Phoenix Rising – Chapter 405

Chapter 405

Dragon and War

“Damn bastard!” the Dragon Titan roared, leaping away from his enemy’s assault.

“Get back here!” Kroto, the Testament of Madness, screamed as he lunged after his foe.

The two were fighting, but it looked more like Lagron dodging ever attack that Kroto unleashed at him. It was unsure why, but simply by taking one glance at the battle revealed that Lagron was feeling frustrated. The main reason to this was simply that he could not retaliate due to the bulky size of his enemy.

Getting frustrated, Lagron powered up and caused wild blowing winds, as well as shock waves, to be sent in all directions. Stomping his feet hard into the ground, he kicked off with incredible force that cracked the ground as he soared towards Kroto at super speed. Reaching him, the Dragon Titan immediately began delivering rapid blows in quick succession with an intense expression on his face.

While he was doing that, the enemy received the blows while without once retaliating or defending. This soon turned out to be a ruse to make Lagron attack him because, at that moment, Kroto pulled his fist back and punch Lagron with immense force against the side of his face, sending him flying away.

Momentarily stunned by the unforeseen blow, Lagron quickly recovered and spun in mid-air to land firmly on his feet.  He slowly straightened up while facing his enemy with a truly hateful expression on his face as he clutched the part of the face that stung from the previous blow that he received.

“Basatard…!” he muttered.

“Oh, my? I’m very sorry for hitting you, your excellency the Dragon Emperor,” said Kroto mockingly, making a slight bow despite the broad grin worn on his maddened face.

Lagron clicked his tongue and said, “Tch! Stop mocking me! For starters, I’m Dragon Titan! Get used to it!”

Kroto shook his head and replied, “Oh no. You’ll always be the same pitiful Dragon Emperor I know.”

For a moment, Lagron froze as if he could not believe those words before he surged with wild power that began shaking the tower as he asked in a menacing voice, “Oh…? Mind telling me how pitiful I am…?”

Normally, if anyone were to heard that speech, they would freak out since it felt like he was going to kill them. The Testament of Madness, however, grinned broadly with a mad expression on his face, which was befitting of his title.

“Of course, you are, otherwise, why would you kill your brother? You know why you did it? It’s cause’ you were jealous! He had more popularity than you and is gaining in popularity and, the most obvious thing, he was better than you.”

“Oh…! Now that stings!” Lagron exclaimed, making an extremely angry expression on his face, continuing to surge with more power, but his enemy did not seem one bit fazed. “Is that why he lost to me when I put a hole in him with these very hands? Is that what you think?!”

Those words countered Kroto’s words, which made the Testament of Madness become extremely angry, and he yelled, “You’re a murdered and a traitor! How could you kill your own family like that?!”

“Family? You’re talking about family values when all that he’s done to me?!” Lagron exclaimed, a furious expression worn on his face.

“So far, he tried to assassinate me, blame me, and make a fool out of me! If he really considered me as his family, then he wouldn’t have plotted all these things against me! I was the one who led the Dragon Clan to this world, away from our home world that was under destruction! If he had achieved his victory like me, then I wouldn’t have minded, but he used methods that I absolutely loathed! Even to the very end, I gave him chances to surrender and finally the end result was his death!”

Kroto began fuming as his enemy finished speaking before surging with power as he exclaimed, “Liar! All are lies! The young master told us how you killed your father in our home world, and how you were the one responsible for bringing destruction to our world in the first place!”

“Oh, silly old idiot! Guess you’re wrong on that one too! The one who brought destruction to our home world was my father, the Dragon Emperor before me! I tried to change him, but he refused and in the end, the inevitable choice resulted in his death at my own hands!” Lagron said, a frim resolute expression formed on his face. “If I had not done that, rulership wouldn’t have come to me, and I wouldn’t have been able to save our people in time!”

“Lies…! All lies!!!” Kroto roared while surging with wold power that created strong blowing winds that blew in every direction and buffeted the Dragon Titan. “You’re a liar, and you deserve death! Die!”

With that one word, he aimed his hand at Lagron and began firing energy blasts which the Dragon Titan immediately began dodging. He moved from place to place in an instant, but his enemy seemed to keep track of his movement as if he could read his mind. Even so, the attacks barely got near Lagron as he evaded all of them before retaliated.

Surging with power and powering up at the same time, he rocketed like lightning at Kroto before delivering a powerful punch to the massive body’s gut. This stunned the Testament of Madness for a moment before Lagron began pummelling him here and there in rapid succession before kicking him, which sent him flying away.

