Guardian Warriors – Chapter 6

Mutated Metallic Spirit


With a devastating explosion silver light erupted from out of the ground and soared into the sky. The people around the light ran for their lives as the radius of the light expanded. A few seconds later dark shadowy figure, large as life, appeared within the silver light. It had eight glowing lights and its body was made up of ten circle shaped balls; three on left and right, two in the middle, one at the bottom and what looked like its head at the top. It looked just like the Tree of Life.


Then the head opened its mouth wide and fired beam cannon so powerfully it rendered the whole place in ruins. Then it emitted a horrible screeching scream so loud the glasses in buildings shattered to pieces.


Meanwhile Ignatius and Carter rushed into the street filled with panicked people.


“What the hell is that?!” Ignatius thought in alarm.


“It is not hell, it is noise,” Furon said sarcastically.


Ignatius rolled his eyes and said “Ok, what the hell is that noise?”


“Watch your use of words,” Furon said sternly. “Don’t use words like ‘hell’ when you speak, it’s bad.”


“Is this the time for a language lesson?” Ignatius asked in exasperation.


“There is no ‘right’ time for studying,” Furon said firmly.


Getting tired of arguing Ignatius decided to do it the way Furon wants.


“What is that noise?”


“Why are you saying that diffidently?” Carter asked.


“You know,” Ignatius said. “Furon wouldn’t leave me be until I said it properly.”


Carter laughed, which was drowned by the noise of the crowd. They jostled around trying to get away from the source of the explosions. Ignatius and Carter fought against the crowd heading in that direction. Several people shouted at them to turn around, but they continued regardless.


“So!” Carter said Ignatius excitedly. “What’s the plan?”


“The plan is to beat that thing and merge it into its rightful spirit holder, you!” Furon told him to his surprise.


“What the?!” Carter said in surprise. Then he turned to Ignatius, who simply smiled. “Did I just hear the voice of the ancient warrior.”


“Yeah, you did,” Ignatius said with a smile.


“Wow. It’s pretty cool,” Carter said happily. “So, how do I converse with him? Talk in my mind?”


Furon laughed so hard it gave Ignatius a headache. He quickly recovered and said heartily “I really like Carter, much smarter that someone I know.”


Becoming irritated Ignatius said “Now is not time for this! We have a mutated spiritual crisis on our hands.”


They hurried to the area where the loud roaring noises could be heard. Then several explosions erupted just as they arrived at the scene.


“Oh. My. God,” Carter said in shock.


The outburst by Carter was only natural when the large shaped mutated beast suddenly appeared right before them through the smoke. The size of it was huge, beyond what they had expected to see. Then they saw that it had scratch marks in several parts of its body. However, it didn’t look like it had any effect on the monster. Then the men fighting it suddenly appeared from around it and landed in front of them as human shields.


“What are you doing here kids?” a man said, turning to them as his comrades rushed to fight the monster. “This is not a place for kids.”


“Kids?” Ignatius asked with indignation.


Carter quickly responded with “We came to see what we can do to help you out sir!”


“What help would two kids really be?” the man asked. “Leave this thing to more capable hands like ours and evacuate with the people.”


“Furon, I’m starting to seriously get annoyed with this guy!” Ignatius thought furiously. “Can’t I just transform and show them!”


“Oh! Great idea!” Furon said happily. “The so called ‘kid’ transforms into a man sized warrior who, in fact, is the Legendary Warrior of Flames.”


“Very funny!” Ignatius thought in exasperation as he watched the men fighting the monster and they seemed to be struggling. “Some capable hands, they are having trouble fighting it.”


“What would you expect when you take the role of fighting a mutated legendary beast on rampage?” Furon said.


“By the way, how do you plan to extract the spirit of that thing?” Ignatius thought.


“We beat it obviously!”


“Seriously?!” Ignatius thought suddenly becoming alarmed. “That thing is huge! I don’t think a human legendary warrior will be of any help.”


“Well, you don’t have an opinion,” Furon said seriously.


