Phoenix Rising – Chapter 408

Chapter 408

Lakshman’s Decision

“Phoenix Flash Blast!” the Eternal Phoenix, Phylex, shouted and it blasted a fiery ball from its opened mouth.

“Ice Strike Cannon!” the Spirit Dragon, Draga, shouted and it blasted a chilling wave from out of its opened mouth.

Both attacks from the Familiars, summoned by the Phoenix Titan, flew towards the unknown dark creature that was summoned by the Calamity Titan. Not bothering to dodge or move out of the way, the creature took the two attacks head on and disappeared behind two different explosions of power that resulting in making the wind blow wildly around and sent shock waves everywhere.

Both familiars got buffeted by the shock waves and the wild blowing winds before being able to hover in the sky while steadily beating their wings. They stared at the cloud of smoke covering the view of their enemy that they just attacked.

“Did we get it?” Phylex asked telepathically in a hopeful voice.

Draga snorted and telepathically said, “You’re too optimistic.

“There’s no reason to not be optimistic.”

“Suit yourself, but remember that most enemies usually put up a decent fight before showing off their full powers. I think we should expect something similar to happen here.”

“Now who’s the one being so downright negative?” Phylex asked in an exasperated voice.

“Hey…! Better to be prepared than regret it later,” replied Draga with a sharp look on his dragon face.

Phylex went to respond when the both of them felt a sudden surge of dark power coming in the direction of their enemy. A moment later, the cloud of smoke got wiped out as a powerful dark energy was released, which buffeted Phylex and Draga before pushing them several meters back. Flying through the air for only a moment, they quickly broke their flight and hovered while staring at their enemy in surprise.

The shadow creature was as large as them with six black wings sprouting out of its back with a long large tail at the bottom where the legs should be. Its face was terrifyingly monstrous that could stop a man’s heartbeat and possessed sharp fang like teeth that could easily crush anything it bites. The monster also possessed arms like the others, but they were dark green skinned like its entire body with large hands that had sharp claws.

It opened its fanged mouth wide and began screaming in a high pitched monstrous voice, “KKKKAKKAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

Its screaming churned up the wind and sent shock waves in all directions as well as thickening the pressure in the air. Both the familiars of the Phoenix Titan felt that their world was shaking uncontrollably as they got buffeted by the powerful wind as well as the released shock waves.

“Ah…! What force?!” Phylex exclaimed in a loud voice that could barely be heard over the howling sound of the wind.

“Damn! Loud mouth! Stop screaming!” Draga shouted as he felt his eardrums were going to bleed.

The screaming lasted for a few seconds before the monster seemed to calm down, but its red eyes with black all around stared at them menacingly. The two familiars realised it was about to attack them and prepared to fight back by powering up.

“Shadow Strike,” said a quiet voice that was low.

With a whooshing sound and moving at an incredible speed, the greenish monster seemingly vanished on the spot, but it actually moved towards them at an incredible speed. Phylex and Draga were taken by surprise by its movement as it rushed towards them and appeared to split into two copies of itself.

The one that attacked Phylex bashed him forcefully on the front with such force that the Eternal Phoenix was sent flying. For Draga, it was more complex as the monster bashed him head on, then wrapped its tail around and swung him until it released him to fly straight towards Phylex. As the Eternal Phoenix made himself stop in mid-flight, the Spirit Dragon flew at super speed and smashed into him.

“Gah! That thing…!” Draga exclaimed telepathically, his voice filled with the utmost fury.

In the next moment, the shadow creature became one and opened its mouth wide before releasing a mass of black smoke that spread to all sides and engulfed the two familiars within it. The sky was blanketed by it and several seconds later, the monster stopped spewing the black mass before closing its mouth. Then, it raised one of its claws and extended it to insert it into the black smoke.

“Black Lightning.”

