Guardian Warriors – Chapter 5

The Trouble Errupts


It was dark. In this darkness a dim light was illuminated. This dim light threw shadows all around which caused the shifting shadows. There was no rhythm or pattern to the shifting shadows and soon you’d get used to it. Everything about this dark space is loneliness, despair and chaos. Nothing moved or breathed. All of a sudden a voice could be heard from the deepest part of the darkness. Attracted to the voice and moving in it grew louder and louder. Soon the voice became clearer and so did what it said.


“Darkness. Darkness.”


The voice repeated that single word for several more times. The shadows started to swarm towards the owner of the voice. More and more shadows started gathering at the backside of the mysterious figure hidden by the darkness. Then the voice said “Sweet darkness, my best friend. Come. Release. DESTROY!”


And with powerful force the darkness was lifted and the figure suddenly came into view. With a shock Ignatius opened his eyes with a shout of alarm. He lay there for a moment, breathing quickly as he wondered who he was and where he was. Then he sat upright and sweat poured down his face. He looked around him in the darkened room in the hotel he was staying at. Then he saw the spirit form of Furon, the legendary warrior of flames, staring at him expressionlessly.


“You saw it?” Furon asked.


Ignatius nodded, then he clutched his feeling as if he was about to puke. Unable to control himself, he jumped off the bed and rushed to the bathroom where he threw up. After a few minutes he returned looked weak and tired. Then he sat at the edge of the bed and Furon patted him gently.


“Relax,” Furon said. “It was just a vision.”


“Vi… vision?” Ignatius muttered, looking at him.


“Yes,” Furon said, nodding. “One of the many great abilities the spirit of flames possesses. It originally belonged to me, but the spirit adapted to it after I released the spirit.”


“So…” Ignatius said, breathing easily and sounded like he was getting better. “I saw a vision. Ok.” He nodded, but looking confused he asked “What did it mean?”


Furon closed his eyes and didn’t speak for a few moments. It looked like he was deep in thought. Then he opened his eyes and said “The dark one, Zefer, is growing stronger and soon will be freed from his prison world, the world of nothingness.”


Ignatius looked shocked at Furon’s verdict. He knew very well what that could mean. In the past few weeks of his training with Furon, the ancient spirit showed the young legendary warrior visions of his time. He witnessed destruction and chaos as if he were physically there during that era. It took him several hours to recover from the disturbing scenes he witnessed in Furon’s past memories. He may have gotten over them, but he could never forget the sight of burning buildings, destroyed grounds, people running crazy and crying for help. It left a lasting impression on Ignatius of how brutal the world had been before peace was created by the imprisonment of the dark one.


“That’s not good,” Ignatius said. “That’s not good at all!”


“Indeed it isn’t,” Furon agreed.

For a minute neither of them spoke, but simply let the silence envelop them. Ignatius remembered all the memories of Furon since now they had become his. He made a vow he will not let that happen to the world he lived in. He got to his feet and turned to look at Furon seriously.


“We have to stop him!”


Furon smiled proudly. He thought the young man has grown he thought, remembering the events five months back. At first he was surprised to see the new spirit holder to be nothing but a boy. Then his impression plummeted when the boy turned out to be a cry baby as he shouted at a screen. But he liked the boy’s strong desire to help his father and he let the spirit of flames merge with the boy. Later, his impression of him improved when the boy’s normal attitude favoured him.


During the fight with the sand bear Furon was concerned whether the boy was taking this seriously. So Furon tested the boy by refusing to transform him into the spirit when some people were in trouble. Furon expected to see the young man to demand because he is now the legendary warrior. However, Ignatius neither demanded or pleaded to transform and charged at the bad people all by himself. That’s when he realised Ignatius is indeed growing up to be a true warrior.


Now he looked at the “grown” young man and smiled “Yes, we will. Go and call your friend, Carter Mortis.”


“Carter?” Ignatius asked in surprise. “What’s he got to do with this, Furon?”


“Because, he is the spirit holder of metal.”


Ignatius blinked a couple of times before he let out a yell causing Furon to quickly cover his ears.


“What?!” he shouted with his eye wide with disbelief. “What do you mean he is the spirit holder of metal?”


Furon laughed, causing Ignatius to become very annoyed. Then he looked at his young protégé and said “Calm down. Let me explain.”


“I’m listening,” Ignatius said as he sat back on his bed and stared at the floating spirit sternly.