As his foe flew away, Lagron drew his arms back and began gathering a large amount of energy into the palms of his hands before bringing his hands in front while shouting, “Rushankara!”

A powering red blazing wave of energy burst from the palms of his hands and flew directly towards where his enemy was. At the same time that Kroto smashed against the wall, the red wave reached him and smashed at the exact spot, which resulting in an explosion that rocked the tower and caused wild blowing winds to buffet the Dragon Titan as shock waves threatened to push him back.

Standing his ground firmly, Lagron straightened up and stared in front where the view was clouded by a lot of smoke. Still, it slowly dispersed to reveal the spot where his wave had hit his enemy had a deep hole in the wall, but there was no body to be found.

“What?” he asked, momentarily surprised before narrowing his eyes in realising that his enemy could be anywhere.

While sensing the whereabouts of his enemy, he suddenly felt his foe’s presence close by and slowly glancing sideways, he saw the hulking figure of his enemy was standing right behind him. With a maddened expression on his face while wearing a wild grin, the Testament of Madness had his arms spread out to either side before swinging them with the clear aim of crushing Lagron’s head in the process.

“Pathetic,” was the only word that came out of the Testament of Madness’s voice as he prepared the killing blow.

Realising in an instant what was about to happen, Lagron surged with power and instantly ducked down just in time before his enemy’s fists smashed into empty air harmlessly. The Dragon Titan, greatly angered that his attempted to kill him from a sneak attack, quickly moved his body downward to put his hands on the ground, which made him appear upside-down.

Using great force, he pushed himself upward and smashed his legs against the jaw of his enemy, stunning him in the process. As his face lifted upward, Lagron slowly rose to hover at the face level of his enemy before extending both of his hands at him.

He began rapid firing energy blasts at his enemy and in the process, he was pushed several meters away before he managed to land on his feet. As he did, the bulky form of Kroto followed after him and roared like a mad dragon as he attempted to punch him when Lagron finally activated a single magic spell he often used.

“Dragon Armour Energise!”

In an instant, red scaly armoured shield appeared directly in front of him and as the enemy’s fist made impact against it, a powerful force of wind was unleased. At the same time, the force of impact also pushed the armour towards Lagron much closer than he had anticipated and became astonished when Kroto grabbed the shield and hurled it away with incredible force.

Quickly recovering, Lagron leaped several meters away from him and aiming two fingers at him, he shouted, “Eradicate!”

A medium sized black pulsating energy ball was unleashed from the end of his two fingers and it soared towards Kroto. Seeing it coming and unwilling to back down, the Testament of Madness roared madly and grabbed it just before it could hit him. Almost an instant later, an immense lightning began to strike Kroto as he fought for control over the mass of destruction that would surely destroy him if he failed.


Roaring like a wild madness, Kroto closed his hands and completely flattened the black pulsating energy ball. It was such an incredible sight that all Lagron could do was stare at it because it was his first time witnessing that powerful attack’s destruction. Due to being crushed, the purpose of the attack was

“Damn! Guess I need to get serious!” he muttered with a determined expression on his face.

At that moment, Kroto disappeared and reappeared right in front of him, and he punched Lagron right in the face several times before punching him a few more times in the gut as well. Thoroughly beaten and surprised, Lagron flew back at an incredible speed and smashed so heavily that the tower shook, causing great cracks to appear all around them and a cloud of dust to be released from the point of his impact.

As the clouds cleared, and Kroto huffed and puffed a little with a serious look on his face, Lagron was revealed to have slid down to lay sitting with his back against the wall. His head was down with his expression hidden by his rather long and spiky hair before he managed to lift his head to smile at his enemy. Blood was seeping out of his noose, forehead and several other areas where he got badly hurt.

“Oh…! I really felt that one…!” Lagron said, spitting blood out of his mouth before he managed to rise to his feet. With a pleased look on his face, the Dragon Titan extended his clenched fist out and began to surge with immense power before he said, “Nice. I was surprised at first from your unnatural power and thought I could take you on without using my full power, but alas, I was wrong. Forgive my rudeness and allow me to show you what a fully realised Dragon Titan is capable off!”

He spoke the last few words in such firmness that it looked like he was ready to unleash all of his might at his enemy. At that moment, the tower they were in suddenly began to shake from a violent tremor that occurred due to some disturbance from outside.

Kroto, for a moment, looked bewildered as he looked around at the shaking tower and muttered, “What’s going on…?”

