Phoenix Rising – Chapter 403

Chapter 403

Death Warrior (Part 2)

With his family dead, with his clan gone and losing all forms of emotions from within, Sevedant became an empty shell. He was alive, but at the same time, he was an empty existence that had no will of his own. With the revenge to kill the killer of his family and clansmen, Razzel, the newly risen Death Titan was lost without a purpose to live. At the same time, he did not choose to end his life because his thoughts never included such parameters.

Time went by and very soon, a year went by after the complete annihilation of his clan, with the destroyed area slowly recovering and trees finally covering the area in a thick forest. Everything around him was full of life and energy, but he was completely alone and empty on the inside. Time seemed to have stopped for him, but It was in the year 8077PX that he felt his life moving once more. The reason to this was simply the visit of someone whom he would come to respect and like despite keeping his distance.

“What the heck is with this place? It’s so thick and hard to go through!”

A voice that was well controlled and developed was heard coming from somewhere nearby as well as the sound of chopping wood as the trees were cut down. The sound of the strange voices and the sound of large lumps of trees hitting the forest floor with a dull thud that shook the ground a little did not even faze the Death Warrior. Sevedant continued to stand there in the same position as he always stood for the last one year without making a single movement.

A few minutes later, a party of adventurers appeared into the clearing where he stood like a shadow monument of the destruction that occurred there a year ago. The group consisted of only humans that had four magicians with wands and staffs that stood at the middle, three spear wielders that stood near the rear and two warriors stood at the front with swords held firmly as the party was ready for battle.

“Burnt down buildings…” one of the muttered, noticing the small remains of the structures around the area.

“Guess a clan of some kind lived here before being attacked and wiped out,” said another, quickly imagining the destruction and the heavy loss sustained by the dwellers of that place. “A pity…”

“Hey! Don’t pity the demons! They’re as vile as the rest of the demons!”

“Oh really? I don’t think showing sorrow to the deceased hurts anyone here!”

While the group argued, the front two swordsmen walked forward to inspect the area while completely oblivious of Sevedant’s presence. One of them held a glamorous looking sword that had fiery patters on it, which marked him as the soon to be Phoenix Emperor, Felix Phoron and the other man wielding a steely blade was the soon to be father of the future Phoenix Titan, Indra Chand.

“Mmm… I don’t think anyone from the Gitatros Demon Clan was around here,” said Felix, looking around in order to find any evidence that they had been there or were responsible for this destruction.

“Figures. They aren’t the brightest being that’s capable of attacking another of their kind,” replied Indra with a snort.

Nodding, they gestured for their party to follow them and unknowingly, headed straight towards where Sevedant stood. It was whether because of the dark shadows of the trees that almost made him seem invisible or because of his lack of presence that made him become one with nature; they completely missed the fact that he was right there in front of him.

The Death Titan finally registered their existence as they approached him with their weapons held at the ready. In that moment, he made his first move after a complete year by activating his power that immediately surged and thickened the pressure in the air. The group stopped in shock and stared in front of when a seemingly empty path was suddenly blocked by an unknown enemy that had appeared out of thin air.

“What the hell?!”

“What the heck is that?!”

“Where did they come from?!”

While they were shouting, the group went on the defensive and quickly started putting up their defence spells. Felix, being a member of the Phoenix Clan and well attuned to sensing his surroundings, widened his eyes in shock. It was his first time ever sensing such a powerful presence and sweat began appearing on his forehead from the stress he was feeling.

“This is bad…! He’s powerful…!”

Almost as soon as he finished exclaiming, Sevedant made his move by dashing towards them at an incredible speed that caused an immense force of wind to be unleashed. Indra, realising the danger they were in, moved himself to push everyone aside while his comrade shouted at the same time.


Felix immediately brought his sword up and parried it against the powerful swing that the Death Titan unleashed upon him. The force of impact was so shocking that Felix’s eyes widened as he felt his entire body shake from the force of impact. A strong dark aura surrounded Sevedant as he pushed against Felix, who fought back while surging with power of his own while radiating red aura that surrounded him.

He did his best to keep the sword protecting him firmly in front, but the unleashed force was so immense that he got pushed back. A moment later, his feet started to get dragged as he got pushed back from the immense force unleashed by his enemy, who he could not see considering the black cloak covering his entire being.

After being pushed back with his feet getting dragged on the ground, Felix applied more strength into his arms and managed to momentarily push his enemy away. Sevedant moved back a little and landed only a few meters away before moving forward while swinging his sword forcefully at the one he perceived as his enemy.

