Phoenix Rising – Chapter 409

Chapter 409

I am…

A massive black wave of destruction was unleashed from the Calamity Titan, and the aim of the attack was towards the Human Continent where the wives of the Phoenix Titan were gathered. He had sensed their presence earlier, which was why he briefly looked in their direction in surprise before deciding to attack them. This was also the reason why he hung his enemy on a suspense note as he distracted him and fired his deadly attack.

Lakshman got away from it just in time before it was unleashed, and he watched in amazement. Turning back to face his enemy, who seemed to smile in satisfaction, he asked in a suspicious voice, “Why did you fire it there when I’m right here?”

The Calamity Titan turned in his direction with a wicked grin on his face and replied, “You weren’t my target.” When his foe looked puzzled, his grin widened and continued to say, “You just said you knew what it felt like to lose a loved one, so I put you to the test. See?”

As the Calamity Titan gestured in the direction the wave was flying at, Lakshman’s eyes widened in shock as he knew what his enemy meant. Also turning in the direction, the wave was headed towards, he gritted his teeth as a shocked expression covered his face.

“No!” he exclaimed, his voice becoming hoarse in horror.

His mind began to race and wanting to instantly stop the attack, he turned around to move towards his enemy when, to his surprise, he was forestalled by the Calamity Titan’s words.

“Don’t bother attacking me. I’m no longer controlling the wave since it already has ample amount of power to wipe out that kingdom just like I did once before to another continent twelve-years-ago.”

With that, he grinned broadly with an evil expression on his face, which made Lakshman turn to glare fiercely at him. The Phoenix Titan knew he was speaking about the destruction caused to the Rodfox Kingdom, which inevitably killed a lot of people and that included his parents. A surge of anger sprung forth from within Lakshman, but he instantly cooled his thoughts as he knew that he must stop the wave aiming for the lives of his people and his wives.

“Not if I have anything to do about it,” he replied and turned around before aiming his hand in front of him and said, “Transverse Portal!”

In an instant, a black swirling hole appeared in front of him and, with it, lightning began to exert from the portal.

Not wanting him to intervene, the Calamity Titan said, “I’m still here,” and aimed his hand at his enemy’s back.

While soaring forward, the Phoenix Titan clapped his hands together and shouted, “Thousand Army!”

In an instant, a flash of light occurred that momentarily caused the Calamity Titan to reflexively close his eyes and cover them. As the light dimmed, he removed his hand covering his eyes and saw, much to his surprise, a thousand copies of is enemy spread all around him. At the same time, he heard a swishing sound and noticed the portal closing, making him realise his enemy had entered it during the distraction.

He clicked his tongue in annoyance, but he immediately smiled confidently and thought, “Tch. You will need far more power than what you currently possess to stop that, brother…!” Turning his attention to the copies surrounding him, he waved a hand at him while shouting, “You copies! Come at me!”

Shouting together, the copies of Lakshman soared towards their common enemy while the Calamity Titan smiled excitedly as he prepared himself for battle.



Erza’s scream rang in the area as the massive wave of destruction destroyed the barrier protecting the Floria Kingdom and soared straight at the people at the courtyard. They were all scared as the other women activated their strongest magic spells to fight it back with desperation to survive for the sake of themselves, their husband and their children.

At that moment, a portal opened in the air and several meters ahead of the black wave. The one that exited out of the portal was the Phoenix Titan and everyone, seeing him there and facing the danger, felt a huge lift in their spirits. Despite the danger being overwhelming, they instinctively felt they were safe now that the Phoenix Titan was there.

Lakshman hovered in mid-air with his back to his people and stared at the oncoming attack with a very serious expression on his face. He extended the palms of his hands out and pulled them to the side before he began gathering energy in between. The gathered energy grew larger for several tense seconds in which the winds blew wildly, buffeting him slightly and causing the pressure in the air to thicken to several degrees.

Soon, a crimson coloured sphere of energy was formed in between his palms and exerting his strength, he brought the palms forward and screamed the technique name out loud while releasing it.


In an instant, an enormous amount of crimson coloured wave of energy was unleashed from between the palms of his hands. The wave grew larger and became massive as it surged forward and smashed with great force against the oncoming black wave of destruction.

The moment the two waves made contact, an enormous earthquake occurred that shook the ground and caused everyone to lose balance and fall to the ground. Some got slightly scratched here and there while the wives of the Phoenix Titan and the wife of the Sword titan managed to sport some bruises as they protected their children from harm.

