Guardian Warriors – Chapter 7

Beat the Spirit


The area was covered in rubbles and the destroyed structures and vehicles made up the background. Then loud rumbling noises rose into the air, which was followed by a shockwave. The shockwave lifted the rubbles and spread them in every direction. The fighting fighters appeared; one being a warrior and the other was a gigantic monster that looked like the Tree of Life. The warrior tried his best to attack the monster, but it was difficult when it had ten heads and spikes sprouting from each body.


“This is… becoming… ridiculous!” Ignatius shouted as he leaped away when three gigantic eyeball bodies almost reached him. “Attacking those gigantic eyeballs is proving to be more difficult than I thought!”


“Naturally it would be,” Furon said, curtly. “You must learn to be realistic when you plan to do something. Otherwise, the circle repeats.”


Ignatius gritted his teeth as he stared at the small damage he had done to the monster’s body. One of its bodies was badly damaged by melted spikes causing the monster to not sprout anymore spikes. Just then the mutated monster hurled itself at him like a rolling ball.


Ignatius jumped into the air and avoided the monster from rolling over him. Then he saw his friend, Carter, and the lawman standing a few meters. So he flew over to them while the monster continued to roll away. Ignatius landed and smiled, although he felt his smile could hardly be seen through the mask he wore as the legendary warrior of flames.


“How’s it going?” he asked cheerfully.


“’How’s it going’ he asks!” the lawman shouted. “You are letting that beast tear the city apart! Are you not a legendary warrior of flames?! Can’t you stop that thing once and for all?”


“Um… well…” Ignatius said and scratched the back of his head.


The truth of the matter was; he wasn’t sure if he was capable of defeating it. They aren’t fighting an ordinary monster. It was the mutated the spirit of metal and this only occurred because it merged with the wrong person. Carter was the chosen by the spirit of metal, but things turned out this way even before they could’ve taken steps to stop it.


They heard the monster roar and, turning around, they saw it begin to roll into a ball and charge at them. Ignatius prepared to tackle it and told the others “Get away from here, you guys. You’ll only get in the way.”


“Say… what?!” the lawman said with indignation.


Carter, however said “Gotcha!” and he pulled the man away with him. They rushed away from Ignatius and out of harm’s way.


“You really plan on going through with this?” Furon asked doubtfully. “You know, you might get walloped, right?”


“Yes, but I don’t care anymore!” Ignatius said firmly. “I’m tired of rushing, dodging and dashing around this stupid monster.”


“Ok, then,” Furon said with a sigh. “Go for gold!”


“I will!” Ignatius said firmly.


Then he took a stance as if he was going to push against the rolling monster ball that headed towards him. A few moments later he felt a great pressure against his hands as the beast’s rolling body hit against his outstretched hands. It pushed him back and he made great struggles to stop it from rolling over him. After a few moments, he finally came to a stop and it looked like he had stopped the monster.


All of a sudden, the spikes on its bodies extended and were sent flying in all directions. Unluckily, he was extremely close to dodge them. He screamed at the pain as the spikes slammed into his armour and wounded his arm. Then he flew back by the force of the impact and crashed on his back. A few moments later he struggled to get to his feet while bleeding from several of his wounds.


“This is why I told you not to attempt it!” Furon shouted although he sounded satisfied.


“No… you did not,” Ignatius spluttered, wincing slightly from the pain in his arm.


He managed to stand, but clutched his left arm where the armour was mostly destroyed and bleeding. He felt his strength leaving him and staggered slightly. The mutated monster roared and charged at him at blinding speed, giving Ignatius not time to move. He closed his eyes and prepared for the impact. A moment passed, but the impact never came. Instead, he felt himself floating and, opening his eyes, he found himself in midair.


“Wha-what the?!” he exclaimed in shock. “What am I doing all the way up here?”


“I made you jump, idiot,” Furon said angrily as he appeared before him in his spirit form.


“But why?” Ignatius asked. “I’m badly wounded. There’s no way I can fight any longer. My fight’s over. I lost.”