In an instant, black coloured lightning began coursing through the smoke and struck both Phylex and Draga, causing both familiars to scream in their respective voices. Their eyes were shut tightly and their movement was frozen as lightning riddled them from all sides, causing them to feel an intense amount of pain.

Phylex, managing to regain his senses al ittle, screamed, “Burning Fury!”

Transforming into a fiery bird of destruction, it deflected the lighting and burst out of the smoke with incredible force. While screeching in a furious voice, the Eternal Phoenix flapped its burning wings and soared at the monster like a high-speed shooting star with fire trailing behind.

It reached the monster and went straight to destroy the monster, but to Phylex’s surprise, he went straight through the monster as if the enemy was not there. As it turned out, the monster had used a last second mirage to fool the enemy into thinking they were attacking its physical form. This allowed for it to evade the attack and as Phylex swirled around to come back for another attempt, the shadow monster was ready for it.

Aiming one of its clawed hands at the oncoming fired up Eternal Phoenix, the monster said telepathically, “Nullify.”

An invisible force was unleashed and it quickly swooped forward before smashing forcefully against Phylex like an invisible wall. In an instant, the Eternal Phoenix lost its furious form and returned to its original form, which greatly surprised it. At the same time, the shadow creature had raced towards it with tremendous force, surprising Phylex in the process and used a technique that caught the Eternal Phoenix off-guard.

“Dark Nova.”

Phylex instantly got surrounded by a grey coloured sphere that appeared out of thin air and enclosed around him. He bashed with full force against it and even used its fiery attacks to break out, but they all failed. Firmly enclosed and unable to move, he became vulnerable to his enemy’s next move, which was to aim one of its clawed hand towards one of the drifting island down below.

Like a falling meteor, the enclosed Eternal Phoenix flew towards the ground at super speed and upon impact, there was an enormous explosion that seemed to shake the world. A huge mass of clouds rose into the sky as the wind blew violently and intense shock waves were sent in all directions. The ocean got picked up and transformed into a tidal wave that flooded the several smaller islands nearby that spread to all sides.

The shock waves and the wild blowing wind reached the sky, which buffeted the Spirit Dragon and pushed him out of the smoke of lightning. Finally freed from the lightning that kept him at bay, he stretched his body and roared loudly, which echoed into the distance and startled many listeners.

“Finally! I’m free!” Draga thought, but his voice was thunderous as he turned to glare menacingly at his enemy for putting him through such pain. “I’m coming for you!”

Particles of light began gathering around him and within seconds, an armour of light was formed around him. For a second, he remained motionless and in the next, he zoomed forward at such an incredible speed that he reached his enemy before he could do anything.

“Spirit Laser!”

 Opening his mouth wide, a powerful wave of energy was fired that completely incinerated the monster before it could do anything. As the wave died down, it revealed that the monster was nowhere to be seen, but the spirits told him that it had simply used another mirage to escape his attack.

At that moment, the spirits alarmed him that the monster was approaching from behind, which made him instantly swing his tail around to smack the monster across the side of its face. The momentary surprise of being hit by the tail gave Draga the opportunity to turn around and use his large fanged teeth to bit into one of the monster’s arms.

“Here’s your payment! Spirit Lightning!”

Getting revenge and gritting his teeth firmly so as to not let go, the Spirit Dragon unleashed a powerful lighting wave that seemed to be released from the armour of light that his body was wearing. At the sudden shock of being attacked, the monster screaming in fits of pain and agony due to the lightning being effective against an element of darkness.


Unable to take much more of the lightning, the monster opened its mouth wide and began to scream like it did before with great intensity. This time, however, it seemed to greatly distract Draga by suddenly causing him headaches and nausea. He could not understand why it was happening, but it successfully diverted his attention and made the lighting stop.

The shadow monster used its trail to wrap itself around Draga’s neck before swinging him around and around several times before hurling him towards the ground. Draga, mind still aching so badly that he could barely stay conscious, plummeted towards a small portion of the island that survived and smashed heavily into it. Great clouds of dust rose into the sky and a few seconds later, they cleared to show the Spirit Dragon lying in a deep crater.

