Guardian Warriors – Chapter 2

The Storming Flames


“The legendary warrior of flames? Furon?” Adam said in disbelief. “Does that mean you’re… my son?”


The armoured figure going by the name Furon did not reply, but simply gazed at Adam. The other members of the village were becoming nervous at the questions their leader had asked. They were present at their leader son’s naming ceremony and knew what the sage had predicted. However, in the current predicament they were under it was difficult to tell if Furon was their ally or enemy. Just to be on their guard, they pointed their weapons in a defensive position against Furon.


Furon for his part ignored them and turned his attention to the dark cloaked figures. The dark cloaked figures and their horses had remained still with the interaction between Furon and Adam. Now the horses reared and the cloaked fighters brandished their weapons of power at him.


“You, who possess the twisted darkness, deserve destruction as the price for your evil deeds!”


The dark figures then charged towards the warrior in flames. As they did, some raised their weapons and started gathering energies at the top of their spears. Evidently they were preparing to strike Furon down with their dark powers.


“Darkness, feel the wrath of the spirits of the fire and… be gone!” Furon shouted.


As he finished speaking, his armour suddenly started flowing in areas that shows symbols. Then he closed his arms in front of him in the form of a cross. Then his eyes started glowing and brought forth his arms and made cannon like form with his hands in front of him. Then he shouted “Flare Cannon!”


A moment later energy like cannon was released which was covered in red flames. They soon hit the oncoming riders and completely incinerated them. Then a might bag went off with a huge explosion that caused a surge of wind to blow in every direction and caused the dust to rise into the air. When it all cleared only the Furon was visible still standing his position. There weren’t any remnants of the dark figures or their horses.


“He… completely… annihilated them!” said a villager in disbelief.


“With just a single strike,” another villager said, staring in disbelief at their saviour.


Suddenly Furon’s entire body started glowing. Then the glowing became so bright it was difficult to see what was taking place. When the lights dispersed Ignatius suddenly appeared into view. As the villagers watched in shocked, Ignatius started to fall forwards. Just then his father, Adam, caught him from falling. He smiled as he realised his son is unconscious from the exhaustion of wielding the spirit of flames.


Then he turned to his fellow fighters, raised his fist into the air and shouted “We’ve won!”


Snapping out of their reverie they all raised their own voices and cheered. Soon the village was repaired by the power of the wood and the metal elements. That night everyone was cheering, drinking themselves until they are knocked out while others ate too much until they stuffed themselves. They were also celebrating upon the revival of the spirit of the flames, Furon.


Meanwhile, at the residence of Ignatius’s home his parents are worried. Since that afternoon he had not awakened. After using the water and air elements to heal any damages their son had sustained, they had sent to the aid of their sage Ash. The sage arrived a few minutes later and started inspecting Ignatius’s body. From his head to his toes he tested for their functionality by touching and pressuring. This took another few minutes before he straightened up and sighed deeply.


“Physically, he is fine, but mentally his mind is busy,” he said finally to Adam and Amelia.


“His mind is… busy?” Amelia asked in a worried voice. “Is that… bad?”


The sage shook his head to meaning he did not know.


“Is there any way of breaking him out of his mind lock Ash?” Adam asked quickly.


The sage made a thinking gesture before finally turning to Adam and said “I… theorize that he is currently in a deep part of his mind where he and the spirit of flames are conversing.”


“What?!” Ignatius’s parents exclaimed together.


“I would think he will wake up after they are finished,” the sage said gravely.


“How long before he wakes up, then Ash?” Amelia asked nervously.


“If I am sure in thinking of them are conversing, then it may take some time.”


“What about food?!” Amelia exclaimed anxiously. “He hasn’t eaten since this afternoon.”


“He now not a regular living being like the rest of us,” the sage said which surprised them. “After becoming one with the spirit, the spirit also becomes one with him. Simply put, your son now possesses the power to live an eternal life without eating or drinking. However, I assume he requires some sort of energy to feed on to remain alive or to regain his strength. We will just have to wait.”


Adam and Amelia put their hands together and watched their son lye still on the bed. They had prepared for something completely different, but now after realising their son is no longer like the rest of them. By some part is saddened them, but they are also proud to be the parents of the son who has become the legendary warrior of the flames.


Ignatius lay silent on the bed and looked peaceful. Deep in his mind, he started to stir at the sound of a voice. This wasn’t the voice of his mother or father, but an unfamiliar but a strong voice.