“Over my dead body you won’t!” Furon said furiously.


Ignatius took a few moments to register what Furon said. Then he looked up and said “Um… I think you realise… you don’t have a body.”


Furon opened his mouth to speak. He paused for a moment before saying “Not the point.”


Then he continued before Ignatius could think of any more remarks.


“Anyway, I will not let the Legendary Warrior of Flames lose, not like this!”


Ignatius sighed and said “What do you want me to do? My arm’s badly hurt. I’m low on strength and energy.”


“Not when I can do… this!” Furon said.


As soon as Furon finished, Ignatius felt a sudden upsurge of energy within him. His vision became sharper and he realised his strength had returned. Then he landed and observed his hands and saw the wounds on his body were healed. Even the blood dried and he looked good as new.


“Wow!” he exclaimed in surprise. “How the heck did I suddenly heal so fast? Did you do this, Furon?”


“Yes,” Furon said in annoyance. “I simply used my Spirit Force to force your body to quicken its healing process or did you expect me to simply float here and watch you get beaten to a pulp?”


Ignatius laughed and said “I guess, but I also thought you might’ve let me get beaten up more as a way of punishment for my reckless behaviour.”


“Yes, indeed,” Furon said darkly. “I did come to decide on it. Then I reasoned and decided to punish you during your training. Hundred laps around the city, that’s a good punishment.”


“A… a hundred… laps around the… city?!” Ignatius shouted in horror. “You’ve got to be joking!”


“It’s your fault for not listening to my advice,” Furon said bluntly.


Just then the monster roared and fired more its spikes out of his body. Ignatius stood his ground and easily deflected them with his increased speed and replenished strength.


Furon became cross with him and said “Don’t push yourself so hard! Remember, I healed you only for the moment. You will feel the effects of using Spirit Force in two minutes.”


“Will… it hurt?” Ignatius asked anxiously.


“That’s a dumb question,” Furon said. “You’ll faint from the sheer agony.”


“Oh,” Ignatius said in a surprised tone. “Ok then, I’ll beat this thing, right here, right now!”


“And how will you manage to do that?” Furon asked.


“Attack!” Ignatius roared and charged at the monster.


The monster launched its bodies at him, but he easily dodged around them and jumped high into the air. Then he floated in midair and gathered quick amounts of energy in his outstretched hands. The energy formed into a red swirling energy ball and he launched it down towards the monster. A huge explosion erupted and the monster was engulfed in flames.


“Now for some Pyro Tornado!”


And he started spinning rapidly, which soon formed into a raging fiery tornado. This tornado engulfed the beast and it made wild moves, but couldn’t escape the wall of flames. Then Ignatius soared down to the monster and shouted “Pyro Punch!” before launching rapid fists of flames at the beast. The red hot power of the flames started to hurt the monster more so than it did previously.


“I’m sure you realised by now,” Furon said while Ignatius attacked relentlessly. “My power is aiding you. You are more powerful than ever before.”


“Thanks! I appreciate the help!” Ignatius shouted.


Then the wall of flames dispersed and he leaped back and away from the mutated monster. The damage he did this time was immense. Every part of the monster’s body was scorched and the spikes were melted. Now the monster won’t be able to sprout anymore as it writhed in agony.


“Now to end this monster show!” Ignatius shouted.


He extended his arms to his side and started gathering energy. As he did, he screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” and continued to gather energy in between his hands. In a few seconds, it took on the form of a red orb like energy. He aimed it at the monster and yelled “Eat this! Blaze Cannon!”


As he released the beam cannon, it erupted from within his hands with an explosive wave. The wave rushed at the monster and engulfed the monster in the bright red beam. An explosion erupted and created a shockwave so powerful it created a storm of debris to fly in every direction. They crashed and lifted a veil of dust into the air. Several seconds later, the dust cleared and the monster was no more.


“Wha-what… was that?” Ignatius asked in amazement.


“With the boost from me, your attack’s power became 5 times stronger.”


