Phoenix Rising – Chapter 407

Chapter 407

Warriors Dispersion

“Give my friend back!” Dominic shouted, and he leaped towards the Testament of Greed that was possessing Nara’s body.


Grinning evilly, Nara’s body vanished on the spot and it appeared to land on the other side where their enemies were. Joining their ranks, he turned around and folded his arms along with the rest to show off as an aura of arrogance and superiority emanated from them.


From the Nine Pillars of Power, the War Titan seems to have lost to his enemy, and his body was possessed by the spirit of his enemy. Lakshman did not understand what had happened while inside the tower, but he knew the number of his enemies remained the same whole his allies dropped by one. This caused him to feel tension rising from within as the worries of trying to topple enemies of great power began to concern him deeply.


The Calamity Titan, grinning smiling with an arrogant expression on his face, he said, “Alright! Since we got one victory, let’s go get the rest.” Then, in a loud voice and waved his hand at them while speaking in a resounding voice, “Nine Testaments! Attack!”


Upon his command, all members of the Nine Testaments of Darkness began surging with power and created an Energy Wall that began pushing forward.


Reacting to the situation almost instantly, Lakshman shouted in the same resounding voice as his enemy, “Nine Pillars! Fight back!”


He clenched his fists and began to surge with power as his rival, Lagron, snorted arrogantly before folding his and surging with power. Dominic turned to face the possessed body of his friend and began to surge with power as determination filled his mind to save his friend and following from there, the rest of the Nine Pillars of Power also began to surge with power.


Combining their energies, they also created an Energy Wall and began to exert it to push forward like their enemies. One purple coloured energy wall from one side and red coloured energy wall from the other side swept forward with great intensity that caused the wind to blow wildly around them.


The moment that the two energy forces collided against each other, an instantaneous shock wave occurred that shook the ground and cracked the ground where they clashed at. In an instant, a wild force of shock wave was unleashed and it surged forward to buffet the fighting warriors nearby, knocking them off their feet and sending them several meters away despite them doing their utmost to defend themselves using barrier and their strength.


“What the hell is that?!” one of the Vampires exclaimed as they, the Werewolves, and the Demons picked themselves off the ground to see a large black dome shaped energy field in the distance where they last sensed the presence of their allies.


“It’s them…! It’s the Nine Pillars of Power!” another one said in a quiet voice with his eyes widened in shock.


They were not the only ones to witness such an immense release of power. All around the world, the people felt the first intensity of the collision of powers and panicked as the ground shook beneath them so violently that many stumbled and fell. As if that was not enough, the blowing wind suddenly became stronger and some feared that a storm might be made due to its intensity.


On the Human Continent, at the Floria Kingdom, the Phoenix Titan’s allies and wives were standing around at the courtyard of the castle. The soldiers were running around to head into the capital to reassure everyone and assist those that were injured by the ground shaking impact. The babies began crying and the women did their best to try and calm them down due to the immense fear they felt from the tremors.


The only one that did not seem to cry or be frightened was Emilia’s son as he seemed to be looking curiously in the direction the surge of power emanated from. His mother was a little surprised and thankful that he was not crying because it became a war for the other women to try and calm down the babies from bawling their hearts out.


“Looks like the battle began…” muttered Emilia, a look of worry filling her face.


“Ah~ Ah~”


Her baby son made cute sounds and with his small hands, he patted his mother on the cheek as if to distract her. Surprised by his action, she turned and look at him only to see him staring back at her intently as if he was asking her why she was looking worried. Realising her mistake, she immediately smiled and gently rubbed her son’s hair before speaking reassuringly with him.


“No need to worry. It’s your father that’s fighting. Everything will surely be fine.”


Upon hearing those words, the baby started making happy sounds despite Emilia feeling that he might not have understood her words. Still, seeing him become cheerful again brightened her and instilling the same confidence in herself, she turned to focus her attention in the direction the powers were emanating from.


On the battlefield, the ground began to shake even more violently than before as the clashing force from the energy walls intensified. Their power was incredible and despite the lack of equality in their numbers of eight against nine, they were somehow evenly matched.


“It can’t be! We’re evenly matched?!” the Testament of Greed, Kress, exclaimed, unable to believe this fact upon realising it.


