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About Me

Hello. My name is Vijay Kakani and I am the author of the Phoenix Rising series.

The planning for this story started back in 2009 when I began my hobby of writing fiction stories with rather crazy stuff. Most of the stories I had written then were merely out of dreams and fancies that I always liked. They were also my experiments in being able to write well. Sadly, the grammar and consistency of the story is the one area I am always struggling at due to me forgetting to state them earlier on.

I officially began building it in 2011 when I joined my first year in university. However, I had to shelve it due to being heavy loaded to constantly work on my ridiculously difficult university tasks. Due to this, I lacked the motivation or the energy needed to get this story started. However, that all changed in 2014 when I read Mushoku Tensei and I was up to Volume 18 when I finally got the necessary motivation into starting my story.

That and my story were really similar in a lot of aspects and terminologies, but I didn’t care. I liked my story and that story is best in its own way. I never compare one story to another or the characters from one to the other. I’ve also believed the worst MC is also the best when they go through trails and hardships, especially one with a rather complicated background and history. into becoming the best in the story world.

As such, my efforts gave birth to Phoenix Rising and it became huge in a matter of months. Originally, the story was intended to end at chapter 100 with a different plot line, but I did many adjustments to make it very interesting and I separated each progress of the story by Arcs that I follow almost obediently. Sometimes, I would remove the unnecessary arcs or add them in when I forgot about them. By the time I had realised it, the story became massive!


Writer 89%
Reader 61%
Proofreader 60%
Editor 40%
Commentor 70%


  • Fantasy Story Setting
Digimon series
Pokemon series
  • Transformations
I took inspiration for transformations from Digimon Frontier but I eventually got acustomed to the transformation of Dragon Ball Z style as it felt more natural
  • Hair Styles
Mostly Digimon Frontier and there is also some I got from doing some research (Google Images)
  • Fighting Style
Originally I went with  Digimon until I quickly adapted to Dragon Ball Z, which I didn’t know existed until a friend recommended me to watch it in 2012 and I came to love it very much!
  • Sacred Spirits
Had the idea for a while and I assure people I did not take it from Bladedance of Elementalers
like some asked me before. I think the anime aired when I was in the middle of writing chapter 89 and that’s when its concepts helped solidy my idea
  • Force
Weapon Force, Magic Force and Energy Force – I wanted to make it a little simpler and easier to understand the force of power in the world
  • Ranks
Got the idea from the Digimon Evolution Ranks: In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega Ultimate
  • Gods
My own idea of what the mythological gods are like, but sometimes I tend to borrow the concetps from my religion, like the God of Strength, Hanuman.
  • Motivation
Mushoku Tensei – This story is amazing and while it contains themes that I find are inappropriate, it still motivated me to finally start on mine