Arc 1: Chapter 2 – The Home

For the next ten days, the mother and her son remained at the hospital while the father left for work and visited them after work on his way home. During their stay, the baby boy discovered something that initially shocked him about who he was.

The next day after he was born, his father came again to visit them. It was then that he noticed a pair of feathery wings sprouting out of his father’s back.

“Wings? Coming out of his back? I-is that some kind of costume? Did he come straight from a drama session?” He had thought since he did not know what kind of work his father does for a living.

However, as he continued observing them, he realised they seemed to move ever so slightly and did not look remotely artificial. It was as if those wings were very real, and they really were sprouting out the back of his father.

Feeling worried, he glanced up at his mother to check whether she has the same or not. It took him a minute to turn sideways to look towards her back to see that she also had wings coming out of her back.

“Wings…! They’re real wings!” He thought to himself in disbelief, “but… does that mean I’m not human?”

Being a baby, he had not fully developed the control of having or sensing the extraordinary factors on his body. But, seeing his parents having wings made him feel convinced that he was also just like them.

“If I’m not human… then… am I a bird-man?” He thought dejectedly.

Just then, a thought struck him as strange as he observed his father’s wings.

“If we are evolutions of birds, then why are the wings… so pure? They’re white and shiny… almost like they’re glowing in the sunlight.”

He was feeling very troubled because of the situation he found himself in. He was able to understand that they were wings, but he did not seem to be able to point his finger to what exactly they were. It was as if the Entity Limitless had left him with common sense and language of the old while taking away the rest.

“I’ll probably find out as I grow what I am,” he admitted defeat because he had no way of finding out what race he was.

His father, during his visits to the hospital, brought with him some sort of food that looked like sugar contained sweets. Upon catching sight of them, the nurse instantly returned them to him and began scolding him on bringing junk food into the hospital and trying to feed his wife and child.

His mother was happily laughing at the scene of her husband spluttering for words to defend himself with. He looked towards his wife for help only for her to lay her hands out in a gesture of helplessness with a smile on her face

His son had only one thing to comment about his father, and he did it by sighing and thinking, “Dad is silly.”

On the 12th day of their stay in the hospital, the doctor, that had performed the delivery, came to check on both the mother and child. After going through her check-up procedure, she smiled at them in satisfaction and announced that both parent and child had a clean bill of health.

“Can we leave today then, doctor?” The father asked hopefully.

“Certainly,” she replied while nodding her head in agreement.

Once the doctor and nurse left, the father moved around the room, collecting clothes and other utensils they had used in their stay at the hospital, following the instructions his wife was giving out while sitting comfortably on the bed with her child in her lap.

It did not take that long for them to clear out their belongings into one large bag that the father carried in one arm. He used the other arm to help his wife off the bed to stand up. For a moment, she wavered before steadying her stance and letting go of her husband’s had before walking towards the exit.

When they stood outside the hospital, their child looked around as he expected to see some kind of transport waiting for them. Instead, he found a clean street filled with a few stragglers walking about their daily business but no method for transportation.

“What? There’s no vehicle here at all. Maybe, they’re running late?” He thought as it made sense.

At that moment, his mother drew her son close to her face and whispered, “It’ll be alright, okay? I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you!”

Her son did not understand what she said, but he could guess it was something to reassure him. So, he smiled both inwardly and outwardly, causing his mother to smile brightly and kiss him on the cheek. However, he was shocked by what his parents did next, dashing out all thoughts of using a transportation vehicle.

Both his father and mother stood firmly and seemed to do something that their son did not understand, causing the wind to suddenly blow a little faster around them. Then, the both of them flapped their wings firmly before kicking off the ground, soaring high into the air in the process.

Woah!” Their son screamed in his mind while he began crying on the outside.

He was shocked by his parents suddenly taking flight using their wings and whatever else they did that he did not understand. The wind gently touched him where he was cradled in the arms of his mother as both of his parents flew through the air and headed in the direction of their home.

The baby boy glanced around with wide eyes in amazement at the incredible speed that his parents were flying at. Even though he did not have the memories of his past life, he could guess he had been able to learn to fly, but never once did he expect he’d enjoy a view like this from the arms of his mother.