“I… see,” Ignatius said and suddenly looked excited. ”Anyway, we did it! We really beat the monster!”


“Great but you got one minute before the Spirit Force effect hits you,” Furon said in a dull voice.


“Oh, right!” Ignatius said, as if just remembering about it.


He dashed towards where the monster was last seen. Once he got there, he saw a man lying unconscious on the ground. Just when he reached the man, a glow of light appeared from his chest. A semi-transparent statue of the spirit of metal appeared. It rose into the air and hovered in front of Ignatius. He caught it and it felt strange to the touch as if it was radiating pure energy.


“What… what is this?” Ignatius asked.


“That’s the spirit,” Furon said as he hovered in his spirit form beside him. “The spirit of metal.”


“Wow,” Ignatius said softly as he stared at the marvelling object he held in his hands. “Well, we have the spirit of metal in our hands now!”


“Hurry up!” Furon said in a hurried voice. “Find Carter before we go down with the ship!”


“Ok, ok!” Ignatius said, feeling the pressure.


He hurried off in the direction he last remembered Carter and the lawman had gone. He arrived a few seconds later and saw Carter and the lawman taking shelter under a building that was partially destroyed. He rushed to them with the spirit of metal held tightly in his hands.


“Did you win?” Carter asked excitedly but Ignatius didn’t have time to answer.


“We don’t have time,” Ignatius said. “Hurry and get over here.”


Ignatius pulled Carter towards him and told him to stand still. Then he raised the spirit of metal and showed him.


“Carter, get ready!” he said. “I am going to merge the spirit of metal into you.”


“You will… what?!” Carter shouted in shock. “Ignatius, wait. I don’t think I’m-“


“I don’t have time for you to prepare yourself!” Ignatius said. “Now, show me your chest!”


“What?!” Carter exclaimed, and his face blushed. “Ho-hold on, Ignatius!”


Ignatius’s body shined as he and Furon then switched places. Furon, ignoring Carter’s pleas, began the ritual for spirit transfer.


“Spirit of metal, head my call!” he said and the spirit figure started to glow. “Accept thy self and merge!”


With that said, he pushed the spirit of metal into Carter’s chest. Carter suddenly blushed, but, a moment later, his expression changed. He then cried out in pain he felt as if something was piercing him. It was his reaction as his spiritual energy began to merge with the spirit of metal. Reflexively, Carter tried to push Ignatius away, but Ignatius firmly stood his ground. Suddenly, Ignatius saw the pained expression on Carter’s face and realised and so did Furon.


“Do not fight it, Carter,” Furon said. “Accept it. You are one with the spirit. It is a part of you. The two of you are inseparable. Believe it!”


Carter screamed when the spiritual energy encircled them. They were enclosed in a spiritual field as Furon, in Ignatius’s body, pushed the spirit of metal into Carter’s chest. For a few seconds, sparks appeared around the spirit of metal. Then, Furon felt the spirit of metal give a thug and let it go. It went straight through Carter and a bright light engulfed them. A few moments later the light diminished and Carter sank to his knees while breathing as if he ran a mile.


Carter was bright red in the face as he wrapped his arms around his chest where Furon, in Ignatius’s body, pressed the spirit of metal through. He looked up at Ignatius’s body


“Incredible,” Carter said in awe. “This is… amazing! Wow! What power?! Amazing! This is… super amazing!”


“With that, you are now one with the spirit of metal, Carter,” Furon said. “Well done!”


Carter looked up and they saw tears welling up in his eyes. Furon switched places and Ignatius took control of his body again. Ignatius sighed and looked down


“Why are you crying, you idiot,” Ignatius said as he patted the back of Carter. “You should be happy! You’ve finally joined the Legendary Warriors club!”


“Yes… thank you, Ignatius,” Carter said. “I was always made fun of how weak, I was, especially with my family. But now, I feel like I have been blessed by the gods themselves!”


“Be sure to be in control all the time,” Ignatius said with a smile. “Remember the saying? With great power comes great responsibility!”


“Yes, I know,” Carter said and he wiped the tears from his face.