“It is and what’s you going to do? Cry like a woman?” the Testament of Madness, Keizer, replied without caring one bit.


Kress, possessing Nara’s body, gritted his teeth as his side and their enemy’s side were stuck in a stalemate. He did not know that among the Nine Pillars of Power, the ones releasing more power than the others were Lakshman, Lagron, Dominic and Sevedant while the rest did their best to keep up to their level of power.


Upon hearing Kress’s words, Dominic shouted, “We’ll never lose to the likes of you!”


Lagron, following his words, smirked and said in a carrying voice, “You heard him! I’d hate losing to weaklings!”


While they were exchanging insulting and arrogant words with one another, the Phoenix Titan and the Calamity Titan were staring into each other’s eyes. Lakshman was looking angry while his enemy was looking back at him coolly as if asking him he was bored and wants to be see more.


“Stealing bodies and thinking you’re stronger is just like a kid. After all, they cry over the smallest thing of wanting the best of everything, right?” Lagron asked, clearly intent on taunting the Testament of Greed.


Getting irritated that his newly acquired power was being looked down, Kress made a frustrated look on his face and shouted, “I’m not a kid! You’re the trash that don’t compare with me!”


He immediately extended both of his hands towards them and began gathering energy in the palms of his hand.


Lakshman, who had noticed his actions a moment later, shouted one word that became the key to break this struggle.




“No, you don’t!” Dominic shouted almost an instant after hearing Lakshman shout his name. Flicking his sword at his enemy, Dominic shouted, “Blasting Blades!”


In an instant, many swords rained down from the sky and fell where Kress stood gathering energy. Realising he was under attack, the Testament of Greed clicked his tongue and broke away from his position to the back as the sword pierced into the ground near him, which managed to distract him and release all the gathered energy harmlessly.


A moment later, the sword exploded caused the ground to shake on the enemy side, startling the others and causing their effort to sustain their energy wall. Losing balance and out of control, a flash of light appeared that seemingly blinded everyone before an explosion of power occurred that sent everyone flying backwards. Despite this forceful push, many quickly stopped flying to regain their footing.


Lakshman straightened up and as the cloud of smoke spread to cloud their view, he gathered energy in his hands and released it. This caused a strong wind to blow from his wave and it quickly cleared the smoke away to bring their enemies into clearer view. That was when Lakshman noticed that the Calamity Titan was missing from the enemy ranks.


“What the…? Where is he?”


He asked himself and began looking around with a questioning look on his face because he did not understand nor sense the location of his enemy. The Phoenix Titan began looking around for his whereabouts and whirled around on the spot to make sure his enemy had not snuck up on him because he certainly could not detect his presence with Elemental Sense constantly active.


Just as he was about to think that his enemy was masking his presence from Elemental Sense, it triggered an alarm and instantly heard the warning voice of Tetra in his mind.




Following both the advices, he looked up and widened in shock as an immense black wave of destruction descended down at him. Gritting his teeth and kicked off the ground with intense force, he got out of the way just in time as it smashed forcefully into the ground where he was standing a moment ago.


The impact was so strong that the wave seemingly went straight through the land and at the same time, the land around the wave got destroyed to the point where the entire continent felt like it could split apart. Lakshman and the others near him braced for the wild blowing wind and shock waves that buffeted them. As the wave disappeared, a very large gaping hole could be seen in the ground looking from high above.


Lakhsman was shocked, and he instantly looked up at the sky to see his enemy floating there with both of his hands outstretched towards him. A moment later, he surged with power and dived straight down as his aim was his mortal enemy, the Phoenix Titan. Just as he reached him, Lakshman surged with power and leaped away a moment before the Calamity Titan soared down and struck the ground with his fist.


In an instant, an enormous explosion of force happened that caused the ground to cave in and destroy the ground on all sides. Lakshman landed a few meters away and moved his hands quickly to divert the flying stones thrown from the heavy landing of his enemy. At the same time, the entire continent shook from the heavy impact, causing the ground to violently crack everywhere.


“Well done getting out of that in one piece,” said the voice of the Calamity Titan as he walked out of the large crater that was made by his landing.