It was then that he realised something odd about the situation; the wind did not sting his eyes. It made him wonder whether the speed they were going at was the cause, or was there another reason behind it.

Just then, a hand touched his head, and he looked up at his mother who was smiling down at him.

“It’ll be alright. We’ll be there soon,” she said, thinking that he was probably worried about his current situation. “Once we get home, I’ll feed you, okay?”

Though not being able to understand his mother, her son understood from her body language that she was thinking he was worried. So, he smiled at her happily and twitched a little in her arms, causing her to chuckle and kiss him, this time on his forehead.

They travelled through the air for several minutes before reaching the outskirts of the city. From there, it took them a few minutes before they slowed down and descended toward the ground.

“We’re home,” said his mother in a bright voice with a wide smile on her face.

Her son twitched a little as he slowly moved his body to look towards their home. It was a medium sized house with two floors; a ground floor and a top floor. It was constructed in a simple fashion yet it gave off an air of tranquility just by standing near it.

“We’re finally home,” the father said, smiling blissfully.

“Samuel,” began his wife, addressing her husband by his first name, and turned give him a raised look, “we’ve only been gone for twelve days.”

“You’re right, Sarah, but it was lonely without my family,” he admitted, looking sadly at them. In an instant, he brightened up and said, “Now that you’re back, this place feels lively again!”

“Yes, with a new addition to our family,” admitted his wife happily, and together, they walked towards the house.

Once inside, their son saw that it was a spacious house that did hid it’s interior completely with walls and windows. Towards the left near the entrance seemed to be the living room, while further ahead, there was a split that went two ways; on the left was the kitchen while on the right was a bedroom. Towards the other end of the hallway was a staircase leading upstairs where bathroom and other bedrooms were located at.

Samuel and Sarah closed the door to their house and walked towards the bedroom on the right of where the split occurred. In there, their son found out that it was a comfortably spacious room with a large bed in the centre of it, facing towards the windows.

There was also a swing basket in the room that was tied with ropes to the ceiling. Sarah walked over to it and bent over to gently lay her son in it.

At first, she hesitantly laid him down without completely letting go of him. Obviously, she was worried that the swing might snap upon bearing his full weight. However, as she slowly let go of him and waited for a few seconds, nothing happened.

The swing slowly moved back and forth with him inside. He watched his mother release a deep sigh in relief and smiled tiredly down at him. Seeing his mother feel worried for him caused him to feel extremely happy even though it was laughable that the swing would snap by the weight of a baby.

“Mother, you worry too much,” he thought, but still felt happy for the concern she had for him.

“Seriously, Sarah! You’re too worried!” Samuel said while coming to stand next to her and smile down at his child. “See? He seems to like this swing.”

“Yes, but… what if it broke…?” She wondered aloud the worry that had plagued her mind.

Her husband put his arm around her and pulled her close to him and said reassuringly, “Don’t worry. I set this swing up, and I wouldn’t have put my child in this if I wasn’t fully confident that it could hold him. So, relax and have some confidence in me. Alright?”

She nodded silently in agreement, and she smiled down at her son lying there with a smile on his face. Their son had indeed taken a liking to the swing as the sensation of drifting back and forth felt oddly relaxing.

“This feels so much better than being stuck in a hospital looking at the same thing for days on end,” admitted the baby boy in his mind happily.

For a few minutes, the parents stood there and swung the swing gently back and forth affectionately as their baby slowly turned around inside it while smiling every now and then.

At that moment, a loud knocking sound came from their entrance and the parents looked at each other in surprise.

“I’ll go see who it is,” Samuel said, and he hurried out of the room to greet their visitor.

A few seconds later, Sarah heard a pair of voices speaking before letting out loud laughter in happiness. Then, her husband returned with two others following behind them.

“Hello!” The man greeted enthusiastically with a broad grin on his face.

“Hello, Sarah. You’re looking well,” said the woman pleasantly with a smile on her face.

“Mike! Grace!”  Sarah said, turning to face them in surprise and smiled, clearly happy to see them.

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