Phoenix Rising – Chapter 406

Chapter 406

Towers Break

As the blinding flash of light slowly dimmed until it eventually died down within a minute. The first person to come into view was the Testament of Hatred, Croto, and he looked very different from before. It was his appearance that was instantly noticeable, but the sharp increase in the power that slowly seeped from him was staggering.

He was taller, around 190 centimetres tall, and had two black prominent looking horns that protruded from the top of his head. He was topless, which revealed him possessing a powerfully built body while the pants he wore were the same as before. His eyes were also different; earlier they were purple, but now they were scarlet with vertical pupils that glowed in golden light.

With a sharp expression on his face, he began looking around to find his enemy, the Sword Titan. By then, the smoke had cleared and brought visibility back to normal within the tower, but he still could not find any sign of his enemy. It was as if the Sword Titan just went and disappeared into thin air the moment the earlier unleashed powerful wave consumed him.

“Did I… kill him…?” Croto muttered, narrowing his eyes in the process. At that moment, he could sense his enemy’s presence despite not being able to trace him. Curiously wondering, he muttered, “Going invisible…? Perhaps a barrier…?” Gritting his teeth in rage, he yelled, “I hate barriers!”

In an instant, an immense energy surged from him and in the next moment, a powerful shock wave was sent in all directions while the wind picked up. It buffeted something where his enemy was at previously and it made the purple dome like sphere come into visibility. Croto began yelling different hateful words and each had immense force that began to pressure the Destiny Sanctuary.


Right before the wave consumed him, Dominic had yelled, “Destiny Sanctuary!”

In an instant, a powerful barrier formed around him in pink light and completely changed his scenery. The scenery, around him, was lush with greenery that had golden lights swirling around as many swords of different shapes and sizes are pierced into the ground. This was the sanctuary of his Sacred Spirit, the Destiny Sword, Seta.

“That was close,” said a familiar voice from somewhere nearby.

He turned around and saw that a slender looking woman wearing golden armour was sitting on a golden chair in the middle of the garden surrounded by the swords. She was a truly beautiful woman with a peaceful face and blonde wavy hair that gave off the feeling of a saint that wanted to project peace and harmony. She was clothed in full blue coloured dress that had a wide spread at the bottom to make it look like a princess’s dress.

This was the second time in his life that he had seen in her human form and smiling, he walked over to take a seat opposite her. Unlike the splendid chair she sat upon, his was very simple and plain, but he did not mind as he started the conversation with her.

“I am always grateful for you being my Contracted Spirit. Thank you.”

Her smooth attractive face turned into a soft smile, and she replied, “Perhaps, but like I keep telling you; we were destined to be master and partner.” As he chuckled, she formed a serious expression on his face and asked, “So, what will you do? Your enemy seems rather unpredictable, or rather, undeniably bizarre.”

Her words made him think back to the crying form of Croto, which made him laugh before he said, “Well, he proved how bad and funny a grown adult man would look like if he cried like a baby.” Then, becoming serious, he said, “It’s difficult, though because he’s able to cancel all techniques that we use against him. Well, all except the times when I moved so fast that he couldn’t follow me.”

“Yes, but it’s still difficult to deal with them with the Magic Cancel spell or ability that he’s using.”

Dominic was silent for a moment as he thought about her words before shaking his head and replying, “No. I don’t think it’s the Magic Cancel spell. I think… it’s something that turns back time and one that specifically turns back time of a certain object before it’s appearance to a short while back.”

He was confident with his response because the last technique that his enemy had used to heal his wounds was different. It didn’t cancel the injury, pain, but instead made the skin regrow and made the pain disappear while, oddly enough, leaving a small portion of the spilled blood that, for some reason, did not get removed.

Seta was moved in surprise by his deduction skills and asked, “Oh, I see. Now that… makes sense, but it’s still a troublesome thing to deal with. I mean… He seems to be able to destroy almost all of my techniques, except… when he tried to hate your existence.”