“Ok, ok!” Ignatius thought. “So, can I transform no?”




“Oh yeah! Been wanting to transform for a while now!”

“Ok. Let’s do it!”


Out in the open Carter turned to Ignatius and saw him staring at the monster with a fixed look. He had seen this several times when Ignatius was conversing with the ancient warrior of flames. Now he knew Ignatius and Furon were talking to each other about their plan of attack. Suddenly he felt useless knowing his power is no match for the monster trashing around destroying buildings and the surrounding area before him.


“Spirit Merge, activate!”


Carter’s eyes widened in shock and he quickly covered them when Ignatius was suddenly covered in a large glow of light. The glow of light startled the man, the men fighting and the monster. It turned its gaze towards the spot where the light was appearing from. It felt the immense power surging at the glowing spot and in its tiny brain only one thing came to think; get rid of it. The monster let out a roar so powerful that it sent the fighters flying. Then it opened its mouth wide and started gathering energy which was forming the shape of a ball.


“Oh dammit!” the man shouted, staring at the massive charging energy the monster was doing. “If that thing hits us, we’re as good as dead!”


“No need to be afraid,” Carter said, startling the man. “We have the legendary warrior with us,” and the man’s eyes widened in shock and he turned to look at the white glow of light emanating from where Ignatius stood previously.


Just then the monster roared so loud it caused a wave and sent the fighters flying away. Then it aimed the charged up energy in its mouth ready to aim and fire. Carter quickly looked at the glow of light beside him, hoping Ignatius has finished transforming. With a huge surge of power the monster fired the energy like a beam cannon at them.


“No!” the man said in frustration. “Not like this!” and he closed his eyes for the final bang.


Carter wondered if this would be the end for him. Suddenly saw the glowing light move swiftly to stand between them and the beam fired by the monster. There was as enormous explosion which rocked the whole area. The shock wave was so strong that several buildings toppled over. Things started to calm down while the dust settled and brought the area into view. Their surroundings were completely in ruins; debris of the buildings lay on the ground.


The monster became visible as the dust settled down. It looked around the debris, searching for any remnant of its prey. Spotting nothing it reared back and let out a triumphant roar.


What are you screaming about, you pea brain?”


The monster stopped screaming upon hearing that it turned around and saw three figures floating in midair. It then made a gurgling noise at the sudden appearance of these three men.

“What? Don’t know who called you a pea brain?” a fiery red armour man said. “That’s right, It was me you ten eyed freak!”


The monster roared at the floating man, but the man simply smiled in return. The man is in-fact, Ignatius but now wearing fiery red armour with his face hidden by a three horned mask. His long black hair extended around his head where the mask couldn’t keep it inside. Carter and the man from before stared at the back of Ignatius’s legendary warrior form in disbelief.


“Wow,” Carter muttered.


Just then they felt themselves lowering and soon their feet touched solid ground. The man promptly lost balance and fell while Carter stood firm. Ignatius turned to his friend and said “You better be at a distance ‘cause this is gonna be one hell of a fight.”


“Again with the hell?” Furon asked sternly. “You need to stop using that stupid word.”


“It’s an expression Furon,” Ignatius thought. “Besides, let’s worry about my use of words later. We have a fight to win.”


Just then the monster suddenly started changing. The separate ten eyeballs bodies started swirling randomly. Then it stopped with all its eyeballs pointing in different directions.


“Oh no!” Furon said in alarm. “This looks bad!”


Before Ignatius could ask Furon what he was alarmed about the monster retracted all of its nine eyes and sprouted spikes all over its circular body. It then rapidly extended the spiked bodies in different directions and impaled everything in its path. Ignatius used his hands to push against the spikes that came in his direction. Suddenly he started shrieking from the pain of holding it back. Finally, unable to bear the brunt of the attack, he let it go and got away.


“What… was that?!” he shouted as his body took time to function properly.


“A body full of spikes!” Furon said, now floating in his spirit form above Ignatius. “It’s always annoying when it uses that same old move.”


“What?” Ignatius asked, puzzled. “Same old move? What are you talking about?”