The babies were crying desperately while their mothers and caretakers did their best to calm them down. They were scared by the tremendous amount of energy, the wild sound of the wind and the thickening pressure in the air. It hurt them, which was why Venezuela, Erza, Emilia. Sonia and Sumara activated the barrier magic spells again to protect their children.

Meanwhile, up in the air, Lakshman was exerting his muscles and pushing energy into his wave in order to give it more power to push against the wave. Unfortunately, his wave did seem to momentarily keep the oncoming wave at bay, but it only lasted for several seconds before it began to push towards him again. The force of the push made Lakshman move backwards while continuing to fire the attack.


Clicking his tongue in frustration, he applied more and more energy to his wave, but it managed to momentarily stall the oncoming wave before being pushed back once more. He realised that, at this rate, he would have to release more energy than he possibly could to match the power of his enemy’s wave.

“Damn…! Just how much power did he put into it?” he muttered with a small smile formed on his face.

“This isn’t good! That attack is so powerful!” Silvera said, her voice full of worry as he heard it in his mind.

“Lucky! Let us pool our energies together and beat that thing!” Tetra suggested in a serious voice.

He shook his head and while pushing against the wave, he replied, “No! That would be dangerous for all three of us! I’ll be depleting your energies more quickly than going through my own!”

His wives were a little startled by his response and the one to reply to it was Silvera, who said in a hurt voice, “Are you saying we don’t possess enough energy to defeat this thing!”

“What I’m saying is, if you lend me your energies, then maybe we could defeat it, but that will also leave you vulnerable to attacks! You won’t be able to muster the power to use your other skills and would be just used as powerful weapons for battle instead of special weapons with powers!”

He spoke in a serious voice because he knew the consequences of taking the energies of his wives. As Phoenix Blade and the Demon Slayer, their powers were immense, but they were not limitless as a large amount of energy was required to stop this wave. For such an amount, consequences would follow and that would leave the two Sacred Spirits tired and in a weakened state.

Truth of the matter was that he did not want to tell his wives that he was much more powerful than they ever could possibly be. He knew they have a strong mind, a strong heart and a strong will, but when it comes to a match of powers, the opposition would win. That was why he had always kept his wives at a distance from violence because the men’s body was designed for the rough and tough while the women’s body was more suited towards simpler works.

Tetra, who understood his chain of thoughts more clearly than Silvera, sighed and said in his mind, “Lucky, that is not the point! It’ll be fine if we lend you our power since we now know the enemy is far more powerful than we expected.” As he continued to hesitate more, she became serious and said, “I also know you’re trying to save up your full power for the main battle, so please! Let us help you this one time!”

“Please, Lucky! It’s the only way!” Silvera jumped in to support Tetra.

Lakshman gritted his teeth as he exerted more energy into his wave to keep its power so as to keep the oncoming wave at bay. Even so, it only slowed down the inevitable and made it only obvious that he must use his restrained power. He did not want to rely on his wives unless necessary, nor did he want to do that, but he also did not wish to unleash his powers before the main decisive battle.

At that moment, he heard the voice of his enemy in his mind as he telepathically said, “What’s wrong? Struggling to win against my attack? I thought so because, unlike your past self, your present self is weak!”

The Phoenix Titan was angered by the words of his enemies, but the Calamity Titan did not stop there while he slowly decimated the multiple copies of Lakshman.

“You’re being soft on your wives, and you’ve become the type to hold back! Pathetic! What happened to that brutality you once had? What happened to that fiery rage that you showed on the battlefield!”

His words were taunting as he goaded his enemy into giving into the pressure, which further caused Lakshman frustration as his past self’s personality suddenly clashed strongly against his present life’s personality.

While defeating several copies of Lakshman simultaneously, the Calamity Titan smirked and said telepathically, “Remember the nickname everyone outside our clan gave you? Yes. You were the Phoenix Titan, but to most, you were feared as Asura the Demon Titan!”

Upon hearing that name, Lakshman widened his eyes with shock before narrowing them down as if he was pained. That was the name that many of those the Phoenix Clan defeated had given him. Back in those days, he used that name to the fullest and made everyone fear him, which was one of the reasons he managed to dominate the world. Even so, the present him refused to go back to the way he was back then, but his past personality started fighting him forcefully.

“Come on…! Fight…! Unleash it…! Decimate the enemies…!” the voice of his past self-echoed in his mind, causing him a great headache that made him shut his eyes tightly with intense pain.