“Mmm. I think it’s reasonable to think that the spell, unable to turn back time to wipe me out, chose to destroy me by firing a blast. His ability is quite unique,” he said, smiling a little sadly at the obvious fact.

This time, it was Seta’s turn to chuckle and ask, “Oh my? Is it me, or did you just praise your enemy?”

It was her chance to throw a punchline at him since he was constantly criticising her of praising his enemy. Realising a punch dialogue was thrown at him, Dominic merely smiled and chuckled.

They calmed down a moment later and took the subject seriously again as she said, “In that case, I propose a plan: activate Dominion of the Swords and that way he won’t be able to turn it back in time since it originated from this sanctuary that would’ve been broken because of its activation.”

“Yes. That ability of yours will definitely bring me back to the stage and ready to fight him without the worry of deactivating my technique,” said Dominic, nodding in understanding at her suggestion as it seemed the best action to take to combat the situation.

Seta, who watched her master think about the plan, decided to offer more help by saying, “You know that my domain will destroy the towers and free everyone in the process if you so desire?”

“You can selectively destroy these towers in the process?!” Dominic exclaimed, looking utterly surprised.

Seta smiled simply and raised a hand in a gesture of confidence while saying, “The amount of power I use depends on the command of my master and so far, you only tapped 50% of my full potential.”

While looking a little taken aback and then embarrassed by the percentage, he said, “Sorry… but let’s do it since I don’t agree to the thought of letting us fight individually in these towers when we should be fighting as a team!”

At that moment, the entire world seemed to shake as an earthquake with an immense magnitude occurred. In the next second, cracks started showing on the surface of their surroundings, making Dominic jump to his feet in surprise.

“He’s breaking through the sanctuary. Splendid skill,” said Seta, looking impressed while still seated in her chair.

Dominic, ignoring her comment, realised the cracks were getting bigger and so, he faced his Contracted Spirit and said, “Lets’ do it!”

Nodding in agreement, Seta raised her golden armoured hand above her and instantly summoned a magnificent looking sword. Without touching it, the weapon hovered above her hand and as she waved her hand forward, the sword flew towards Dominic before being grabbed by just one hand. Spinning it around skilfully, he pointed the sword downward and pressed it into the ground while grabbing its hilt with both of his hands before saying the technique name out loud.

“Dominion of the Swords! Activate!”

In an instant, he and the sword began glowing in bright golden light before a powerful golden glow that wiped everything from sight and blinded everything. At the same time, the power burst out of the barrier that the Testament of Hatred was furiously attacking. In the process of its release, Croto got momentarily blinded and as he yelled, the unleashed power surged forward and spread everywhere.

With a tremendous force, the released power of the Sword Titan’s technique instantly smashed and destroyed the tower. As the remains slowly fell, the power continued to surge forward as it covered a very large area around them and in the process, the remainder of the towers were smashed and destroyed to free its occupants.


For a moment, Lakshman, Silvera and Tetra remained frozen in shock before the three of them exclaimed, “What?!”

Lakshman, looking utterly horrified with his eyes wide open, said slowly, “I… I… I killed… Isabella?!”

“What are you saying?!” Silvera exclaimed, looking highly disbelieving at such words. “My husband… a murderer…?! Impossible!”

“Chandra, do you even understand what you’re saying?” Tetra asked as she quickly recovered and spoke in a reasonable voice while a shocked look was worn on her face. “It was Luc— Asura that you and Isabella even met and got married in the first place, so how can you say something as unbelievable as that?!”

“It is not unbelievable when the act happened right in front my very eyes!!” the Calamity Titan said, looking extremely angry at Lakshman as if he wanted to kill him there and then. “I wouldn’t have believed it myself… but I was there! It happened right before my eyes and even tried to kill me, saying I was an obstacle to his kingship over the Phoenix Clan because people were slowly turning their faith towards me!”