“Damn…! What… was that…?” he asked himself, the headache from earlier slowly dying down as an answer came from an unexpected being that stood near him.

“I think being at close quarter during its scream affected your mind,” said the Eternal Phoenix, who was sporting injuries on several areas of its body.

“You survived!” Draga exclaimed the moment he saw the large phoenix bird.

Phylex flapped its wings and grapping Draga by the tail, he managed to pull him out of the crater and into the flat land. He, then, proceeded to land next to him and stood staring at him with a cool expression on his face as he responded.

“I’m the Eternal Phoenix and something of that scale wouldn’t be enough to take me down.”

Draga was momentarily speechless before he coughed and telepathically said, “Phoenixes are so damn crazy!”

As he managed to slowly push himself up and look up, he could see the monster hovering there without making any move. It was as if it did not wish to fight them when they were down due to pity of not wanting to lose a challenger to test itself. Draga, who was thinking along like this, was greatly enraged and is surprised by Phylex’s next words.

“He’s looking down on us. That’s not good. Draga, let’s defeat him together.”

The Spirit Dragon was a mighty dragon with a large amount of pride and ego residing in him, which made him into a lonely dragon. Despite his drawbacks, his master had shown him compassion and the means to work together, which was showing its results. So, seeing the high and mighty Eternal Phoenix offering to work together with him while facing the same enemy surprised him. As such, his respect for the phoenix had risen greatly from this event.

“Alright. Let’s do this!” Draga said in a determined voice and the two familiars of the Phoenix Titan prepared to continue their battle.


The Phoenix Titan and the Calamity Titan flew through the air at high speed as they left the almost destroyed Demon Continent behind. Just a moment ago, it was decided that the Nine Pillars of Power would split up and head in different directions to ensure that they do not cause collateral damage that may or may not be repairable. As such, while flying away, Lakshman constantly worried about the damage that would occur between them battling it out without holding back.

“Cool your head, Lucky. It’ll be fine,” said Tetra in his mind in a reassuring voice.

“Think positive, Lucky. We’ll win this war and then we’ll surely repair the damage!” Silvera said, her voice sounding bright and energetic as she tried her best to boost his morale.

While flying through the air, Lakshman heard the voices of his wives, the Sacred Spirits, in his mind and groaned.

“The problem is… we don’t have a convenient method like reversing time or wish making deities to repair the damage, Silvera,” he replied in his mind in a voice filled with sadness. “It’s far too convenient, otherwise, we’d be immortal and be invincible by now. The sad truth is; live is not fair. It doesn’t bend over its rules and it certainly doesn’t make it easier.”

His wives were a little saddened by how worried he was about his world, which was understandable, but not good at that time. He had an intense battle to face against the enemy that was following right behind him, so they began thinking of a way to lift his mood.

“Look on the bright side! Once we win, you could just use Restoration to fix all the damage easily!” Silvera said, her voice brimming with positiveness.

Tetra, who was amazed by her suggestion, responded supportively by saying, “Of course! You’re right, Silvera! Restoration can just return the land back to its previous state.”

Lakshman, who had already thought about that idea earlier, sighed and thought, “That is good, but the problem with that is that it cannot return the dead back to the living… It’d be much easier to turn back reality of time itself.”

Once again, his wives went quiet as they were completely clueless as to how to cheer him up. They did not have to try, though because a spark of an idea occurred in his mind at the words “turn back reality of time.” It gave him an idea, but it was risky and dangerous to execute it, but he knew there was only one person in that world, who was stronger than him that could pull it off. As such, he proceeded to activate Telepathy and connect with Sevedant.

“Sevedant, can you hear me?”

“Yes,” replied Sevedant shortly in his usual manner.

“Good. Now listen. This is very important…” he said and went on to explain about the idea he had envisioned.