The pain began to overwhelm him and as he slowly started to lose his senses and his past self-began to gain control over his present self, the voices of his wives were heard as they shouted to support him.

“Lucky! Don’t listen to him! He’s only trying to deceive you!” Silvera said sharply.

“You are not what you were in the past! You are different! You are our Lucky!” Tetra said in a firm voice.

Their voices gave him courage and empowered him with strength, enabling him to supress his past self’s influence over him. In the next moment, he did something that surprised both his wives, which was merging his past self into himself. He was initially worried about doing this, but he knew that his past self would accept it because of the principles he followed.

“I must change myself in order to change others.”

As the merge went underway, his entire body glowed brightly and caused a great glare of light to occur that startled everyone. Several seconds later, the light dimmed and revealed him still empowering his massive crimson wave of destruction with more energy to keep the oncoming black wave of destruction at bay.

While Silvera was worried, Tetra tentatively asked, “Lucky…? Are you…?”

“I’m fine,” said Lakshman in a voice that was deeper, stronger and more powerful than it ever was before.

The depth and power of his voice caused the hearts of his wives to thump in awe as it was reminiscent of his past self. At the same time, however, they knew the Lucky they knew and loved was still there with them, which made them realise the two had finally become one.

Lakshman, who smiled confidently at his new self, activated Telepathy and connected with the Calamity Titan before he telepathically said, “You are gravely mistaken, Calamity Titan.”

“What?” the Calamity Titan replied telepathically, a little surprised and taken aback by the slight change in his enemy’s voice and the deep held power that rang with it.

“You keep calling me Asura, but you’re wrong. He’s gone. I’m not him. I am… Lakshman, but call me Lucky!” In the next moment, he shouted, “Call me Lucky! UUUURRRRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!”

With that shout, he exerted more energy and forced his wave forward, which caused the black wave to be pushed back as well. After being pushed back several meters, Lakshman suddenly released the wave and let the black wave free to come forward once more.

“Lucky!” Silvera exclaimed in shock.

“What are you doing?!” Tetra exclaimed in shock.

Without explaining or saying anything, he put his hands on the hilts of his swords and swiftly pulled them out with a resounding swishing sound as they left their scabbard. Spinning them skilfully with both of his hands, he held both of them away from each other with a confident look on his face before he shouted the name of a certain object out loud.

“Celestial Blade!”

As he screamed the name out loud, he surged with power that radiated a golden-red aura that surrounded him. At the same time, he swung both of his sword towards one another and smashed them together in front of him. In an instant, a blinding flash of light occurred that made it difficult to see what was happening before the light dimmed and revealed him holding a blade that was sizzling with power, excellently shaped like a sword, with inscriptions on its back, as it radiated a mix of black and white aura.

He smiled down at the dignified looking blade and turned his attention towards the wave that was soaring quickly towards him. Making a small smile that was filled with assurance, he moved his sword to the far left and activating its power, he swung it in an arc to the other side while shouting the technique name out loud.

“Light Wiper!”

In an instant, an immense wave of slicing energy was unleashed from the glowing sword and it swept forward with an incredible force. The slicing wave became incredibly large and it engulfed the black wave that came forth before it continued to travel far into the distance. As it did, the wind blew wildly and caused the entire Human Continent to shake violently before it exited the continent as it continued to soar towards its target.

The Calamity Titan was in the midst of destroying the last of the multiple copies of Lakshman before noticing the powerful slicing wave of energy that was headed his way. He widened his eyes in shock because that was completely unexpected for his enemy to fire a powerful technique that would overwhelm his attack, which he believed was unstoppable.


Gathering a large amount of energy into his arm, he swept it forward in an arc towards the oncoming wave. Upon contact, his wave transformed into an intense blowing powerful wind that swept the oncoming wave and wiped it from view in a matter of seconds.


The released energy technique was not that difficult to beat for someone like him, but he still was annoyed because he was forced to use a powerful technique to defend himself.

Lakshman, who saw this from afar using Zooming Force spell, smiled and telepathically said to his enemy, “Nice job defending yourself” His words instantly aggravated his enemy, which he knew and ignored as he continued to telepathically say, “Like I was saying earlier… I’m not Asura. I’m Lakshman. So, call me Lakshman… and if that’s not easy enough… call me Lucky.”

With that, he smiled in confidence and instantly began to surge with power while radiating a golden-red aura that surrounded him. It was, at that moment, that his hair momentarily turned golden-red before returning to black, which went unnoticed by everyone as the deciding battle between the Phoenix Titan and the Calamity Titan was about to commence.

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