An unbelievable amount of power was charged behind it, causing an immensely powerful slicing energy wave to be released. Felix, with fear filled on his face, quickly ducked down the back to avoid it and saw, with his vision up-side-down, the trees all getting easily cut off at his head height. This display of power further shocked him, but it also spurred him into reacting more quickly than ever before.

Straightening up, he immediately powered up and charged towards his enemy with immense force in order to take him by surprise. Using the same method his enemy used on him, Felix flew at him and swung his sword down to slam it as forcefully as he could, but to his surprise, his enemy did not budge as if it did not affect him one bit. The force from the impact of swords caused wind to be blown wildly around them, but the two warriors remained steady while holding swords against each other.

The moment his feet touched the ground, Felix moved very fast and swung his sword with incredible speed and skill at his enemy. Sevedant also fought back by swinging his sword at his enemy, easily clashing sword on sword without moving a centimetre from his standing place. Eash swing that smashed into the other sword sent slicing waves of energy to the rear, cutting down trees in the process and this process repeated.

Realising he was slowly being pushed back, Felix grimaced and thought, “Damn! For this guy to be so strong, who is he?!”

In a swift movement, Felix was pushed back that made him stagger and lose his fighting posture. Taking advantage of that, Sevedant moved forward and smashed the sword out of his enemy’s hands. In the same flowing movement, he swung his sword around in an arc while aiming for Felix’s head. Momentarily shocked, the future Phoenix Emperor reacted with lightning fast reflexes by gathering energy into his hands and moved his hands towards the sword to catch it.

The sword swung down when, all of a sudden, it came to a sudden halt just before making contact with his hands. Felix, who was prepared to catch the sword and redirect it at his enemy, widened his eyes in surprise and glanced towards him with a perplexed look on his face. His enemy seemed to have stopped all movement and remained motionless.

“D-Did he… run out of magic…?” he thought anxiously.

He almost jumped in fright because the black cloaked figure suddenly pulled his sword back and straightened up. Once he held the sword beside him in a relaxed manner, he did not move again and remained there standing like a statue.

“Um…?” Felix began, looking very confused by the strange behaviour of his enemy.

Narrowing his eyes suspiciously, he gathered energy into his arms and rushed forward to deliver a powerful blow to the area where Sevedant’s gut should be. A heavy impact occurred from the impact, causing the Death Titan to be pushed back a few meters, but once he recovered, he just stood there like a statue once more.

“What the heck…?” Felix asked, looking thoroughly confused by the sudden unresponsive attitude of his enemy.

At that moment, his comrades from his party, who had recovered from Indra pushing them over, arrived at the scene while shouting, “Hey! Felix! Are you alright?”

Indra, brandishing a sword, rushed towards the back of Sevedant while shouting, “You bastard!”

At that, the Death Titan suddenly reacted by activating his Death by Destruction once more. Felix, sensing it in a split second, hurriedly shouted at his allies to drop their weapons. Not understanding, they continued to run towards them as Sevedant prepared to deal with them the same way he attempted to deal with him.


Clicking his tongue, Felix aimed his hand at his party and waved his hand forcefully in an arc in their direction. In an instant, a powerful wind got picked up and it whooshed past the Death Titan before hitting his party, knocking them off their feet and letting their weapons fall to the ground. As soon as that happened, the Death Titan dropped his power and remained motionless on the spot.

“Phew!” Felix said and sighed deeply. “That was close.”

“What the heck are you doing, Felix?!” Indra exclaimed, sitting upright and glaring angrily at his friend.

As he was about to reach out to his sword, Felix yelled, “Stop! Don’t pick up your weapons! Not just yet anyway!”

“Huh?” Indra replied, and his reaction was accompanied by confused looks from his other party members.

Felix slowly walked towards the Death Titan cautiously, prepared to act in a split second in case something bad happened. As nothing had happened, he walked quickly and stopped directly in front of the being cloaked in black while wearing a mask that had red glowing eyes and a red smile etched on it. Somehow, being near him, Felix could feel a sense of loss and loneliness coming from the being, which further puzzled him.

“Um… Hello?” he asked tentatively.

There was no response as the being continued to remain standing there silently like a statue. It was indeed something strange that Felix could not understand, however, he knew he had to do something to make it respond.

Clearing his throat and spoke in the Demon Language, asking, “My name’s Felix Phoron. What’s your name?”

Once again, the Death Titan remained silent for a short while, but then a small light of life sparked in his red glowing eyes as he replied in an emotionless voice, “Sevedant.”