Once the idea was told, Sevedant understood the details and reassured him by telepathically saying, “I will die trying.”

“Not to that extreme!” Lakshman said, but feeling confident, he cut the telepathy with a brightened mood, but now his wives were the ones who became worried by the plan he had prepared.

“Will Sev be alright? I mean… wouldn’t it be too much of a burden for only him?” Silvera asked in a concerned voice in his mind.

Lakshman smiled and replied in his mind, “No. I’m more confident than ever before that he can do it. I’m telling you right now, when it comes to healing, he possesses a magic that far outclasses my own!”

His wives, not understanding his words fully, could only remain silent and wonder what he was talking about.

Meanwhile, the Calamity Titan following behind him was losing his patience. It had been more than ten minutes since they left the Demon Continent and appeared to fly over a continent that seemed to be covered in ice and snow. Looking towards the back of his enemy, he momentarily wondered whether his enemy was ignoring him before he realised that his enemy was perhaps speaking telepathically with his two Sacred Spirits, who are also his wives.

“Let’s teach him that looking away from your enemy is life threatening,” he thought with an evil smirk on his face.

Gathering energy into his right hand, he extended it in front of him and unleashed a powerful energy wave of destruction that rocketed towards Lakshman. The Phoenix Titan sensed the incoming attack and took him only a glance over his shoulder to notice that his enemy had fired a powerful wave of destruction at him.

Stopping himself in mid-flight, he surged with power and spun around while swinging his arm to smash the energy wave to the side. When he did that, he saw the Calamity Titan rushing towards him with an extended fist reaching out to smash into him with an intent to utterly destroy him. Reacting reflexively, the Phoenix Titan also gathered Energy Force into his arm and brought it out to smash it against the unleashed fist of his enemy.

The impact of the two smashing their fists at each other resulted in a powerful release of shock waves and wild blowing winds that shook the world as the two warriors fought hard to keep their fists steady. As they broke away, Lakshman crossed his arms in front of him in a defensive way as his enemy began delivering blow after blow at his defensive posture.

Each attack that landed caused him slight pain, but the resulting shock wave from the impact caused the wind to blow wildly and managed to push him back. The ice cracked and the snow separated from the released shock waves from the numerous blows that the Calamity Titan delivered. Even after they left the continent, the water parted and swayed wildly as if a storm is destroying its peace.

The Calamity Titan, greatly angered that all his enemy did was block him, decided to put even more force into his fist. Pulling it back for a moment, he unleashed it with such force that made Lakshman realise it would be bad if he took it. So, the moment it reached him, he instantly vanished and the punch went through empty air, causing a wild blowing wind and shock wave to be sent in the direction the punch was released at.

“That’s dangerous,” said Lakshman, appearing a few meters away from him after secretly using Instancity technique.

“Then, stop annoying me and fight properly,” said the Calamity Titan, who turned around to smile coolly at him.

The two warriors remained in the air and stared into each other’s faces for a moment in silence before the two simultaneously surged with power. Powering up to the max, they instantly rushed at each other before delivering their fists against one another. Upon impact, shock waves and wild blowing winds occurred, but they did not care as they began moving at an incredible speed while punching and kicking each other.

Their battle was extremely fierce, each blow they dealt was meant to knock each other out, but of course, it was different from their perspective. Lakshman was fighting so that he defeats his brother as he wanted to save him while the Calamity Titan fought back with pure killing intent that had no room for mercy.

Their raging feelings manifested in the form of storms shaking the world, natural disasters that started to crumble lands, mountains and forests around the world. They were not the only ones as the battles between the Nine Pillars of Power and the Nine Testaments of Darkness pressured the world and tested its endurance to sustain the unleashed power.

