Phoenix Rising – Chapter 410

Chapter 410

Sword Justice (Part 1)

Dominic stood wearing his golden armour while wielding the golden sword in one hand that was resting at his side while he stared at his enemies. There were two of them, one being the Testament of Hatred, Croto and the other was the Testament of Greed, Kress. All three of them were standing on the Demon Continent, but were surrounded by a different space, where everything around them was rocky mountain and countless blades floating in mid-air and poking out of the ground.

The Testament of Greed, who was in possession of Nara’s body, smiled evilly at the Sword Titan and said, “You know what? I’m impressed you chose to stay. After all, there’s two of us and one of you.”

“I don’t hate the odds being in our favour,” said Croto in agreement.

Dominic rasied an eyebrow behind his armoured helmet and replied, “Well… this is something. You actually said something that you don’t hate. That’s a first.”

“Don’t mock me!” Croto said sharply and began to surge with power that made the ground shake a little. He pointed a finger at him and said, “You’re all alone!” Then, with a smile, he finished by saying, “I like that.”

His words made Dominic chuckle while Seta, his Destiny Blade, snorted in his mind and said, “My goodness, they are totally conceited.”

The Sword Titan smiled behind his armoured helmet and replied in a clear confident voice, “Once again, you surprise me, but you’re wrong in one thing; I’m not alone.”

With that, he flicked his sword and the surrounding swords began to glow one by one in an amazing show of coordination and power. Croto and Kress saw this and instantly focused their attention on the swords because, at that moment, they began flying from all sides. Their speed was incredible, which caused the two Testament of Darkness warriors to get out of the way and start dodging as quickly as they could.

“What an insane speed?!” Kress exclaimed in surprise.

At that moment, he was startled when he found the Golden Warrior suddenly appear before him and shout, “Don’t forget about me!”

He swung his sword in an attempt to cut at Nara’s body, but Kress instinctively moved his hands up to catch the sword in between his hands. The force of the swing caused the ground to sink while the small area around them cracked and split into pieces. Kress got pushed down, but he held his ground firmly and pushed back the sword, which did not move due to the amount of pressure given to it by Dominic.

Clicking his tongue, Kress said in a sharp voice, “Don’t forget! I have your friend’s strength with me! RRRRRAAAAHHH!!!!”

Screaming like a beast, he applied great force to the blade and managed to snap it at the spot he was holding it at. He quickly threw it aside and pulled back his right fist, gathered energy into it and thrust it forward and straight towards his enemy’s helmeted face as he shouted the technique out loud.

“Mega Smash!”

Time seemed to move slowly as Dominic slowly landed on the ground just as the powerful punch was headed towards him. In slow motion, he let go of the broken sword and thrust his arm to the side as if trying to catch something. In an instant, a sword materialised out of thin air and, quickly grabbing it, he swung it at the fist.

The force of impact between the fist and blade was so strong that both warriors got pushed several meters back. Their feet got dragged on the ground before they came to a stop with several meters of gap between them. Dominic sighed behind his helmet in relief while Kress relaxed his hand while looking mightily impressed.

“Amazing. You can summon swords?”

“I don’t just summon then; I control them!” Dominic said in a dramatic voice and spread one arm to the swords surrounding them. “This is my domain! Attack!”

The order was unnecessary as the sword immediately flew towards the enemies of their master. Kress moved to dodge and destroy them by moving his fists quickly. Several meters away, Croto was doing the same, but with a truly hateful expression on his face.

Flying into a rage, he screamed, “I hate this! Argh!”

With a scream, he swept his hand in all directions, sending a powerful invisible wave of energy that decimated the oncoming swords.

“Fool! I’m also here!” Kress bellowed, leaping high into the air and getting away just in time before the attack reached him.

The matter destroyer attack soared towards the Sword Titan, who stood his ground and spun his sword skilfully in his hand before holding it horizontally in front of him in defence. As soon as the invisible wave reached him, the sword began to glow and a powerful barrier formed around him and it smashed forcefully against the oncoming attack.

A few seconds passed between the two forces smashing into each other fiercely before they exploded, causing wild blowing winds and shock waves to be sent in every direction. The two Testaments of Darkness warriors braced themselves as the shock wave swept towards them and the wind threatened to lift them off their feet. Even the ground shook so violently that there was a high chance that it could have been destroyed.

From within the smoke from the explosion, they heard Dominic scream, “Blade Lazers!”