Lakshman remained on guard against him with an alarmed look on his face as he asked, “What are you thinking attacking like that?! This is your continent! Are you planning on destroying it?!”


The Calamity Titan came to a stop and for a moment, a dark grin appeared on his face as he slowly said, “Mmm… You’re right… I probably should clarify that I’m doing this… not to destroy my continent… but to destroy you!”


Lakshman’s eyes widened in shock at those words, and the Calamity Titan smiled evilly at him as he began to surge with power that caused the continent to shake as well as making the wind blow wildly around him. The Phoenix Titan also surged with power and the two mighty warriors stared at each other for a moment in silence. Then, a stray pebble moving an inch on the ground and its sound ringing in their ears became the trigger.


Kicking off the ground, the two warriors flew at each other with incredible force and smashed their fists against each other, finally starting their battle. Their fists full of immense strength and power caused a powerful shock wave to be sent everywhere as well as causing the ground to dig itself into the ground, which caused cracks everywhere as an immense wind blew from their impact.


From that one punch, they began to fighting at a speed that was unbelievable to describe. Their movement was so fast that no ordinary warrior or a trained expert was capable of following their movement. Each impact was blocked, each punch was caught and was returned only to be blocked as well.


Each time they attacked the other, the unleashed force picked up the wind from behind and sent a powerful shock wave in that direction. The ground also shook as the two super powers fought it hard without relenting and it only intensified as the battles of the other members of the Nine Pillars of Power and the Nine Testaments of Darkness resumed their battles with one another.


“Raining Blades!” Dominic shouted, waving his hand towards his enemy while attacking him.


“I hate it!” Croto shouted, dispelling the falling swords from the sky and going into close range combat.


“I’m also here!” Kress shouted, rushing in to attack Dominic from the rear, but had to back away when swords suddenly began firing energy lasers from the sword protruding out of the ground.


While he was waging a war between two Testaments of Darkness, Keizer was rushing at Lagron with a murderous aura radiating from him.


“GRRAAAAA!!!” Keizer shouted like a wild dragon as he charged towards Lagron.


“Stop screaming! It’s stupid!” Lagron retorted in an irritated voice as he stood his ground and waited for his enemy to reach him.


Ignoring him, Keizer leaped into the air after nearing his enemy and putting both of his hands together, he plummeted towards the ground like a meteor. Lagron raised an eyebrow in amusement before leaping away at the very last second before his enemy came down and struck the ground, hard. This caused the entire continent to shake as an explosion of rock and dust occurred from his landing.


Leaping away, Lagron put both of his hands to the rear and gathering energy, performed his signature technique while shouting, “Rushankara!”


An immense red wave of energy was unleashed from the palms of his hands and soared straight towards Keizer, who just appeared from out of the smoke. Seeing the attack coming, Keizer extended one hand at it and gathered energy into it that formed into a small green ball of energy before shouting its name as he launched it at his enemy.


“Magna Buster!”


The green ball of energy soared through the air and instantly grew several times larger as it collided a moment later with the red wave of destruction. Lagron was taken by surprise by the energy ball suddenly pushing against him before getting serious and exerting more power into his wave, which caused the two clashing forces to fight it hard before resulting in an explosion that shook the ground as cracks and destruction occurred as well as causing the wind to blow everywhere and buffet everyone with the released shock waves.


The Calamity Titan and the Phoenix Titan were in the middle of fighting it hard when that shock wave reached them and pushed them away from each other. As he recovered from it, Lakshman came to the realisation that the newly resurrected Demon Continent will be destroyed at the rate of their war. He could see that the enemy demon army and his allies, the vampires and werewolves, were struggling to fight with the destruction occurring in the background.


“Lucky, we have to get everyone separated We’re too clustered like this!” Tetra warned.


“Tetra’s right! At this rate, if several power blasts occur a few more times, I don’t think this continent will last,” said Silvera in his mind in a worried voice. “We have to disperse.”


Lakshman became worried by her suggestion and thought, “I don’t know if dispersing is a good idea, Silvera. After all, the same destruction will happen everywhere and it’s dangerous to affect the other continents too much.”