The Phoenix Titan and the Calamity Titan fought each other fiercely, punching each other, kicking one another and firing energy blasts at each other. The Calamity Titan would pull back and unleash a barrage of energy blasts at his foe, and Lakshman would deflected each and every blast away from him before firing an energy wave at him. In response and not bothering to dodge, the Calamity Titan merely swatted it like a fly to the side.

Aiming his hand at his enemy, the Calamity Titan shouted, “Gravity Down!”

A magic circle appeared beneath Lakshman and affected his body, causing him to suddenly plummet towards the ground with immense force. It took him a moment before he managed to break free from the spell’s effect by shouting a technique of his own.

“Maga Distrab!”

Once free, Lakshman swirled around and faced up to see a black wave of destruction coming towards him. Knowing that he could not evade it in time, he gathered energy force into his right fist and gritted his teeth as he pulled the hand back and punched at the oncoming wave while shouting the technique name out loud.


Upon impact, a powerful force was unleashed and it easily dispersed the energy wave while sweeping in all directions for several meters. The only way to know that there was an invisible barrier was the indentation in the water when the barrier expanded to the ocean below.

Knowing the technique, the Calamity Titan simply hovered there and waited for his enemy to soar to the same height as him before saying, “You still rely on that boring old technique? Don’t you think it’s easier to just dodge?”

Lakshman chuckled at his enemy’s words and replied, “I don’t think I should listen to an enemy that knows a spell that reflects one’s attack back at them. Mirror Force. I’m right, aren’t I?”

While he did pose it as a question, he knew very well the truth because it was him who had taught his brother that technique that he forever let go after passing it over to his younger brother. This had happened once before during this life time when he briefly observed an enemy reflecting his attack back at him during his return journey to the Human Continent from the Bazaraka Continent after the time freeze period. Thinking about it now after his memories were returned, it made sense as to why a Demon King would know such a powerful technique. Lakshman did not rule out of the possibility of that technique being developed later on, but he doubted it because there was only one person in his life who would know that technique.

The Calamity Titan snorted and replied, “You’ve got to be joking! Why would I use anything that you taught me?! You’re a murdering bastard and deserve nothing but death, you traitor!”

He made an extremely angry voice while glaring at Lakshman, but the Phoenix Titan looked back at him in a solemn expression on his face and asked, “For the last time, I didn’t do it. You were clearly tricked by someone powerful and dangerous! There’s no way I would kill my own brother and his wife! Think about it logically!”

“Shut up!” the Calamity Titan bellowed, glaring fiercely at him as he lost his cool by allowing his feelings to carry him away. “My feelings know the truth, my eyes know the reality, and I know you did all of that to me! To her! Unforgivable! I will never forgive you! Die!”

As he shouted the last word, the Calamity Titan powered up and rushed at Lakshman with his fist pulled back in a ready position. Lakshman saw him coming and for a fraction of a second, he hesitated whether he should attack his brother back or not. If he still had his brutal personality from the ancient times, he would have fought back without a shred of mercy, but the present him was softer and gentler, causing him to care much more for his brother than ever before.

Both Tetra and Silvera sensed the moment of hesitation in their husband and clearly understood his chain of thoughts. As such, they decided to respond to him kindly because they knew a decision must be made right there and then.

“Lucky, I understand how you feel about Chandra, but think about all the bad things he did to you! Think about all the people that suffered because of him! Think about Stuart and the promise you made to him. Remember that he unknowingly killed your parents with the rest of that poor kingdom’s people!” Tetra said in his mind, her voice full of concern.

“Not just them! The people of the world! The Nine Pillars of Power! People of the world! If you don’t think that far, then what about your sisters? Marilia? Mariana? Everyone!” Silvera said bracingly in his mind.

As if in slow motion, Lakshman saw images of his parents, friend, people he met, people he fought against and the people he only briefly had known for a short while. The past personality and the present personality were clashing strongly because one wanted to save while the other wanted to destroy.

He looked his brother, who looked like he was moving in slow motion towards him with a clear intent to kill, and he began to say, “I—!”