“Wake up, kid.”


The voice came again, but this time he could make out the words the voice had said. Feelings as if he has a headache he slowly opened his eyes. At first he couldn’t see clearly because of the blurred due to his sleepy head. As his vision came into focus he realised everything was shrouded in darkness except him. A dazzling light hung over him and shone where he sat in confusion. Then the voice came again.


“Finally, you woke up kid.”


Finally the owner of the voice stepped into the light. Ignatius stared at him for a moment before widening his eyes in shock and screamed “Aaah! A monster! A monster has appeared!”


“Calm down kid,” the figure said in a firm voice. “I am no monster.”


Ignatius stopped his yelling and looked at the figure again. Now that he had a closer look the person in fact wasn’t a monster as he had initially thought. This person was tall, though that’s due to Ignatius sitting on the ground. Still, he wore red shiny armour with decorative symbols and drawings. Ignatius now realised the person’s wore armoured equipment from head to foot, although he could see the man’s eyes and mouth from holes in his mask.


“Um… who are you?” Ignatius asked tentatively.


The armoured figure stretched out a hand to help Ignatius up. Ignatius took the hand and with his help he stood up. He thanked him, but the man remained silent. Feeling confused, Ignatius asked the question again. This time the figure made a sort of smile through his mask and said “I am the legendary warrior of flames, Furon.”


“The legendary warrior of what?!” Ignatius said, confused.


“Of flames kid,” the warrior said. “Although some would call me a guardian warrior of flames as well.”


“Oh…” Ignatius said, nodding as if he understood.


For a moment neither of them spoke, but look at each other. Then the silence was broken by Ignatius.


“So…” he began and looked at the darkness covering his surroundings outside the border of light. “Am I underground?”


“You are in your mind silly,” Furon said.


“In my mind?” Ignatius said, surprised. “Wow… but…” he said, looking around him in the darkness covering all sectors of space, “why is it empty? Does this mean I have an ‘empty’ head?”


Furon snickered at Ignatius’s silliness which caused Ignatius to become confused.


“What are you laughing at?” Ignatius asked, confused.


“Ah…” Furon finally said with a smile. “You are perhaps one of the few rarest beings I met to behave like you do.”


Ignatius stared at him and there was something like “what is he talking about?” written all over his face. Furon smiled again and said “Not many in this world are as pure and innocent as you are, kid.”


“Oh!” Ignatius said, finally understanding Furon’s intended meaning. “By the way, I am no kid! I’m fourteen years old!”


“Forgive me for calling you a ‘kid’ Ignatius,” Furon said.


“Oh, that’s ok if you understand,” Ignatius said cheerfully.


They smiled once more, and the moment stretched until Furon smile vanished and he became serious. Ignatius had a feeling this could get really serious.


“Now to the subject of the matter is, you have obtained the spirit of the flames. In other words, you have become the new legendary warrior of flames!”


For a few moments Ignatius simply stared at Furon. Then, as his message sank in, he realised the implications of the message. His eyes widened in shock and his mouth fell open in disbelief.


“WHAT?!” Ignatius shouted as he could not believe what he had just heard. “Me?! Legendary Warrior?! Are you serious?!”


“Yes!” Furon said firmly.


He said it so firmly Ignatius instinctively believed him.


“Ok, but… how?”


Furon stared at him and as their eyes met Ignatius suddenly saw images like a slideshow moving really quickly. The image of him near the tree outside the village, when he was trapped inside some sort of underground ruins, watching his village getting burnt and then a bright flash of light as some sort of statue appeared before him.


“Wait…!” he said as he suddenly came back to the present. “That statue… it was you?”


“No…” Furon said, shaking his head. “It was the spirit of flames that you touched.”


Ignatius was amazed at this revelation.


“On contact it transformed you into the legendary warrior of flames. Then you rushed to the aid of your village and defeated the invaders.”


“Eh?” Ignatius said, sounding surprised. “I don’t remember fighting any invaders of the sort.”


“Naturally, because I took over at that point,” Furon said to Ignatius’s surprise. “When the spirit transformed you into the spirit of flames you were knocked out. Your mind reached the limit and simply was knocked out which was when I took over and fended of our enemies.”


“So, who were they and why did they attack my village?” Ignatius asked.