“There is nothing to gain without sacrifice, Lucky!” Silvera said sharply, surprising him in the process. “Remember Spectra? It was thanks to her than I opened my heart and made a contract with you that I was able to even be here, but would it have been possible without her support? Without her sacrifice, wouldn’t I just refuse your proposal at that time and self-destructed like I planned? Isn’t that why she happily ascended to the Higher Plane?”


Her words were a little funny to him because, as far as he could remember, the things transpired were a little different.


“You do remember that I am the one that brought her to the Spirit Plane, had her convince you to make a pack with me and everything?”


Silvera was a little stumped by the detail she had forgotten, but she quickly said, “E-Even so, it was thanks to her sacrifice that I wanted to live and serve you, right? Did it come without a sacrifice? No because life isn’t fair, but we must do what we can to minimise the sacrifices. Isn’t that right, Tetra?”


Tetra, who never thought she would hear such compassionate words from her, thought in a humorous voice, “Well… You’re right, but really… I never thought you’d say that, Silvera. I guess being a mother changes a lot.”


To that, Silvera seemed to chuckle, making Lakshman inwardly smile at how much of a positive change had come over Silvera over the years. Initially, a being of complete negative dark, soon became an overprotective wife that always fought, insulted and hurt others just to keep her husband safe and happy. Now, however, having given birth to a child, her maturity level rose as she began to widen her perspective of a life involving her child growing in it.


“You’re right. This is for the better!” Lakshman replied in agreement in his mind and instantly fought back at the Calamity Titan that rushed at him. While battling him, Lakshman did his best to activate Telepathy that connected to all the Nine Pillars of Power, except for Kress, who inhabited Nara’s body now, and said with difficulty, “Everyone…! We have to go…! This is dangerous! We’re too crowded here. At this rate, the continent will be destroyed!”


“You make it sound like a bad thing!” Lagron replied telepathically while he fought fiercely against Keizer.


“Lagorn, there are so few continents left after the great war 8000-years-ago that, for some reason, we are unable to create new lands. It’s a loss if we lose this precious land a second time,” said Amaranda telepathically.


As Lagron seemed to snort in disdain, Sevedant telepathically said, “I agree. We must separate. Disperse. It’ll be a problem otherwise.”


“I agree with Sev. At this rate, we’ll end up getting in each other’s way!” Tempest said telepathically to the ground with Azar backing him up while saying, “I agree with you.”


“I think we should fight in our own separate space since we aren’t able to go at full power! I’m barely fighting at ten percent, so I’m having a tough time with these two!” Dominic complained, doing his best to defend and fight back against Croto and Kress.


“Stop complaining and man up!” Lagron said


“Alright! Let’s separate and good luck everyone!” Lakshman wished telepathically.


“Wish the others! I’ll be fine by myself,” said Lagron telepathically, causing everyone to inwardly groan at how arrogant and mightily he thinks of himself.


Only one person was worried for him and she said, “Be safe,”


Lagron was so surprised that he reflexively punched his enemy into the distance and turned to look at Amaranda. She had cast a barrier around herself as a defensive mechanism against the enemy attacking her. She sensed him turn in her direction, and she glanced in his direction to give him a big thumps-up gesture.


Raising an eyebrow in amusement, he telepathically replied, “Yeah… You too.”


Bidding each other, everyone began to disperse by soaring into the air and flying in different directions. Their enemies were a little surprised and angered at suddenly departing, so they also rose into the air and followed them as quickly as they could. Lakshman did the same, disappearing just before the Calamity Titan could hit him before catching his attention while hovering high above him.


“Let’s fight somewhere else!” he called.


The Calamity Titan narrowed his eyes suspiciously and noticed that the other Nine Pillars of Powers were spreading, other than the Sword Titan who remained in the black dome space that he created. Seeing that the continent was on the verge of destruction, he smirked as he understood the intention of his enemies.


“I see. Fine art trying to protect a continent that belongs to your enemy, but it’s useless! You’re defeat is inevitable!” the Calamity Titan said, grinning up at his enemy.


“We’ll see about it,” replied Lakshman with a cool expression on his face.


He surged with power and began flying away with the Calamity Titan, also surging with power, following right behind.

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