Tetra knew what was necessary in this situation to encourage her husband, and so she said, “What about us, Lucky? Your wives and our children! What about our family!”

This made Lakshman tightened his mind and heart as he realised he was stuck in an impossible situation. Until that point, he had been fighting passive in order to minimise damage and to get through to his brother; both of which did not fare well. The Calamity Titan had harmed many people, killed many he knew and that included his parents of this time, however, a strong unwillingness to kill his brother surfaced as he knew the Calamity Titan was being manipulated.

In this tense situation, where he was faced with to do or not to do options, a sudden flashback occurred in his mind. He did not know how or why it played out for him, but he was shown of the time when his mother in the ancient times bore his younger brother that was soon named Chandra.

“Chandra? You mean the moon?”

Upon his questioning her intention, his mother smiled sweetly and replied, “You’re the sun and, he’s the moon. Fitting for brothers. I’m happy.”

He could never forget that day as he knew it was the happiest he had ever seen his mother be in all of the years he lived by her side. It made him feel jealousy, but at the same time, he was happy knowing that his mother was feeling happy from the stress and depression she normally showed. Then, the memory of watching his mother being impaled by arrows as she desperately protected her child from harm with her life even though she could have dropped him and run.

Lakshman’s consciousness suddenly felt like it dived into a deep water that had no lower limit. He kept diving deeper and deeper towards the endless bottom before coming to a sudden halt. He did not feel the watery sensation from earlier and was surrounded by an emptiness filled with darkness when, all of a sudden, a voice asked him a question.

“Why do you want to save him? Is he because he’s your brother, or…?”

Lakshman thought about it for a moment and thinking about the memories he had revisited, he finally found an answer.

“Yes. He’s my brother and… he’s also the second son of my mother from the past. While the reincarnation separated us, our link to our mother will never die. So, I will save him from himself, not just because he’s my brother, but because she died protecting him. Her sacrifice should not be wasted because I know the good is still within him, deep down beneath all that darkness that’s clouding him. As his older brother, it’s my responsibility to correct him and set him on the right path.”

He had spoken firmly in the darkness with light shining only on the spot where he stood. Finding his resolution solid with no faults, the voice spoke again, but this time in a praising voice.

“Good. Now go and fulfil that task.”

As his consciousness resurfaced, he briefly pondered about whom that voice belonged to. It was familiar and made him feel reminiscent with the voice as if he and the owner were, once upon a time, very close.

He reopened his eyes and saw that his brother was racing towards him, which made him determined to fight back. Clenching his fists, he pushed himself back as his brother came forward at an incredible speed with the intent to destroy him with one deadly punch, which seemed to be surrounded by dark magic.

While backing away, Lakshman suddenly sensed an enormous amount of energy release from somewhere nearby and feeling familiar with it made him realise the energy signature belonged to the Eternal Phoenix. Both his familiars were fighting the familiar summoned by his enemy with all they got, so it was only right for him to do the same. As such, he extended his hand towards the Calamity Titan and spoke aloud a new technique he used for the first time.

“Force Blast.”

In an instant, a force of immense power was unleashed and it swept towards the Calamity Titan before smashing him full on. He got pushed back several meters by the force as he found himself utterly unable to fight back, but managed to break free when the force died down.

When his enemy recovered from it, the Phoenix Titan said with a cool expression on his face, “Don’t think killing me will be so easy.”

The Calamity Titan, a little surprised to see his enemy looking confident and strong, snorted and replied, “Everyone says that, but they all eventually end up dead! Ha!”

He extended his hands out to him as he began gathering energy when, all of a sudden, a powerful force of wind blew from behind him. Taken by surprise, he flew towards Lakshman and, realising that firing an energy wave was pointless, he resorted to gathering dark energy into his clenched fist. Likewise, Lakshman pulled his clenched fist back and gathered energy into it as he readied himself to attack his enemy.