Lagron glanced sideways and thought, “Is it perhaps Asura…? Nara or Sev? Mmm…? Hard to sense while I’m stuck inside here…” He shrugged his shoulders indifferently and returned to smiling at his enemy as he said, “Oh well. It doesn’t matter since I’m bringing this place down! Dragon Force!”

As he began to surge with incredible power not felt before from Lagron, Kroto completely ignored it as he shouted, “You?! Destroy this place?! Ha! Fat chance! You can barely keep up with me, and you suddenly think you can do something as crazy as that?!”

The Dragon Titan continued to surge with more power than Kroto could comprehend and when his enemy finished speaking, Lagron grinned and said in a menacing voice, “Oh…! I’m a big deal to mess with…!”

In the next moment, he began roaring wildly and as he did, his energy leaked out and got released in the tower. The whole place started to shake violently as wild blowing winds began to storm the place as well as shock waves that swept the entire area. Kroto got buffeted from the wild release of power and slowly, his feet got dragged on the ground as the unleashed force pushed him back.

As the tremors increased in volume, as the winds became stronger and the power release became intense, Lagron crossed his arms in front of his chest. The moment energy surrounded him and made him glow in a bright golden light, he widened his eyes sharply and thought, “Dragon Explosion Wave!”

The moment he finished speaking the technique name in his mind, he spread his arms out wide. In the next moment, an immeasurable amount of power was unleashed and it swept the entire area as it seemingly destroyed all that was in its path. Kroto, who saw the power, widened his voice and yelled when he instantly got engulfed by its wave as it spread to all sides and smashed forcefully against the tower walls.

Cracks, splinters and shaking occurred from the walls from the immense pressure applied by the wave before the entire tower exploded. The unleashed force, all at once, gathered and flew high into the air as a display of overwhelming power, stunning all warriors momentarily in their battle to witness an even more powerful release of power.

As the smoke slowly cleared and revealed the Dragon Titan standing there quietly while radiating red aura that surrounded him. A few seconds later, the smoke slowly dispersed to reveal the Testament of Madness standing there with bruises and cuts all over his body with multiple bleeding wounds on his body.

He was breathing a little heavily with one eye closed, which made Lagron smile ask in a cool voice, “So, shall we resume our battle?”


The floor shook, the walls cracked, and the pressure within the room intensified in the fierce battle waged between the Testament of Greed and the War Titan. Both were very strong and seemingly moved at a speed that was so fast that even the well-trained warriors would have found it difficult to follow. The punches, the kicks, and the released energy blasts as well as various other techniques made the two warriors be at a deadlock.

Kress punched Nara several times all over his body before following it up with an uppercut and a right cross that sent him flying to the side wall. Smashing forcefully into it left a deep cave in as well as cracks that appeared around it, but Nara surged with power and came back swinging his arms and legs, pummelling his enemy mercilessly before ending the combo by kicking him high into the air and reaching him with great speed, Nara bunched his hands together and smashed him across the face that sent him flying towards the other side of the wall.

Smashing heavily into it that put a deep dent in the wall’s structure, the Testament of Greed quickly recovered and got onto his feet with a wicked smile on his face as he said, “Yes! More! Show me more! Release all of your power so that I can make it mine!”

Nara quickly descended and stood firmly in a battle position while breathing a little quickly as he thought, “Damn this guy! What the heck is wrong with him?! I punched him so forcefully and painfully, but he still gets back up as if it was nothing! What the hell?!”

It seemed like the scales of their battle was even, but he knew that his enemy was growing stronger as he unleashed more and more of his powers. He could not understand, whether at the beginning or at present as to why his enemy was able to absorb his power, increase its potency and become a truly fearsome warrior to worry about. Even so, fear did not settle in him as he was prepared to go all out no matter the cost.

His enemy surged with power and once again, rushed at him to resume the battle with a truly wicked grin on his face. The battle continued and soon, they returned to their previous positions of pummelling each other, kicking each other away and using all sorts of energy blasts to injure each other greatly. Unlike the enemy, however, Nara was slowly bleeding from all parts of his body and blood slowly seeped out of his mouth because of the amount of damage he had taken while his enemy seemed to be impervious to the injuries.

After a while, as the Testament of Greed began to deliver more blows than he retaliated with, Nara yelled, “ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!”

Ducking several punches, he moved forward and delivered a powerful punch to his enemy’s gut before kicking him into the distance. As he flew away and smashed heavily into the wall that shook the tower and caused more cracks to appear, Nara began to surge with a large amount of power. Extending both of his hands out in front of him, he began to gather a large amount of energy that soon formed into a large ball of golden energy in front of him extended hands.