As he said with conviction in his voice, his mind replayed the events of the past where he lay badly wounded on the ground with his wife desperately begging Asura for her life. Asura, who had cold red eyes and ignoring her pleas, rushed in and pierced his hand through her heart before ripping it out and crushing it to permanently die, falling with a dull thud on the ground.

Chandra was wailing, screaming with all his might and tried to move to her aid, but both his arms and legs were completely broken by his dear older brother. He could not understand why it happened, he could not fathom what had occurred in front of him and could not make out the very situation he found himself in.

Then, Asura moved towards him with the intent of finishing, but for some reason, he decided to show him mercy by saying, “I’ll let you live since you and I are both of the same blood… but… letting you see the world is bad for me.”

He then proceeded to pierce both of Chandra’s eyes and permanently blinded him, causing his ear-splitting screams to echo in the surroundings where no soul could help him from his suffering. Asura then proceeded to leave the place, leaving blinded, badly bleeding and almost on the edge of death young brother whom he raised with his own two hands.

“Annayya…! Annayya…! Why…? Why…?! Why?!” Chandra continued to scream even after his brother disappeared.

Returning to the present, the anguish that the Calamity Titan felt that day forever etched a deep mark in his heart and as such, he glared menacingly at Lakshman while saying, “That’s why, I will kill you and show the gods that they are wrong about you! You’re not a warrior; you’re a murderer because these eyes saw something that they can never forget!”

With overwhelming anger flooding him, the Calamity Titan instantly surged with such immense power that the entire tower began to shake a little. He was angry, mad enough to kill his enemy right that moment, but he had a mission of showing the gods that the one they gifted was unworthy. This determination came from seeing the God of Energy, Engraut, standing close to Lakshman as if they were friendly.

“Chandra…!” Tetra, realising her fallen brother-in-law was not in a state of mind to listen to their pleas anymore while Silvera was frightened by the menacing look he was giving them.

Lakshman continued to sit on his chair before he too rose to his feet with a solemn look on his face as he said, “Calamity Titan… I know you won’t believe us, so… I’ll let my actions speak for themselves. Tetra. Silvera.”

At his call, the two girls took one glance at their angry brother-in-law before transforming into sword forms and flying into his hands. Lakshman stared at his angry younger brother with serious eyes and clenched his fists before beginning to surge with immense power of his, causing the tower to further shake more.

The Calamity Titan smirked and said, “Strong. You’re stronger than you were two-years-ago, but I’m not afraid of such a puny power level!”

He gestured at himself with an arrogant look on his face in a clear attempt to put his enemy down. Lakshman remained silent and kept his emotions in check, but despite his efforts, the relation of his brother being his enemy caused him to feel twinge of pain to see him like this. While surging with power, the two of them continued to stare into each other’s eyes and as silence stretched for almost a minute when, all of a sudden, the tower began to shake violently.

“What’s this?” the Calamity Titan asked while looking around and sensing his surroundings at the same time while Lakshman silently did the same.

The Phoenix Titan, who had recognised that this power belonged to his friend, the Sword Titan, immediately thought that Dominic was up to something. This was a shared expression between his Sacred Spirit wives as they spoke in his mind.

“What a power… and it belongs to Dominic! He’s definitely doing something!” Silvera said, sounding excited,

“I think the tower will be destroyed at this rate. Lucky! Act now!” Tetra spoke encouraging words to push her husband into action.

“Right,” said Lakshman and nodding in agreement.

As he clapped his hand together, the Calamity Titan turned back and noticing his action, smirked and said, “Summoning familiars, are we? Fine! I’ll do the same!”

Grinning, he also clapped his hands together and the two of them placed their hands on the ground while simultaneously shouting, “Summoning Familiars!”