The Calamity Titan soared towards him and increased speed while surging with power, which caused the wind to spread and blow wildly towards his foe. Being buffeted a little did not stop Lakshman as he leapt towards his enemy with the intent to smack some sense into him.

The two warriors flew together each other and in slow motion, the Calamity Titan unleashed his fist with the target being that of Lakshman’s head. Lakshman stayed on course as it looked like he wouldn’t miss when he suddenly swung his body to the left to avoid it while bringing his arm forward to smash his enemy across the face.

Hit on the side of his face, the Calamity Titan flew to the side for several meters before he managed to stop himself in mid-flight. He hovered there with one hand placed over his cheek and spat blood from out of his mouth before he turned around to face him with a glowering look on his face.

“So, you’ve shown your true colours!” he said, an evil smile appearing on his face.

Lakshman straightened up and said with a determined expression on his face, “No. This is just the beginning of my task of saving you.”

For a moment, the Calamity Titan remained silent before he sighed and said, “Restoration.”

In an instant, all damage dealt to him from earlier was instantly restored. Lakshman, who had received several blows earlier, resisted the urge to heal himself as he knew safeguarding precious energy was necessary for the coming battle.

The Calamity Titan stared at his enemy before something caught his attention and turned to the side to look at something that Lakshman could not see. A sinister smile appeared on his face for unknown reasons, and he turned back and face his enemy with a wicked expression on his face.

“Save me? From what? You?” he asked and began laughing in a mirthless laughter that was cold and chilling. Once he calmed down, he looked menacingly at his enemy and said, “You’re a joke! You have no idea of how it feels to lose a loved one, otherwise, you wouldn’t have betrayed me, killed my wife and left me for dead!”

Lakshman remained silent for a moment, and his hair slightly shadowed his eyes as he slowly said, “You’re wrong… I too know the pain of loss…” He lifted his head and looked sadly at his brother and said, “When you killed my wives…”

The Calamity Titan looked a little surprised before an evil grin appeared on his face as he asked, “Oh? When I killed them? That’s odd because I was sure you killed me because I had come back as a big and nasty surprise!”

Lakshman instantly sensed something was amiss about the Calamity Titan and narrowed his eyes suspiciously while his enemy continued speaking in an indifferent voice.

“Oh well. I died too quickly to realise your pain, but it’s alright! We have a second chance, so why don’t we see how it feels when I kill your wives a second time?!”

His words startled the Phoenix Titan, and he asked, “What? What’re you saying?!”

Not bothering with replying, the Calamity Titan faced in the direction he previously faced and with a truly murderous look on his face, he extended one hand in front of him. Realising he was up to no good, Lakshman charged forward when he smacked hard against an invisible barrier formed around his enemy. In the meantime, his enemy began to surge with incredible power as a large black sphere of energy gathered at the end of his extended hand.

Lakshman activated Maga Distrab and realised it had failed, so he punched the barrier as hard as he could. Seeing that he was not achieving anything by doing it, he stopped and stared in shock at the amassing quantity of dark energy within the barrier.

“What are you doing?!” the Phoenix Titan shouted, his mind racing as he soon realised what the answer to it was.

The Calamity titan did not reply as he silently gathered dark energy within the barrier and as it grew larger and larger, he slowly flew back and came out of the barrier. By then, the black energy filled up the barrier and threatened to burst, but the Calamity Titan calmly held it with one hand while aiming it towards the intended direction.

“Bye~! Bye~!” he said in a malicious voice as his face made an expression that of wild exhilaration.

Exerting his power over the attack, he removed the barrier and unleashed the massive wave of destruction while shouting, “Vakriphira!”

The moment the barrier was removed, there was a violent flash of light before an enormous wave of destruction was launched from where his hand was extending to. The place at which this unbelievable amount of power was aimed at was none other than the Human Continent and to be more specific, it was the place where the remainder of Lakshman’s family were located at.

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