Phoenix Rising – Chapter 407.5

Chapter 407.5

Erza’s Worries

The air trembled, the ground shook and the pressure in the air intensified as the far away battles caused the people living around the world to feel an uprising of fear within themselves. They were worried that something devastating might happen, which might very well be the destruction of their world. Knowing the enemies were powerful and might be evenly matched with their allies, the people worried for the fate of themselves, their family and the world.

There was only one person in the world that was worried about something completely different from the rest of the populaces of the world. She was thinking about her husband, Lakshman and worried about the unknown future that was going to unfold. Actually, she very well knows what would happen after this because it was that exact move that made her appear in this world.

“It’s almost time for the summoning…” thought Erza quietly to herself while seated on her chair.

She was not originally from this world as she had suddenly appeared before Lakshman when he was kidnapped by the Demon Dragon King, Razzel. After being rescued, she followed behind him with earnest love that was recognised by him and as such, eventually married him like she always dreamed. Having achieved her dream, she opened up to him and his other wives, telling them more about herself that she had wished to not discuss previously.

As it turned out, Erza was actually a person that came from another world called Alzard. It appeared that circumstances in the future had caused Lakshman to travel to her world, become a hero and save their world from total annihilation from some unknown enemy. Having finished his task, he returned to his world, but having fallen deeply in love with him and unwilling to see him go, she entered the portal in which he entered and upon arriving, she became stranded fourteen years in the past of this world, where she quickly got kidnapped and finally met the sixteen-year-old version of the man she loved.

Erza sat there quietly while surrounded by the group and thought back to the days she spent her time happily with her husband and the other people whom she considered as sisters sharing one husband. At first, she was very reluctant to be with her husband when she thought of him having other wives since she came from a world where polygamy was an illegal thing. Still, seeing how friendly and welcoming Emilia, Ondine and Tetra were, she became happy and accepted it.

“Well, I am in an old-fashioned world that allows polygamy, it’s only natural that I accept it,” she thought wearily, feeling no regret or remorse of her actions since it brought only good fortune to her. A worry thought popped up in her mind and it made her think, “Would father and brother have allowed it even if I had done this back in my world?”

In her world, she was the princess and went by the name as Erza Flameheart. Everyone from her family, be it relative or distant, possessed the family name Flameheart as the indication of them being related to royalty. She was beautiful and had a dignified air around her that made the others like her and even made many approach with prospects of marrying her.

She originally did not mind the difficulty that came with the task of being a princess as it was her role to motivate her people and support them in times of struggle. Unfortunately, she had to encourage people to go into war against the evil that threatened her world and knowing that many died grieved her heart, but she firmly accepted the responsibility as she knew this was her duty as a princess and must obey tradition right down to whom she would be married to being decided for her.

Despite the difficulty and knowing full well life was never fair, she had a hope deep within her heart that she would meet someone that was worthy that she would feel truly happy and would relieve her off the pain she was enduring for the people that put blind faith in her and fought against their enemies. It was this very reason that made her fall immediately in love with Lakshman upon meeting him for the first time, understanding who he was and seeing his heroism.

The faces of her father and older brother appeared in her mind as her mind hovered her memories of them. Her father had black long beard that fell to his chin as well as black hair that fell to shoulder height. He was a bit old, but was fit and strong as he was the king in her home world, Alzard. Her brother, on the other hand, was young and possessed black spiky hair with an attractive face, making him very popular with the women, but despite it, he was a good-natured man that loved his family and did his best to protect his people.

She imagined their reactions, which varied as their personalities were strong, but different.

“Erza! What have you done?!” her father would have started in a sharp tone with a menacing look on his face. “A princess engaging in polygamy when it’s strictly forbidden is… disturbing! You’ve disgraced your heritage!”

Her father’s reaction made her wince before she imagined how her brother would have reacted.

“My goodness! What have you done?! To marry a guy who’s already married to someone else?! How could you?!” he would have exclaimed, and pulled his sword out with deadly intent while shouting, “You deserve capital punishment!”

Once again, she winced at the imagination and sighed deeply in resignation at the fact that her family was difficult. Her family had a strict upbringing and had great pride in themselves for carrying out their duties as royalties with absolute authority in the world. Coming to this world made her realise how reckless it was, but after going through these thoughts so many times in her life, she felt relief being in this world among the sisters that cared for her and a husband that showered them with so much love that made her energetically involve politically to help Venezuela support her kingdom.