Two large magical circles appeared in front of Lakshman while only one large magic circle appeared in front of the Calamity Titan. Before the familiar could appear, however, the tower was destroyed from all sides by the power they were feeling until now. As the debris and rubble came down, the Calamity Titan smiled evilly at his enemy while Lakshman stared back at him as their respective familiars began appearing before the smoke covered the view.


All remaining seven towers came down and caused the land within the large area around them to shake violently. Smoke spread everywhere as well as the wind from the falling rumble and debris, causing the nearby fighting warriors of Vampires, Werewolves and Demons to get buffeted by the oncoming force.

Lagron, who was looking around at the fallen towers, blinked in surprise and said, “Dear me… Did all the towers just go down at the same time? Oops… So sorry, but I didn’t realise I am this strong.”

“You bastard! It wasn’t you!” the Testament of Madness, Keizer, exclaimed with an angry look on his face. While looking around, he said in a deep voice, “It was a power of someone that’s as strong as me or even stronger!”

“Oh? In that case, according to your analysis, wouldn’t I be that certain ‘someone’ you mention?” Lagron asked, making a smirk appear on his face.

Keizer turned his attention back at him and giving him a look of full loathing, he exclaimed, “You self-centred bastard!”

“Hey. Don’t blame me for being proud of being powerful,” replied Lagron without caring.

As soon as he finished, he heard a familiar voice coughing before saying, “Oh man… I overdid it this time…”

The smoke cleared from Lagron’s right and revealed Dominic come out of the smoke wearing impressive looing golden armour, it was actually hard to tell who he was due to his face being hidden, but Lagron instantly recognised him due to his energy signature.

“Ah! Here’s comes the culprit of this mess,” said Lagron, turning to give him a cold look. “Any explanation you have to offer?”

To that, Dominic shrugged his shoulders and said, “I thought it’s best if we all fought together, so I used my Contracted Spirit’s ability to overpower the towers and release you all.”

That explanation made Lagron smirk and reply with, “I see, but don’t expect a ‘thank you’ from me because I got out with my own power.”

“Same here,” said a familiar dark voice that came from somewhere nearby.

Turning, they saw a powerfully built armoured warrior with a handsome face and blonde hair looking in their direction. He seemed to be standing several meters away from someone that was casting him menacing eyes filled with dislike.

“Mmm… Who’re you?” Lagron asked, unable to recognise whom the person was, although, he did recognise to whom that energy signature belonged to.

The blonde haired handsome warrior remained silent for a moment before simply saying, “Sevedant.”

While Dominic looked surprised, Lagron took a moment before he exclaimed, “What?! Are you serious?! That stupid death is taller than us and looms over us like a sack of rotten bones!”

It was an insult and, at the same time, an impression of what he thought of the Death Titan. Unhappy with that depiction of his previous form, Sevedant knitted his eyebrows to form a serious expression on his face.

“Seriously… I’m Sevedant, not Death. It’s me. Can’t you tell?” he asked.

“And his way of speaking is also weird; not normal!” Lagron exclaimed, feigning ignorance and pointing a finger at him, he asked in a firm voice, “Who the hell are you, imposter?!”

Sevedant, who quickly understood that he was being played with, turned to the other side in search of someone while asking, “Ash? Where are you?”

“Here, Sev,” came a voice from his left.

He soon saw the Demon Titan come into view from the debris along with the energy form of her Sacred Spirit’s power. At the same time, her enemy, Testament of Jealousy, Cana, stood a few meters away while eying them with a face brimming with jealousy.

“Master…! You’re injured…! Want me to lick your wounds?” Kara asked telepathically while hovering nearer her master while licking her tongue impatiently.

“Get away from me!” Ash shot back in her mind, remaining successfully emotionless against her Sacred Spirit’s advances on her.

Meanwhile, the two Elemental Spirit Warriors met and began asking each other of their health and welfare while their enemies remained in their stationary positions while looking around in confusion. Amaranda was also the same, looking injured as she stood her ground and kept her distance from the Testament of Humiliation, Lustrous who was seemingly wailing about missing the chance to play around with his enemy.