“Didn’t I tell you about this?” Furon asked, sounding surprised. When Ignatius shook his head, he said “So sorry. It seems I forgot in all the commotion.


“Whatever,” Ignatius said. “Just tell me already.”


“Ok, ok,” Furon said. “Firstly, this mutated beast is in-fact the legendary beast warrior of steel.”


“What?!” Ignatius shouted incredulously. “But I thought you said—!”


“Let me finish!” Furon said and Ignatius faltered. “Ok. This is the legendary beast warrior of steel. That means it can use the powers of steel without care as long as it remains in its rampaging state. So, we have to make sure not to get impaled by those spikes and beat the beast in battle.”


“You’re kidding me,” Ignatius groaned. “It has nine bodies, how do you expect me to fight them all?!”


“You wouldn’t need to unless you’re crazy,” Furon said. “If you use your head, it’s easy to defeat.”


“I am using my head, but I got nothing,” Ignatius said in annoyance.


Furon sighed and said “Anyway, talking like this won’t get us anywhere. Let’s attack the monster!”


With that said and done Ignatius leaped towards the gigantic beast. As he drew nearer a body made up of spikes suddenly appeared in his way. Reacting with reflexes and speed from his training Ignatius brought both of his hands above him and started gathering energy in between his hands. Soon a small ball like energy was formed and he aimed it at the spiked body.


Ignatius shouted “Blaze Cannon!”


The ball of energy was released as red beam cannon. It was shot directly at the spiked body which had, at that moment, extended towards him. The beam and the body smacked into each other and caused an explosion. The force pushed Ignatius away. He landed back on his feet and glared at the monster which roared at him. Then he dashed at the spiked body and started lashing out punches to the spikes. He felt like he was hitting solid steel and couldn’t make a dent in them.


“Look out!” Furon shouted as another spiked body was headed his way.


Ignatius quickly jumped into the air and avoided the second spiked body. In the air Ignatius looked down and saw the two spiked bodies were stuck to each other. Taking this opportunity he asked Furon if he could use ‘that’ move to which he agreed. Before the two spiked bodies could push away from each Ignatius quickly extended his arms wide on each side. Then he started rotating faster and faster and until he started forming a tornado.


With the tornado formed, Ignatius shouted “Pyro Tornado!”


In an instant he conjured up flames from his armour and the entire tornado caught fire. Soon it became a fiery tornado and he used his movement force to move the tornado onto the two spiked bodies. The monster screamed at the sudden impact of fire and wind mixing to make the attack even stronger. Then the fire tornado became slower and slower until Ignatius stopped spinning completely. He relaxed his arms and landed gently on the ground and stared at the two spiked bodies.


The dust picked up by the tornado settled and the two bodies that Ignatius attacked came into view. They had scratch marks all over the body and the spikes disappeared. Ignatius was about to capitalize his victory when renewed spikes appeared much to his shock.


“No way!” Ignatius said in disbelief. “It had no effect?!”


Just then the two bodies moved away from each other by rolling away. As they rolled he saw that one side of each of the spikes had been melted. Looking at the renewed spikes and the melted spikes he realised the monster couldn’t replace the ones that were melted.


“Well, would you look at that?” Furon said with a grin. “Melted. Half of those spikes are melted!”


“Yeah,” Ignatius said in surprise. “I didn’t know our fire was strong enough to melt them.”


Furon laughed and said “We do now.”


“Yup!” Ignatius said, grinning. “So, what do we do now?”


Furon smiled and said “You melt those spikes using heat. It’s what your science folk call ‘Conversion of Mass’.”


“So,” Ignatius said thoughtfully. “We simply have to heat up those spikes until they melt. That way it cannot produce more spikes. Then we’ll use our ultimate attack and defeat it!” Then he smiled and said “This is too easy!”


“Not so fast,” Furon said quickly. “We’ll have to be cautious or we’ll be the ones to be defeated.”


“I know!” Ignatius said suddenly sounding very energetic. “It’s time to battle!”

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