Ignatius suddenly felt strange when he stared at the crying face of Carter. He suddenly thought Carter looked cute with a crying face. Then Furon scolded him for calling boy’s crying face ‘cute’. Meanwhile, the lawman watched the proceedings in silence, but now decided to join in.


“What are you two talking about?” he asked, looking from one to the other with a puzzled expression.


Just then Furon said in Ignatius’s mind “Ignatius, Soul Force effect in 3…”


“Ah… This is bad. I… I might not wake up… for… for a while,” Ignatius said as he suddenly felt breathless.




“Carter… if… my parents try to… to contact me, you make sure to… tell them that I’m… fine. Otherwise, they’d… freak!”


“What?” Carter asked as he rose to his feet. “What are you talking about, Ignatius?




Ignatius finally smiled at his best friend who had a worried expression on his face. Suddenly, he started to scream as the intensity of the pain coursing through his body. He clutched is face with both of his hands and screamed with all his might. Carter and the lawman were startled by his bizarre actions and quickly caught Ignatius before he toppled.


“Ignatius, Ignatius!” Carter shouted at his friend writhed in their arms.


Then Ignatius stopped moving and he became silent. Fearing the worse the lawman quickly checked for a pulse. He breathed when he found one, but Carter was still worried. He was shocked by the sudden screaming frenzy Ignatius went into. Just then, a rumbling shook around them and chunks of loose rubble fell on top of them. Just when they were about to hit, the lawman used some sort of wind technique to move himself and the other two to safety.


“That was close!” he said, wiping the sweat off his forehead.


Then he turned to the unconscious Ignatius and Carter sitting beside him.


“Hey, what the heck happened just now?” he asked. “What was that light that boy sent into you? Why did he suddenly start screaming like a maniac? More importantly, who are you two?!”


“Ah,” Carter said, unsure where to begin and he looked at the unconscious face of Ignatius.


Just then the six, wearing similar uniform to the lawman, arrived. The lawman told Carter to stay and, getting to his, he walked over to the men and greeted them with a bow of his head. Looked like they were his superiors with the way they carried themselves. They were soon briefing to each other and the lawman looked relieved at something they said. It was probably about his comrades that were blasted away by the mutated spirit of metal. Anyway, they seemed to have finished their briefing and nodded at each other.


The lawman returned to Carter while of them flew into different directions. The last remaining man raised his fore-finger into the air and fired a green energy ball that exploded into greed clouds. It must have been a signal because the next moment the whole area started to vibrate. Then the wreckages were slowly gathering together. They flew into the places they once belonged to. A few minutes later, structures started reforming after their destruction.


“Wha-what’s going on?” Carter whispered as the surrounding structures began to restore them to their original state.


The lawman looked down at Carter and said “It’s the backup system.”


When Carter made a puzzled face, the lawman continued.


“The backup system, stores the state, the city on regular basis. Now that the danger has passed, it is now restoring the city back to its original state.”




“Indeed,” the lawman said with a smile. “After the Black Disaster that occurred a hundred years ago, big cities, such as we, created this system to restore the city to its natural order even if everything is destroyed.”


“Amazing,” Carter said in amazement. “How does it… work?” to which the lawman simply smiled but did not reply.


“Anyway,” he said, trying to change the topic. “I didn’t get the chance to thank you and your friend for saving me and the city.”


“Oh no, it’s Ignatius here who did all the work,” Carter said.


They looked at the unconscious face of Ignatius and smiled at each other. Truly the effort to save them and the city goes to him, but that matter will be settled another time.


“Oh, I almost forgot,” the lawman said. “I still haven’t introduced myself yet, my bad.”


Then he extended a hand to Carter. Carter, taking it, was pulled to his feet. He thanked the man and smiled.


“The name’s Markus Hailum. What’s your name?”


“Oh, nice to meet you. My name’s Carter Mortis and this sleepy beauty’s name is Ignatius Links.”


Then they laughed while Ignatius continued to sleep. The day was won and the disaster has passed and peace has finally been restored.

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