Furon put on his normal face, but inwardly he enjoyed Ignatius ‘s reaction. So he cleared arranged his thoughts together and explained how he knew Carter was a spirit holder. Furon informed Ignatius about the feeling he got when Ignatius bumped into Carter a month back. At the point of contact Furon suddenly felt a strange presence, but he couldn’t tell what it was or where it had been. Soon though that feeling grew stronger each time Ignatius made contact with Carter. This eventually leads Furon to believe Carter is a spirit holder, just like Ignatius.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Ignatius asked incredulously. “I could’ve helped.”


“You know what? I actually did consider speaking to you about it,” Furon said thoughtfully.


“Then—!” Ignatius began, but Furon wasn’t finished.


“The problem lay in me being unable to tell who he is the spirit holder of,” Furon finished.


“Does it really matter whose legendary warrior spirit he will obtain?” Ignatius asked.


“Oh yes it does,” Furon said. “It may not matter to you, but it will matter to him greatly.”


“What do you mean?”


“Basically what I am saying is that if a spirit holder merges with the wrong spirit, that spirit holder will be possessed by it!”


“What?!” Ignatius said in alarm. “Possessed?!”


“Yes,” Furon said. “In a more sensible term: being overpowered and taken control.”


“No way,” Furon said then he suddenly though of a question and he passed it to Furon. “Wait, what happens then? What happens if a spirit possesses the wrong spirit holder?”


“They will be overcome by their instincts and go on a rampage.”


“Seriously?” Ignatius asked in disbelief.


Furon laughed bitterly and said “You have no idea. When a normal spirit possesses the wrong spirit holder they will go wild and do damage on a normal scale. Just imagine if a legendary warrior spirit possesses the wrong spirit holder.”


“No, I can’t,” Ignatius said flatly and Furon shook his head sadly.


“They will transform into the Legendary Beast Warrior Element and cause chaos and destruction on a mega scale!”


“What?!” Ignatius said in shock. “Be-be-beast warrior? I thought there was only the legendary warrior spirit.”


“That is correct, up to a certain point,” Furon said nodding. “However, A Legendary Beast Warrior is not a spirit, but another transformation of the Legendary Warrior.”


“I don’t understand,” Ignatius said in confusion and Furon sighed.


“Think of it like this: Currently, when you perform ‘Spirit Merge’ you’re basically transforming your present human body into the legendary warrior.”


Ignatius nodded in understanding.


“The Legendary Beast Warrior transformation is like a beast version of the Legendary Warrior transformation. In our case when you perform the normal transformation you turn into the human form of the Legendary Warrior. You see how I appear; this is what is known as the Legendary Human form. However, if you perform the beast transformation, you will turn into the Legendary Beast Warrior form. Naturally, that form will resemble to something similar to our element and the same applies to every other legendary warrior spirits.”


“Cool!” Ignatius said eagerly. “Can I try it?”


“No you won’t and I won’t let you!” Furon said firmly and Ignatius looked disappointed. “You are much too young and very early to master such a powerful transformation.”
“Then when can I do it Furon?”


“In time,” Furon said. “When you are ready, I will get you to do it, personally.”


Ignatius looked sad, but he looked up at Furon and nodded in understanding. Over the past month he spent with Furon he had learnt the ancient spirit did things for a reason. Without being explained to he understood there must be a powerful reason for Furon to delay the beast transformation technique.


“So, get Carter to come over to us so we can talk to him,” Furon said as he changed the topic.


“Yes, sir!” Ignatius said, saluting and reached for the phone on the bedside table.


An hour later, Carter Mortis entered the room looking confused.


“What did you want to talk to me about so urgently Igna?” he asked as he sat on a spare chair.


“In a way yes, but not exactly me,” he said and Furon materialised as a floating, half-transparent, in front of Carter.


“Wow!!” Carter shouted and he jumped to his feet.


He stared at the spirit form of the Ancient Legendary Warrior Furon with wide eyes and his mouth open. A few minutes he remained silent and stared at Furon in disbelief.


“The Legendary Warrior of Flames,” he said finally. “He. Looks. Awesome!”


“I’m starting to like this man,” Furon said. “Last time I had encountered someone they screamed and labelled me as a ghost,” and his gaze shifted to Ignatius, who, for his part, merely grinned and said “I wasn’t mature at that time.”


Furon nodded, but he couldn’t help but smile at their first encounter. He remembered clearly just how freaked out Ignatius was. Being called a ghost caused him to put Ignatius through hardships that he probably didn’t need to but he wasn’t going to tell him that. No one gets away after offending the spirit of the ancient warrior.