“Take this you bastard!” Nara yelled and grit his teeth firmly before shouting, “Beast Bomb!”

The wind from creating the large energy ball billowed everywhere and the unleashed shock waves shook the entire tower. This further caused the cracks to spread everywhere, but Nara did not care for this and exerting his power, he launched the large energy ball at his enemy.

Kress, who was seemingly paralysed as he remained embedder on the wall, suddenly flashed his eyes. Turning his attention towards the launched energy ball, he formed a wicked grin on his face before pulling himself out of the wall and flying towards it at an incredible speed.

“You want me? Here!” He yelled and as he neared both the unleashed ball and the War Titan, he extended his strong arm out and shouted, “Soul Transfer!”

Something spirit like existence exited from that body and travelled very quickly before entering Nara’s body, which made him shudder in shock. In the next moment, the soulless body smashed with full force against the energy ball, causing it to explode and send Nara flying back. Wild blowing winds and shock waves were unleashed as a resulting aftermath of the explosion, shaking the tower violently to the point that it threatened to collapse from the numerous cracks all over its walls.

Nara flew back and smashed heavily into the back wall as dust and debris flew everywhere from the explosion. Several seconds passed from the explosion and within a minute, everything slowly calmed down. As the smoke slowly decreased to bring the vision back to normal, Nara was seen lying on the ground while leaning his back against the wall. He moaned a little and slowly opened his eyes to see a partially destroyed room where the walls looked like they were just about ready to collapse from the amount of damage done to it.

“Uh… That hurt…” he muttered.

“Yeah. It certainly did,” said the familiar voice of his enemy that came from somewhere close by.

The War Titan widened his eyes in shock and exclaimed, “What?! You’re still alive?!”

“Of course! Who do you take me for?” the voice replied, sounding rather hurt.

Nara jumped to his feet and began looking around, but he could see his enemy anywhere. Be it behind him, in front of him, to his left, right and above or below; he could not see his enemy at all. He did find his enemy’s body lying on the other side of the room like a ragdoll that would have cracked all bones in his body.

At that moment, he felt a strange movement with his jaws as his enemy began to let out a mirthless laughter before saying, “Yes…! Search for me all you want, but you’ll never find me because I’m right here!”

It took Nara a moment to understand the hidden meaning behind such words and when he finally did, he widened his eyes in shock. That was when the vision switched over to reveal his face, which showed his right side with a shocked expression while the one on the left wore an evil smirk.


An instant later, Nara began yelling as he clutched both of his hands on his forehead as an unbelievable intense pain scorched him from within. He could not understand it nor explain it because it was a spiritual attack happening to him from within, which was caused by the Testament of Greed, who was making a wicked smile on Nara’s face despite his face quickly contorting from the pain he was feeling.

“Stop struggling. It’ll only get worse the harder you struggle,” said the voice of Kress from his mouth in a mocking voice. “Let it go… Accept it… Welcome it… We’re now together, although, I’ll be the one to rule over this body of yours while you take a good long eternal sleep in the back of my mind as an afterthought.”

“N-N-Never! I’ll… never succumb to this… fiendish attack! I’m… the War… Titan…! I’ll… I won’t… let you… control… m-m-me…!” Nara said slowly as the pain intensified, making it more difficult for him to retain himself.

Losing all strength, he collapsed to the ground and began to writhe as he gathered all the strength he could muster to keeping himself from falling under the evil spirit’s control. Even so, the grip of the evil spirit over his body was fast and sharp, making him realise he was vulnerable to spiritual attacks like the one he was attacked by at that moment.

Unable to do anything else, he desperately extended his hand in the direction of the tower next to his where his best friend was at. For the first time in his life, he wanted to cry out for help to a friend he knew would help, but he no longer had control over any of his body and all he could mutter was three words before completely going quiet.

“Help… me… Dom…”

He lay there silently, giving off a completely different image considering the amount of shouting and yelling he did earlier. In an instant, his body moved and rose to his feet before flexing his arms and legs experimentally as a new host took over its reigns.

“Ah! Finally! His annoying yells and whimpering are over!” Krees said, sighing deeply before making a wicked smile appear on Nara’s face as he said, “I’m now the rightful owner of this body! Ahahahahahaha!!!”

He let out a mirthless cold laughter that was unbefitting that of the War Titan, whose spirit was sealed away deep within the bowls of his mind. On the outside, the Testament of Greed, now in full control of Nara’s body and powers, began to surge with wild power while letting out a mirthless laughter.

“Incredible! He’s still got so much power left in him! Yes…! This is mine…! This is all mine! Hahahaa…!”

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