Returned Home

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the long absence and making anyone worry (maybe no one worried) because I got engaged and married a few years back and had to settle down. Then I did a few things, tried other things, blah blah blah, and so on.

After trying out other different platforms for story writing, I’ve returned to my home grounds because I like it hear. It’s peaceful and less cluttered than elsewhere. Most of all, it’s my home and there’s no other place that feels more so welcoming than when you began from.

As you all probably know by now, I write for fun because I enjoy the art of writing and the joy it brings me to see readers enjoying what I had to offer. It’s not the best, but I did my level best.

I think you’ve seen that I’m posting new stories with new chapters. Yes, I’ve been writing even after my disappearance from here as I didn’t want to give up writing as it’s the only hobby I have at the moment.

Frankly, I’ve crossed 500+ chapters in Phoenix Rising, but I kind of lost the love I once held for it, so I’ve returned to the story board and started from scratch again. That’s why I renamed it to The Life of the Phoenix Titan, changed quite a bit of the plotline and am getting down to business.

Magician Endeavour was something I started for a NaNoWriMo challenge and after confirming with others wanting me to keep it going, this is how far I’ve come in it.

There are other stories too that I’ll post soon, as I stretch out my tired brain to see how differently I can write. It might be a tougher challenge than I’m up for, but I’ll give it my best and hope that you will all come to like them.

So, if you’ve received notification of this, come back here to check and continued following me, I am really happy about it! 😀

Until next time, Vertrex out!

P.S. I have my own discord server now with my own bot and stuff. It’s not really active other than a few games, but if you’re interested in hanging out, then the link to it is down below. See you there! 😉

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