“Even my past of living in the ancient times in this world feels strange, but it’s okay. It helps me feel like I belong to this world because of the memories I shared with my family at that time and the ruthless husband that slowly opened his heart and began changing for the better,” thought Erza, remembering how brutal her husband’s original personality was before he started changing to open his heart out to his wives. Remembering that she had been sent by her kingdom to appease him and seeing his reaction made her chuckle and think, “I prefer it when he’s soft than when he is violent.”

At that moment, she felt a soft hand patting the side of her face and turning around, she came face-to-face with her baby daughter. She had puffy cheeks with fat little hands and a body that was barely one-year-old. She seemed to have found that her mother was not paying any attention to her and began tapping her on the side of the face for some attention.

“Oh~! Stop tapping~! That hurts~! Stop~!” Erza said in such a soft voice that had feather weight of force in it.

Despite her protests, she did not stop her baby daughter from poking her with a look that clearly showed how unhappy she was. This was her way of getting her mother’s attention and because it was so cute, Erza relaxed her face and gently rubbed one side of her daughter’s cheek against hers with an utmost happy expression on her face.

“You are so cute, my darling! Cute~!”

Her action made her daughter become satisfied, and she smiled happily while trying to hug her mother back. The others, watching this scene, also smiled as they had similar experiences of playing with their children in their own different ways.

“I’m glad I’m in this world,” muttered Erza so that no one could hear her she gently rubbed the head of her baby daughter.

She was very happy leading a comfortable life of caring for a baby, living among other women married to the same man as her and doing her best to help the world that left her have such luxury. In her opinion, it was a difficult task, but with a purpose and goal in mind, it made her push herself to learn the language of this world, the common sense and finally adapt so much that she became Venezuela’s trusted aid in dealing with the kingdom affairs when Lakshman was away from his duties.

“What the?!”

“What’s this feeling…?!”


“W-What the hell is that?!”

Her cosy feeling was shattered when the voices of soldiers suddenly started shouting in alarm and began pointing in a direction in front of them. She straightened up on her chair and quickly stood up while carefully carrying her child over her shoulders with supporting hands. She, along Emilia, Sumara, Venezuela, Sonia, Cantia, Ondine and the others, furrowed their eyebrows and looked far ahead to see something like a star heading towards them.

The star was shining brightly, but it could not be made out clearly from such a far-away distance, but they knew it was coming towards them at high speed. Soon, as it drew closer, all of their eyes widened in shock upon realising that it was an extremely devastating black energy wave with a deadly aura emanating from it.

The extremely powerful wave of darkness swarmed towards them at high speed and smashed forcefully against the barrier that was protecting the Floria Kingdom. The sheer shock of it smashing against the barrier was indescribable as it filled everyone with a sense of dread of death. A moment later, the ground shook violently and many stumbled to the ground, but the women made sure to protect their children from harm.

For a few seconds, the ground shook violently and the others managed to get back to their feet in the midst of the shaking. They could see the barrier was struggling to keep the attack away, causing cracks to visibly appear on the invisible like barrier that protected them all this time. In a swift movement and with immense force pushing it forward, the black wave completely destroyed the barrier, which made everyone widen their eyes in shock.

“Quickly! Cast barriers everyone!” Cantia, who was the first to quickly recover from the shock, shouted in an instant, snapping the others out of their petrified state.



Two different Emperor Ranked Barrier Magic Spells were used in an instant by Emilia, Sumara, Sonia, Venezuela and Erza along with the rest of the people present. A powerful barrier, combined with two different spells, manifested invisibly around them and expanded to great length.

Despite their efforts, they knew this barrier was not as powerful as the barrier that had protected their kingdom till then. The others were making different expressions to show their shock and fear as they settled in their hearts as death approached them at high speed.

She clutched her baby tightly, who had no idea of the danger approaching them and while looking at the approaching wave with a disbelieving look on her face, Erza thought, “Is this the end of us…? Is this the end of me…?”

Unwilling to accept such a fate, she desperately thought of a solution and the figure of one person came to her min. As the wave approached them, she opened her mouth and at the top of her lungs, yelled the nickname that her husband was popularly known as.


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