Since then, Felix began conversing with the Death Titan as much as he possibly could with the spectators being his party members, including Indra who was extremely cautious of his presence. Sevedant did not reply often and whenever he did reply, he only spoke in short words that, at first, proved to be difficult to understand, but as time went by, they eventually got to understand them.

With a little push, Sevedant informed them about what had happened to his clansmen at the village and that he was the only one left. After merging with the Death Spirit, he attacked the strong being possessing a sword and as such, he had lost all purpose and became like that. He even apologised for attacking them because he singularly thought they were his enemy as they possessed a sword just like his enemy.

“Will you come with us, Death Titan?” Felix asked, smiling softly as he understood what Sevedant had become and since there was nothing to keep him there, Sevedant agreed.

Thus, they travelled around the Demon Continent hunting down giants that had been causing problems in the Human Continent. The Death Titan tagged along with them and stood by as they took down several giants, but moved in to kill the Demon King of the Gigantor Demon Clan when he proved to be a tough opponent for them. They were thankful for his assistance, including Indra because he fully understood how lonely and desperate Sevedant had felt at the losses of his family and clansmen.

Once their mission was over, they had to return to the Human Continent and while doing that, Felix asked him, “What will you do now?”

To that question, all Sevedant could reply with was, “No purpose. No goal. No aim. I’m lost. Wandering. Aimless.”


Felix, despite seeing the fearsome appearance of the Death Titan, saw him like a child that was lost without a path, so wanting to help out and thinking about the Death Reaper from the legends, he suggested, “Why not become a Messenger of Death?”

“Messenger of… Death…?”

It was an empty title, Felix knew, but he also wanted to give some hope for this person to continue to live as he had a feeling he would be of help to others in the future. As such, Felix suggested for him to go to everyone that passed away to allow them safe passage to the heaven since there was the chance of Soul Eaters appearing.

After bidding them goodbye, Sevedant took up the task and began visiting those around the Demon Continent to let them go to the Higher Plane to be judged. At first, he did it as just a task to be done, but soon his feelings somewhat recovered, and he did it with passion after seeing many souls thanking him for allowing them passage.

He continued to do that and began moving around different continents to visit everyone that needed a safe passage to the Higher Plane. Sometimes, he visited the Floria Kingdom to see what Felix was doing before going on his way without meeting him even once. He did not feel the newly appointed Phoenix Emperor was a friend, but he did treat him respectfully for being the person that had shown a purposeful path of life.

Up until then, he was void of emotions and feelings, but a sense of satisfaction mixed in with a sense of peace that he had never felt before. It was oddly a feeling for him to be proud off, but for the work he had done and the many souls he had helped, it was a pleasant feeling to accept.

Like that, several years went by and when he just finished his job in one area, he met the soon to be known as the Phoenix Titan. He had heard about the Phoenix Titan from Felix during their travels and sensed that very same power lurking within that boy, whose name was none other than Lakshman Chand, son of Indra Chand.

He was pleased that the boy was strong for his age, but he also sensed recklessness and overconfidence coming from the boy. So, unwilling to allow such a person to lose track of himself, Sevedant clouded the entire area in a thick fog that gave him a few minutes of time with the boy, where he used Death by Destruction to infuse the word “fear” into him before taking his leave.

The Death Titan knew it had thoroughly shaken the resolve of the boy, but he knew it was necessary to strengthen his determination to fight for his survival. Later on, when he visited the Rodfox Kingdom’s capital during when a large group of attackers swarmed the capital, he watched as a partial awakening allowed the young man to defeat all of his enemy with relative ease.

“Excellent. He’s growing. Developing. Changing. Improving,” said Sevedant, his voice possessing a hint of satisfaction before he took his leave.

A few years later, he met the boy again and worked together to make him appear as the Phoenix Titan and it was also when he came face-to-face with the enemy he had thought he had killed. Razzel, now a Demon Dragon King, attacked with the gigantic monster known as Zoremar. It was then that his past feelings resurfaced and thoroughly weakened him against fighting his enemy, letting Razzel escape while leaving Sevedant feeling thoroughly wasted.

Angered by his feelings, Sevedant left for the Demon World as soon as the war with the Mardana Kingdom and the Floria Kingdom ended to work on letting go of his emotions. It was his biggest weakness where his emotions were the obstacle for his full powers to shine on the battlefield. So, he spent a lot of time alone and finally achieved his previous form of being emotionless and possessing no feelings.

That all changed when he was travelling around the Demon Continent in search of the Demon Titan and came across a young girl. She was a child that was hunted down by the Demon Emperor’s warriors, which included her own clansmen. This was the person that affected his heart, and she was none other than the young Ash, the Demon Titan.

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