“They are the upheaval of darkness brought into existence by their one and true master, Zefer.”


“Z-Zefer?!” Ignatius said, sounding shocked at the name. “The lord of darkness?”


“Precisely,” Furon said, nodding. “He wishes to use his forces of darkness to terrorise people. Then gather up their negative energy and feed on it to grow stronger and finally break free from his prison, the World of Nothingness.”


“Ah!” Ignatius said in recognition of the name. “I heard from stories our teachers told us. The evil lord was sealed away with the ten guardian warriors over a thousand years ago.”


“Right,” Furon said, nodding in satisfaction. “Thousand years ago that man was creating chaos and destruction upon the world. That was when we ten guardian warriors banded together and fought against our common enemy, Zefer. Originally it seemed as if we would win the battle, but we soon realised victory will come at a high price.”


“High price?” Ignatius said, raising one of his eyebrows in confusion. “Is there a price for victory?”


“Yes,” Furon said grimly. “Our lives.”


Ignatius suddenly stiffened. He might be a youngster who has yet to experience much about the world, but he was well aware of what that meant; death.


“We realised our victory will cost us our lives. Oh, we didn’t fear death,” Furon said hastily at the incredulous look Ignatius was throwing at him, “but we feared for the future. Who would rise to protect the future if another evil decides to rise in his place? People were too cowardly and selfish to risk their own necks for the sake of others or the world.”


He sounded bitter as he spoke as if disliking what he was saying, but knew he has to acknowledge it.


“So I proposed the idea that we ten warriors should seal him and his army away and release our spirits for the future.”


“Split our mortal lives from the spirits of the elements,” he elaborated when Ignatius made a confused look. “We are simply separating the spirits of the elements from within us. We hoped that, one day, someone worthy will use the spirits for all that is good.”


For a few seconds Ignatius remained silent as he digested all that Furon had said. Then he raised his hand as if asking for permission for asking a question.


“Yes?” Furon said, surprised by his actions.


“Why were you warriors desperately to protect a world if the people they are cowardly and selfish?” Ignatius asked. “Wouldn’t it have been better for you warriors to defeat him and then let the world fend for itself in the future?”


Furon did not speak for a moment as he eyed Ignatius with a curious eye.


“You know what; one of the legendary warriors asked that very question of me.”


“Really?” Ignatius said, surprised.


“Oh yes,” Furon said, nodding affirmatively. “The legendary warrior of darkness, Dynus disliked humans because they become a cowardly bunch at times of peril. I for one, understood his point, but that still did not change my iron belief in protecting humans and all alike.”


“Why?” Ignatius asked.


Furon looked at him with a serious face and said “We have the power which the living beings don’t. That makes us ‘stronger’ beings responsible for the protecting of the ‘weak’. After-all, the world currently exists precisely because the ‘weak’ exist. Without them the strong are done for and, sadly, to this very day not many have opened their eyes to that truth.”


“What do you mean?” Ignatius asked, but Furon shrugged and said “I will tell you at another time. Right now we have an urgent matter to discuss.”


“What is it?” Ignatius asked, with his curiosity aroused.


“Now that you, Ignatius, have become the new legendary spirit of the flames, the other legendary warriors will also rise.”


“You mean, they will choose a welder as well? Like me?” Ignatius asked in amazement.


“Perhaps,” Furon said.


“What do you mean “Perhaps”?” Ignatius said in confusion. “You mean they won’t be selected just like that.”


“Listen,” Furon said, sitting down and looking at him seriously. “When we separated our spirits, we each had chosen our spirits to perform certain actions when selecting a new wielder for the spirits.”


“Some are meant to be spirit wielders like you, some need to meet certain requirements to obtain the spirits while others might already possess the legendary spirits since the moment they are born. You are aware that the spirits have the power to reincarnate their original masters, right?”
“They… can?” Ignatius said, amazed.


“Yes, but most doesn’t do it because it is against the law of nature to forcefully reincarnate your dead master. Many spirits in the past paid a high price precisely because they have broken the laws of nature by doing exactly that. So the chances of reincarnation are pretty low, but still everything I had said will still come into play when a worthy wielder appears.”


“Ok, that’s fine, but… what do I need to do then?” Ignatius said, puzzled about his course of action.


“You are to embark on a journey and gather all the nine legendary warriors scattered around the world,” Furon said firmly.

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