“Anyway,” Furon said as he wanted to get back to the point. “Let’s get down to business.” Then he saw Carter, who was still gazing up at him in his fixed awed expression. Furon sighed and said “For starters, Carter, why don’t you get back to earth, close your mouth and take a seat?”
As if being pulled from a long distance Carter suddenly became aware of where he was and what he was doing. Embarrassed, he closed his mouth and quickly took the seat he got up from while Ignatius sat on the bed.


“Right!” Furon said. “Carter. The reason I wanted to talk to you was because you connect with us. By ‘us’ I mean the legendary warriors.”


“Oh,” Carter said, sounding less surprised than expected.


“You aren’t surprised by this unexpected news?” Furon asked, surprised at Carter’s reaction.


Carter shook his head and said “A sage from the village I came from told me the path I trod upon is that of steel.”


“Wow,” Ignatius said. “A sage at my village apparently told my parents something similar to that during my naming ceremony.”


“Yes. It all fits,” Furon said. “You both were destined to meet and become friends because you are linked by the legendary warriors.”


“I suppose, but,” Carter said, sounding sad all of a sudden, “I haven’t found the spirit I was meant to merge with.”


“Do you know what spirit you were meant to merge with?” Furon asked curiously.


“Yes,” Carter said seriously, “the spirit of metal.”


“Aha!” Furon said in a triumphant voice. “I knew it, I knew it!” he shouted the last words while Ignatius and Carter looked at him in surprise.


“I suspected you might be linked to the spirit of metal. Why, I should’ve guessed from the colour of your spirit ribbon. Silver is the colour that metal head favoured and it is also the colour of his spiritual aura.”


“Silver? Metal head?” Carter asked in bewilderment. Then he turned to Ignatius and asked “Any idea what he’s saying Ignatius?”


“Nope,” Ignatius said flatly. Then he asked Furon “Are you going to clue us in here?”


“Yes. Silver,” Furon said with a smile. “That is the colour which your spiritual ribbon appears to be. ”


“Spiritual ribbon?” Ignatius and Carter asked in unison.


“Yup!” Furon said firmly. “When you visualize the spiritual powers, you can see a person’s connection with a thread. The colour of that thread will appear unique to the connections. For Ignatius and me, our spiritual ribbon will appear connecting the two of us with a red thread.”


“And?” Carter asked eagerly. “What about mine?”


“Your thread’s colour is silver, but the other end of thread stretches deep into the depths of murky mystery.”


“Oh,” Carter said sadly.


Ignatius quickly asked “Why did you say ‘Metal had earlier?”


Furon laughed and said “That’s what I call him, that Metal head Legendary Warrior of Metal, Megatol.”


“It’s wrong to call such a man like that,” Carter said. “Don’t you have respect for the other legendary warriors?”


“Heh,” Furon said and shrugged his shoulders. “The other legendary warriors are very unique in their own right. Naturally, I would respect them, but after what we’ve been through together we were compelled to call them by the nicknames we’ve given each other.”


“So,” Carter said seriously. “Where is this spirit of metal now?”
“Here,” Furon said simply.


“Here!” Carter shouted in alarm. “Where? Somewhere in the room?! Show me!”


“Not in the room you idiot,” Furon said in annoyance. “It’s somewhere beneath the city.”


“Great,” Ignatius said and his spirit sank. “It’s not like we can dig it up!”
Furon laughed, but he suddenly stopped. His eyes widened and his expression changed to disbelief.


“Oh no,” he said. “Oh no, no, no, no!”


“What is it?” Ignatius asked as he was surprised by the sudden change in Furon.


“This can’t be happening! There’s no way!” Furon said, speaking as if he hadn’t heard Ignatius.


Then the whole room started to shake violently. Both Ignatius and Carter hit the flood and covered their heads with their hands when the tremor suddenly became violent. Then a huge explosion took place and, through the open window, they saw silver light hit the sky kilometres away. The light was so massive it illuminated to brightly it caused everyone to take shelter from its glare.


“What the?!” Ignatius shouted in alarm.


“Oh my god!” Carter shouted through the thundering noise raging outside. “What’s that light?!”


“It is as I feared.”


Furon’s voice could be heard through their heads.


“You feared what?!” Ignatius shouted through the noise.


“Someone possessed by the spirit of metal.”

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