the age of twenty with the only change is their faces are hidden by masks and skeleton like armour covering their bodies. In Sevedant’s case, however, he had completely lost his body to the flames of power, becoming a true undead skeleton warrior; the Death Warrior.

“What… What are you…?!” Razzel asked, his eyes disbelieving at the sight of the skeleton head.

That was when he realised that his enemy’s hands were also skeleton in shape, which made him fully understand that his enemy was a skeleton warrior. It shocked him, but not to the point that he feared his enemy, which instead boasted his confidence. He had faced such demons before, summoned skeleton warriors from magicians from the other areas of the Demon Continent, so he believed his victory was assured here.

“Be a good boy and hand over the Death Spirit to me. If you do that, I’ll let you off,” said Razzel with a sneer, fully intent on killing his enemy the moment that which he seeks becomes his.

Sevedant remained quiet and did not reply even as the seconds went by. Razzel narrowed his eyes as he came to understand that his enemy was either a puppet of the greater force, or that he had no intention of relenting. It was fine by him since he was ready for this outcome from the beginning the moment he went on a power hunt for powerful weapons that would make him be recognised in his clan as the strongest warrior.

“Prepare to—!”

Just as Razzel was preparing his magic and began speaking, Sevedant finally made his move. With the dark aura that radiated around him, the soon to be Death Titan whooshed forward at a blinding speed and swung his sword to slice off his enemy’s arm.

It took Razzel a moment to notice a change in his body the moment he saw his enemy and looking towards his right, his eyes widened at the free-flowing blood from the area where his arm should be. He began screaming but was suddenly hit across the head with tremendous force by the back of the sword by Sevedant to shut him up. Flying into the nearest building and crashing to the ground along with it, Razzle lay there groaning and wailing from the pain of losing an arm.

Relentless because of an unfinished mission, Sevedant slowly walked towards Razzel with his skeleton face not showing the slightest bit of mercy. Even the person himself was not feeling any particular feelings because he had completely detached all of them from himself to become as strong as he was at that moment. So, Razzel glared at him fiercely and rose to his feet while preparing to attack again.

Once again, Sevedant moved so quickly that it looked like he was standing still before appearing in front of his enemy. This time, Sevedant cut off the other arm and skilfully swung the sword around before piercing it into the chest of his enemy.

For a moment, time seemed to freeze in place before Razzel looked down at the sword protruding out of his chest with the skeleton hand of his enemy holding it steady. Blood slowly dripped out of the both ends of the hole in his chest, which made Razzel groan and cough blood out of his mouth before looking up at his enemy with hated eyes.

Unwilling to let it end like that, Sevedant said in a quiet voice, “Burst.”

Razzel’s entire body suddenly spasamed in shock and the man himself widened his eyes in shock after a paining sensation began to rise from within. Soon, his body grew larger and larger until it expanded to several times, which made him unhealthily fat, which soon came to the brink of his eyes popping out of their sockets and his mouth gaped open in alarm.

Reaching its limit, the body exploded into pieces and the insides, along with the blood, flew in all directions and fell flat on the ground. Sevedant’s entire cloak got covered in the blood, including his skeleton face while he stood there continuing to glare at the spot where his enemy was a moment ago. His sword, which got drenched by the blood, slowly absorbed it to wipe itself clean before appearing normal again.

That was the moment that a new Death Titan was born with power that was capable of rivalling the Demon Emperor of that time. No one could stand a chance against him, and no one could call themselves his equal. Despite all of that power, however, he also became a loner the first time in his life with his clansmen dead, and his family gone. As the last of the Sevam Demon Clan member alive, he remained there in silence as the loner that he had become.

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