In an instant, the cleared ground suddenly started popping more and more swords from out of the ground, which caused the two warriors to leap away. In the next moment, the blades glowed bright red and fired blazing lazers in the direction of their targets as the swords seemed to change direction to face in their enemies’ direction.

“Damn!” Croto said in annoyance.

Gathering energy in the palms of his hands, he formed a black sphere and quickly landed with it aiming towards the swords on the ground. The lasers got dispersed upon making contact against the black sphere and as soon as it landed it on the ground, the swords got destroyed.

“Shadow Decimator!”

With the technique shouted out loud, the wind suddenly blew wildly in all directions as well as sending shock waves with it. At the same time, the black sphere suddenly began spreading in all directions at an incredible speed and each contact against the poking out swords against it permanently destroyed the sword.

“Wow!” Dominic said, leaping into the air to avoid the attack as he witnessed the mass of swords being decimated by that technique.

“Well, I did say he’s got skill,” said Seta in an “I told you” voice.

“And I remember telling you to not compliment the enemy,” replied Dominic, but he still smiled down at his enemy in acknowledgement of that fact.

“Did you forget about me?”

A voice said from somewhere close by, and Dominic whirled around to find Kress almost on top of him with a fist aiming towards his chest. This time, his attack made contact against Dominic’s armour and the force of impact was so strong that Dominic felt it and so did his armour as it completely shattered. A moment later, he was pummelled towards the ground before he smashed forcefully against the ground with such force that the ground caved in, destroyed the ground nearby and caused an explosion of dust to rise high into the air.

It took a few seconds for the dust to clear and show Dominic kneeling while clutching his stomach area while coughing as if he was winded. Kress grinned fiendishly and rocketed towards him with his fist raised as he was determined to kill him off with one swift attack.

“Infinity Force!”

While soaring towards the ground, he surged with immense power and began radiating violet aura that surrounded him. With a twisted grin on his face, he pulled his fist back, gathered Energy Force into it and unleashed it just as he was about to reach him.

Dominic moaned a little from the pain he felt in his stomach when he heard his Sacred Spirit warn him in his mind, “From above!”

Not doubting her for even a second and while still kneeling on the ground, he exerted his strength and tossed his sword into the air. On its own violation, the sword spun around and stabbed itself firmly into the ground within his arm reach. Quickly grabbing the hilt with one hand, he managed to shout the technique name just as his enemy reached him.

“Shield Blades!”

In an instant, the swords began springing from out of the ground and soared from all around him to form into a dome shape around him. It was a shield formation, except using blades as a method of protecting their caster and the moment Kress punched them, the entire ground shook violently as wild shock waves and storm like winds blew in all directions.

The ground shook violently, cracked and gave way underneath Dominic, sinking deeper into the ground. Even so, his blades did not let a single force of that blow reach him as they magically forced themselves to hold their ground against the attacking force of their enemy.

“Good call,” said Seta in his mind.

He sighed and muttered, “Thanks for the warning.” Dropping the casualness and becoming serious, he exerted his recovered strength and gripped the sword tightly while saying, “Blade Cannon!”

It was at that moment, when Kress managed to land on his feet, was when the shield of blades immediately broke formation and quickly formed into a cannon shape with a big hole at its centre. A massive energy gathered in it within a matter of seconds before a massive golden wave of destruction was unleashed.

“What?!” Kress exclaimed in shock as all it swept forward and consumed him entirely.

Sweeping forward, it continued to soar several meters away before exploding, causing the ground to shake as wild blowing winds and shock waves were sent everywhere. It took several seconds for the smoke to slowly disperse to reveal Kress, still possessing Nara’s body, bleeding from multiple wounds on his body. He even coughed more blood out while looking blearily at Dominic, who had gotten to his feet by then.

“Ugh…! Are you… insane…?! Do you realise… that this body belongs to your friend…?!” Kress asked slowly, coughing several more times as he tried to regain his breathing pattern.

“To attack your own friend in such an awful way… It’s disgusting,” said Croto, who had dodged the wave of swords, that came from aside and stood next to Kress with a face full of hatred. “This is why I hate this world! Such… lowly behaviour to show towards your friend, despite him being possessed and all!”

“Don’t you care about him one bit?!” Kress exclaimed sharply.

Dominic remained silent for a moment and eyed the two of them slowly before replying, “On the contrary, I do care about him and that is why I am attacking you. I will weaken your grip over him and give him the chance to fight you from the inside!”