Dominic looked around for his friend and finally noticing Nara, he asked, “Hey! Nara!”

He waved his armoured hand to catch the attention of his friend and when he glanced in his direction, he expected him to smile. Of course, he did smile, but Dominic felt a little uneasy because the smile was more sinister than he could have imagined it to be. Even so, he was distracted by the realisation that all of their enemies began surging with power almost at the same time to continue.

The Nine Pillars of Power and the Nine Testaments of Darkness were in disarray as the whole situation confused them. While the Nine Pillars of Power were gathering, the enemy Nine Testaments of Darkness wanted to fight back when Dominic activated the Destiny Sword’s ability, causing countless sword to appear floating in the sky and protruding out of the ground around them.

“Make one wrong move, and I’ll cut you down!” Dominic said fiercely in a voice that got carried to everyone.

He did not know whether it would work and surprisingly, it did manage to stall them as they were a little taken aback by the sudden appearances of so many swords around them. Before they could do anything, however, a powerful tremor occurred as three large and powerful beings burst out of the rubble nearby and flew high into the air while attacking each other.

“Ah! Draga and Phylex!” Dominic said, recognising them instantly before turning his attention to the other being. “What’s that thing…?”

He did not have time to pay any attention to them when he sensed the power levels of both Lakshman and the Calamity Titan surge from somewhere. A moment later, they burst out of the rubble that seemingly had buried them like the familiars they summoned. Flying through the air, they landed opposite to one another with great distance separating them.

“Nine Pillars of Power!” Lakshman said in a carrying voice to gather them.

“Nine Testaments of Darkness!” the Calamity Titan said in a loud voice to get his group together.

Both sides quickly moved while managing to ignore one another as they decided to follow their leader’s orders. They stood side by side and stared into each other’s eyes with different expressions on each of their faces. For some reason, the numbers of the Nine Testaments of Darkness missing one member from their ranks compared to the Nine Pillars of Power.

Dominic, who noticed the count, smiled excitedly and said, “Yes! The enemy’s one member down! Right, Nara?”

He expected his friend to follow with a dialogue of his own to cheer, but instead, he heard him say, “One member short? What’re you talking about? Hehe.”

Widened his eyes in shock, Dominic looked through his armoured helmet to see Nara making an evil expression on his face. At the same time, the Sword Titan could sense that the energy signature he felt from his friend was seemingly corrupted and contained the energy signature of someone else that he did not recognise.

“No…! It can’t be…!” Dominic said slowly, his eyes widening behind the helmet that could not be seen by others.

The one possessing Nara’s body, made a bow like a true gentleman to him and introduced himself by saying, “Say hello to the new owner of this body. It is I, Kress! The Testament of Greed!”

Hearing the voice of his friend speaking in such a manner as well as the evil intent he was giving off made Dominic become furious and aiming his sword at him and surged with power as he shouted, “Give me back my friend!”

Kress smirked using Nara’s body as the other Nine Testaments of Darkness members laughed at the despair of their enemy. Lagron did not seem to care, Sevedant looked very serious, Ash did not show her emotions one bit, Tempest and Azar were looking sympathetic and Amaranda wore a worried look on her face.

“Oh no! Nara’s been possessed!” Silvera said Lakshman’s mind as her voice was filled with shock.

Lakshman stared at Nara with a worried look on his face while ignoring the laughing voices of his enemy, except one. He swivelled around to face the Calamity Titan, who was roaring with mirthless laughter at the sight of their despair.

“Looks like we already have one win over you,” said the Calamity Titan, forming a cold smile on his face, “and to make it better; it’s an internal discord between friends! Am I right, Asura?”

At those words, the Calamity Titan made a truly evil look on his face without one bit of remorse. This made Lakshman grit his teeth in tension and clench his fists tightly as he realised the battle just got dangerous for them.

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