With a determined expression on his face behind his armoured helmet, he began to surge with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. At the same time, his partially destroyed armour gathered back together and became whole once more within seconds. In the next instance, Dominic kicked off the ground and flew towards them at high speed while also flicking his sword to make the other swords fly at them as a distraction.

The two Testaments of Darkness warriors dodged and destroyed the swords that continuously flew towards them at a large number. As he reached them, Kress smashed the swords and went to attack him, which made Dominic summon another sword to begin his dual-wielding battle.

The Testament of Greed and the Sword Titan fought at an incredible speed that felt like each movement, impact and movement again was happening in the blink of an eye. It was a truly remarkable occurrence to happen, where both sides were strong, fast and skilled in their area of battle.

Many times, Dominic’s blades were destroyed, but he just resummoned more and Nara got cut several times, but he continued on fighting because he was driving to kill his enemy. Both moved rapidly and it took them from one place to another and then from that place to another in a quick succession and with this cycle repeating itself, it became difficult to keep track of them.

Just as the fierce clash between the two pushed them back, Croto appeared out of nowhere next to Kress as he aimed to kill their enemy.

“You are an existence that I hate to tolerate!” Croto yelled with a murderous aura surrounding him. He aimed his hand at him and began to shout, “Shadow of—!”

Before he could finish, however, Dominic instantly raised his sword into the air and shouted, “Tectonic Blade!”

In an instant, the blade transformed into a heavy blade and when he swung it down and smashed it onto the ground, the surface exploded. Small and large pieces of rocks flew in all directions from the point of explosion, hurling themselves at Croto and Kress, managing to wound Croto and successfully stopped him activating his technique.

As the smoke spread and the warriors got away from each other, Dominic noticed that Nara’s body got wounded several more times during that attack. He became suspicious of his enemy’s behaviour and narrowed his eyes when he heard his Sacred Spirit speak in his mind.

“Dom, Nara’s body is pretty badly beaten. Of course, he could still go on, but he isn’t bothering to defend and is just attacking without care. It’s almost like—!”

“—like he’s planning to weaken his body so that I let my guard down so that he can take over my body. Am I right?” he finished her sentence and asked in a knowing voice.


He nodded in agreement and muttered, “I thought so. Judging from how he’s been able to use Nara’s body, I get the feeling he isn’t able to tap into the full powers that Nara possesses. In that care, the better option is to take over another body that is either equally or more powerful than his present one.”

“You’re right but that doesn’t solve the problem because it’s clear this guy doesn’t give a damn what happens to his body so long as he achieves his long-term goal,” replied Seta in a heated voice, angered by such an ideology. “You can’t keep attacking either because there is the dangerous chance that you might end up crippling Nara’s body so badly that when Nara eventually returns, he might not be able to function like he used to before.”

“I know. Don’t worry. I got just the idea for this mess,” said Dominic as a smile of confidence formed on his face.

Once again, he surged with power and rocketed towards them at high speed to dodge around Croto and head straight towards Kress. Spitting blood out, the possessed body of Nara face smiled at him and moved forward with fists raised to greet him, but Dominic did not plan on engaging him in battle. Instead, he opted for a more roundabout method that was very similar to his best friend’s, the Phoenix Titan.

As he reached him, Dominic activated Mirage Blade and it allowed him to go around his enemy’s defences, who was under the illusion that he was actually fighting him. It seemed that the illusion did not last long against his incredible speed due to Mirage Blade being a mere distraction, Kress suddenly noticed his enemy standing very close to him in a prepared stance.

“What are you—?!” Kress began.

Not answering and not waiting even for a second, Dominic held his sword in a ready stance and moved in while shouting, “Transcendent Blade!”

In an instant, his sword glowed brightly and before his enemy could do anything, the Sword Titan stabbed Nara’s body with it. Time seemed to stop for a moment as Kress looked down at the shocking reality of feeling the pain and then from seeing the sword pierced through his body. Strangely, however, he realised that there was no other pain apart from the initial shock of it being stabbed into him.

At that moment, Dominic began to surge with incredible power that surprised both Kress and Croto before he shouted, “Transcendent Talk!”

Widening his eyes in shock at the realisation of what his enemy was about to do, the Testament of Greed began to exclaim, “Oh n—!”

He was cut off as a blinding flash of light occurred within the vicinity and it spread to all directions, making it difficult to see what was happening inside of it.

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